Date: 05 Dec 2012


When Muslim invaders defeated the Hindu armies, mutilated their bodies, abducted and raped their daughters, imposed Sharia Law and dealt with the Infidels accordingly, the Hindus were forbidden to call them "enemy".\\\\\\\\\\\Eventually centuries passed under Muslim occupation and the phrase "HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI" emerged.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\In 1947 all the Muslims ganged up to demand a separate ISLAMIC homeland called PAKISTAN.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Millioms upon millions of Hindus were massacred, their daughters stripped naksed and marched through towns and tens of millions fled to India for safety.\\\\\\\\\\\\Still the top Hindu/Indian leaders insisted on calling the Muslims "brothers".\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\It is 65 years since that MUTILATION of India and we never hear the word "enemy" from any Hindu's mouth.\\\\\\\\\\CONCLUSION: HINDUS ARE ON THE WAY OUT! EVENTUALLY the Hindus in Hindusthan will be recalled like the Spartans in Greece, Buddhists in Afghanistan and the HINDUS IN LAHORE, MULTAN AND KARACHI.\\\\\\\=====K=========000000000