Date: 19/09/2013


Dr.Babu Suseelan

Where you look, Indian National Congress PARTY and the Government have failed. The only persons consistently became rich are the criminal politicians, whose lives are comfortable. Indian citizens are living below poverty lane, our corrupt politicians are serving Jihadi terrorists and cultural destruction gang, and business elites. There are profiteers in India swollen with illegal goods, selling their wares, but the wares are often shoddy and the market place is corrupt. Most of India’s politicians are corrupt and they in turn free the Majority Hindus from traditional Vedas and ignore social or political change. All this is happening in a society where people are systematically drives people out of their minds from childhood on. A society that forget its past, and regards as normal dehumanized media, mechanical, and rigid patterns of destructive behavior of our enemies is doomed. Our enemy agents hiding in India ally themselves with the alien slave masters and they use their influence in India to discredit and slur our protest against corruption, coercive religious corruption, jihadi terrorism and cultural jihad.

Indian politics is in a sad state of disarray. Indian politics and the administration as it is practiced today in India need to be changed radically. The majority of India’s citizens are Hindus and their alienation, stress, strain, economic deprivation need healing. MODI, BJP and Hindu organization can relate awareness of our discrimination and the sources of it.

I hope. the new Modi administration can appoint a constitution revision commission, judicial committee to rewrite our constitution, police procedures, and judicial treatment of political corruption. Hindu organization should create an awareness of our oppression, discrimination and subjugation and liberate fellow Hindus and help them form the liberation process.

ARNOLD TOYNBEE has pointed out the decadence of a great culture is usually accomplished by the rise of Islam, Christianity, new Church and new Mosques. While serving the rich and the corrupt political class, they provide only false hope to the average citizen.

Of course, Mosques, and Churches are not the only institution which is shaping our behavior. Advertising, consumerism, mass media, our educational system play their part in manipulation of Hindu minds.

Few years ago, some well-known priests conspired to kill Sister Abhya in Kerala in a convent for no obvious reason. Sister Abhaya stood on their way to have illicit sex with the Mother Sister at the convent. The crime was committed by two Christian priests and seemed so senseless. Sister Abhaya family could not afford to pay for police services. Many prominent citizens protested the senseless murder. Two priests were arrested. The awkward and inconclusive crime investigation gave rise to wide spread public comment. It came at a time in fields other than law, was leaping into prominence in India. The Christian Judg of the High Court Visited the criminal Priests and gave the investigating team some ambiguous stipulations and prohibitory orders by the Christian Judge.

to the investigation team, in violation of all judicial law and procedure has made the criminal Priests go free. This case shows that the true nature of crime and punishment in India.

It is a well-known fact that relatively few offenders from Islamic and Christian communities are caught, and most of those arrested are released. Abdul Nasser Madhani, the Islamic terrorists was arrested for Coimbatore blast case where more than 85 innocent Hindus were killed. The bomb was made and planted by Jihadis to kill BJP leader Advani. Madhani, the jihadi terrorist mastermind was visited in Prison by Christiania political leaders and Marxist leaders. He was later released by the DMK government in Tamil Nadu.

The government and political leaders are supposed to control crime by deterrence. But not in India. The general public and the media shut their eyes. All this we have observed in India for years. The Marxists, Maoists, Conversion gang, and Jihadis and the bogus secular congress party and their regional criminal political allies have their dumbest explanations for crime and punishment.

Crime, violence, rape, child molestation, corruption, Pakistan printed Indian fake currency distribution, election crime; fraud and cheating are on the increase in India. It is a national disgrace. Criminal and corrupt Indian politicians are looting our wealth and stashing it abroad. It is threatening, alarming, wasteful, abundant, and apparently increasing. Fraudulent schemes after Schemes seem to increase faster. Included among the crimes that make up the total are committed by those politicians, bureaucrats, judicial and police officials.

Perhaps our worst crime is our silence, denial, ignorance about our criminal politicians. Our easy satisfaction is our corrupt politicians like Sarat Powar, Mulyam Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mayavathy, Sonia Maino, and Karunanithi faced judicial inquiry and survived. How could they survive in India? Perhaps they survive, because of our ignorance, tolerance, our easy satisfaction with corrupt and criminal politicians. Even the Judicial commission report has not really changed public thinking-or nonthinking –about corruption and crime. Evidence is accumulating to prove that cabinet ministers and public officials have accumulated tons of money disproportionate to their known source of income. Generally our smug detachment, and our prevailing public apathy. How many of us even remember or know the names of Jihadi bombing victims in Mumbai? And who even knows or remembers the names of any of the thousands of other Hindus in India who have been murdered by Jihadis, maimed, raped, robbed, beaten during love jihad? Who heeds alarm from Hindu organizational leaders in Tripura, Mizoram, Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu and UP where the victims are Hindus?

But the basic Hindu attitude towards crime committed by Mohammedans and conversion criminal gang remains unchanged. What is wrong with this picture?

Why don’t Hindus care? 5

Things are changing. Hindus cannot escape their responsibilities with denials or such rhetoric and oratory that “All Religions re the same”. "yhe world is one Family including criminals, corrupt politicians, conversion gang and Jihadi terrorists". Such concepts are so vague, so irrelevant, so distorted in its applications, so hypocritical in its applications that it offers no help in the solution of crime, and corruption. Such a morally simplistic view of crime problem results in a seeming paradox. The general public is ill-informed, indoctrinated and educated to believe that jihadis, the conversion mafia, corrupt politicians, public officials are Indian citizens and the professional belief that they do act without shame, remorse, guilt and empathy is self-destructive and hence it is a crime! . The media and the pseudo-secular anti Hindu media pundits and India's so called liberal intellectuals think the punitive attitude of some nationalist leaders is destructive and contrary to our traditions.

We know that Marxists, Maoists, Jihadists, and the conversion Mafia do commit crimes. Their crimes go undetected in India. Those Hindu betrayers and sell-Out Hindu crowd, and the anti-National, anti-Hindu congress party headed by an uneducated, pro-Islamist, foreign born Sonia have forgotten Jihadi terrorism, violence and murder and corruption. The majority Hindus are sick and tired of Islamic fantasy and criminal acts. Hindus are now realistic and can resist Islamic temptation to annihilate all infidels and we know the deceptive and cunning strategies of evangelist conversion mafia.

Crime and terrorism statistics in India are staggering. Violent crime since the Mumbai bombing of Jihadist is increasing at an alarming rate.

Hindus are slain, beaten, burned alive, women are raped, slashed, and fall victims to LOVE JIHAD and vandalized. Criminals commit crime and terrorism against innocent infidels by a sinister senselessness plan. The congress government made India into a sick society.

Along with crime and violence, we are experiencing in the number of illegal infiltration jihadis from Pakistan and Bangladesh. The wanton murders of Hindus in India by Jihadis have the support of the Indian government.

More lately, (PDP, and SIMI members of violent Islamic group) colleges—and even high schools-students (members of PDP and SIMI student wing) have committed acts of outrageous violence. They have set fire to campus buildings, destroyed records, and libraries.

PDP, amd SIMI violent Islamic groups groused fire in buses, police stations and courts and murdered Hindu activists in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, UP and Andhra Pradesh. Islamist criminals believe that they can achieve their purposes through violence. PDP and SIMI members have joined with Maoists and Marxist criminals –to manufacture bombs, and weapons of mass destruction. They are preparing to bring on a period of anarchic activity in India. Bombing, terrorism, crime, murder and violence add injustice to all. Such conduct is not acceptable. And if we tolerate it, or if we sympathize with those responsible for it, will result in anarchy. For the last 65 years, under the Congress government, India was moving toward

a complete breakdown of society.

Why that Islamic crime, terrorism and violence and murder mayhem is are increasing so alarming in India.

The majority Hindus is passive, tolerant and vote for criminal politicians and reelect and retain them in power. As a result, criminals, vagabonds and miscreants, ihadi terrorists and Maoists misfits, and saboteurs think it is safe to commit almost any crime in India. Their attitude is fortified by the way our legal system and the corrupt politicians bend backwards to safeguard the interests of the accused. Government of India and many regional corrupt politicians operate based on vote bank politics.


First, of course, we have to protect our sacred culture, practice it and promote it for the benefit of the world. Hindus should join together and kick our corrupt, criminal, selfish politicians who promote injustice, unfairness, exploitation, and discrimination.

Of Course, we want law and order and justice. BIP and MoDI are the only group in India actively involved in the war against crime and violence, corruption, law and order, and justice.

We need to support Modi and BJP and protest methods of corrupt anti-national politicians we do not agree.

Modi can bring justice, fairness, and proper law and order, and justice to all. Elect him, support him. Don’t simply wring your hands and explain. India is a mess.

Winston Churchill declared that the mood and temper of the public in regard to crime and criminals is of the unfailing test of the civilization of any country. Do we believe that crime, corruption, conversion, jihadi terrorism are an inescapable part of Indian life, the eradication would require your participation in determining who rules us.

BJP and Modi could take better steps to save our country, our civilization.

If we really intend to combat corruption and crime, let us start the grassroots level with the community action groups who can best pool and coordinate the local resources available to elect Modi and BJP into Power.