Date: 07 Dec 2012


THE WAY FORWARD IS TO "TAKE TO STREETS". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ That's what Mohammed Ali Jinnah did. Those born BEFORE the illicit birth of "bastard" State called PAKISTAN will recall the Indian Muslims in all big and small cities across Bharat, including DELHI, ALIGARH and FAIZABAD, in the heart of Hindusthan, taking out processions yelling "Pakistan, Zindabad!", and doing demonstrations in favour of Partition at which speaker after speaker justified the Muslims having a separate Islamic country on the soil of Bharat. Many spoke of the "second nation" while the others warned the Muslims of assimilation and extinction in Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ What did the Hindus do? Instead of holding counter demonstrations they downed the shutters of shops and ran home where they shut the doors and windows, hoping for the "devils" to move on. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Eventually the Muslim mobs were roused into frenzy and madness, and many a Hindu passer-by was beaten up or stabbed and houses and shops set on fire. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This reached a climax in East Bengal in August 1946 where countless Hindus were massacred and women raped, and even worse scenes took place in West Punjab in March 1947, ie., long BEFORE the date set for the departure of the British from India. \\\\\\\\\\\ Those public demonstrations by members of the Muslim MINORITY actually demoralised our top leaders, including Bapu Gandhi, and, fearing bloodshed of Hindus, they conceded defeat and signed the unconditional surrender of Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\\ What a pity that the Hindus never learnt the methods of their enemies and just submitted or fled. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Now that Bharat is BADLY SHRUNK and REDUCED in size it is time for the Hindus to do the same, i.e., TURN OUT TO DEMONSTRATE. Show solidarity and strength. Deal with the ENEMIES in the same way as they have dealt with the Hindus during the previous long centuries. =================================================== 000000000