Date: 20/09/2013

SUB: The untold story
A 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern was tortured and gang raped in a private bus on 16th December 2012 at Munirka, Delhi. The incident generated widespread antagonism throughout the country. The media gave an unprecedented coverage to the incident & the public outcry.

There were SIX (6) men in the gang that committed the despicable crime. The Press & Media were quick in splashing the news with the photographs and names of the offenders.

The names that were given greatest publicity ever, were:-

1. Ram Singh,

2. Mukesh,

3. Vinay,

4. Pawan

5. Akshay and

6. Unnamed juvenile

When five names can be revealed why not the sixth one?

Unprecedented and exceptional publicity was given repeatedly, time and again to the first five names. Regarding the sixth one, the name was kept a TOP secret as though it is a National defence secret or most confidential and classified information.

Can you fathom or comprehend the reason for maintenance of such an extraordinary secrecy?

Well, the sixth name is given hereunder and now you can easily understand the reason behind the secrecy.

Hold your breath….

The name is……

Muhammad Afroz
Now the cat is out of the bag.

Actually it was:-

This Juvenile,

This Infant,

This Child,

This Baby,

This innocent boy,

who was most Brutal,

Raped the victim twice,

Keeping ‘his’ traditions of Cruelty, Barbarity and Savagery

took the intestines of the victim

by bare hand and thrown out of bus.

Gave the idea of killing the victim by crushing under the bus tyre

See what Mr Jug Suraiya, a columnist, usually a Hindu baiter, has to say about this “Infant, innocent Juvenile, Baby Etc., in his write-up in a well-known Newspaper (18.09.2013).

1. The Juvenile killer too young for law but not too young for justice

2. Miscarriage of justice by the very law which is meant to serve it is that of the youngest and, by all accounts, the most Brutal

3. The juvenile killer the most vicious of the assailants, will walk free in less than three years' time. He will walk free, perhaps to commit a similar crime in future

4. Use the seriousness of the offence as a yardstick to determine Responsibility and Guilt regardless of age. The so-called 'juvenile' acted with a Sadistic, Premeditated and Prolonged Savagery of a Confirmed and Hardened criminal

It is the crime, and the intent to commit that crime,

which matter, not the age of the criminal.