Date: 22/09/2013

You have described their crude creed as "SICK". Very true.

Today Christians in Pakistan are wailing over the loss of 80 lives in Church explosions in Peshawar. The SICK people chose Sunday when the worshippers were leaving ater their mass and prayer/

Nairobi in Kenya witnessed its worst carnage yesterday, Saturday, 21 Sep 2013. The attackers, all MUSLIM, asked the Muslims go freely but fired indiscriminately on the non Muslims. The dead can number 70 or more.

In Partitioned India the SICK people have so many unarmed Gandhian non violent Hindus that it is a bonanza for the "Believers". The SICK people have full time occupation of killing, raping and murdering the Hindus for the next 100 years.

But let no one believe that there is only ONE party of mischief and murder, the Muslims. NO. Twice as much guilty are the rulers who can see the Hindus KILLED in thousands but cannot see even one Muslim unhappy.



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It is a tragedy. This sick people call sick philosophy as religion and lost ability to discern what is right and what is wrong all over the world. The only recourse left is violence and human tragedy.


Ram Kumar Ohri, IPS (Retd)
Sepember 10, 2013

Some analysts and media mandarins have been projecting a warped version of the outbreak of communal violence in Muzaffarnagar. The usual blame game between opposite political parties has started for securing brownie points and the background of the communal riots has been ignored.

It is being argued by media that the cause of the outbreak of violence was a local dispute about the teasing of a Hindu girl by a Muslim youth who was beaten to death by Rajesh and Sachin, two brothers of the Hindu girl. In retaliation a gang of Muslim youth attacked Rajesh and Sachin, caught them and brutally slit their throats.

A few weeks ago a Hindu dalit girl had been caught and gangraped by some men belonging to the minority community. There was a communal fracas between the two communities in which a sanitation worker (a valmiki) was killed.

That added fuel to the simmering fire of anger and hostility among a section of Hindus. Subsequently a massive Mahapanchayat was called on Saturday the September 7, 2013, at Nagla Mandaur where fiery speeches were made which led to break out of extensive violence. It is alleged that the gathering at the Mahapanchayat which was named ‘Bahu-Beti Bachao Mahapanchayat” was between one lakh to one-and-a-half lakh Jats (read Hindus). And when those
who had attended the Mahapanchayat were returning hordes of armed Muslim men attacked them.

There is no point in ignoring the title of the aforesaid Panchayat which clearly spelt out the cause of provocation. Its aim was to protect the honour of Hindu women from ‘Love Romeos’.

Unfortunately the narrative being presented by media is only half truth. There is much more to the Muzaffarnagar communal violence than what meets the eye. There has been a groundswell of anger among Hindus of Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Meerut, Ghaziabad and several other districts of western Uttar Pradesh against the
fast-growing cult called ‘love jihad’ which is a stratagem for seducing and marrying Hindu girls. The increasing incidence of love-jihad cases in many districts can be gauged if someone was cared to count the reports of eve-teasing and stalking of Hindu girls by Muslims . It is a global phenomenon and has been practiced for nearly three decades in Egypt for enticing the Christian girls. The virus spread to the United Kingdom in nineteen nineties.

Love jihad is started by stalking vulnerable girls and aking overtures and phone calls to the targeted victims. It has been highlighted by a well known researcher, Steven Brown, in a very perceptive article that love jihad has nothing to do with love, but is an aggression laced with hatred for the infidels .1 [Source: Steven Brown,
The ‘Love Jihad’, Frontpagemag.com, Freedom Centre, thelovejihad%e2%80%9d-by-steven-brown].

The modus operandi involves a heartless strategy of luring vulnerable girls and young women to convert to Islam by feigning love. Steven Brown refers to the fact that the
work ! The world knows nothing and these girls will rot in silence.... This is how the Govt. of India gives concern to the minority community ! Nowhere in the world thiscould be accepted by any govt. Some media anlysts and demographic experts say “Jihad Romeos” in Kerala are given bikes and fashionable clothes to accomplish their sinister mission. They are given two weeks time to find a girl of another religion and six months to convert her to Islam. If the girl shows no interest within two weeks, the Jihad Romeo is to leave her and find another. For every conversion, the Romeos receive a monetary reward. The money for the love jihad in Kerala is reported to come from ‘foreign sources’. If recruiter does marry his seduced convert, he is encouraged to have four children with her. This capability to bear off-springs is the reason why young women are targeted by Jihad Romeos. With conversion, their reproductivepowers are taken over from a competing religion and instead used for the Muslim extremist demographics.2[Source: Ibid]. Most of these girls will be sold to the Arab-sheikhs in the Middle East who shelter them in their harams or engage in domestic
that by 2050 entire Europe will be under the influence of Islam as muslims are the only community who continue to produce children while the real Europeans never take interest in getting children !

Steven Brown also confirmed the targeting of Sikh girls by Muslim youth in England in 1990s and refererred to how the police had responded positively by working with universities against aggressive seductions and conversions. According to him young Muslim men looking for prey were even attending parties of young Sikhs and wearing steel bracelets (steel karras) , while pretending to be Sikhs themselves.

Steven Brown further pointed out that the same strategy was used in Egypt to target the Coptic Christian girls and money coming from outside was paid for their seductions and conversions. The higher the educational and social status of the victim’s family more
was the money paid to the Jihadi Romeo for enticing the girl. But unlike India, the recruiters would parade the converted girl through the streets, playing music and waving flags, while shouting “Allah Akbar” to insult the Christians. Such parades, were however,
banned in 1985.3 [Source: Ibid]. “All kinds of tricks,” Steven Brown writes, “were used to convert the girls”. From outright expressions of love and attending their churches to trapping them in moral scandals, everything was fair game. While ruining the lives of
others, the Jihad Romeos felt that they were serving their religion, since Muslims were in a perpetual war with the ‘filthy infidels’. In essence, the love jihad is a form of demographic aggression. Like the “stealth jihad”, which employs political activitism to achieve Islamist aim in western societies, it employs deception and is viewed as a useful tactic in bringing about Islamic world domination.0 [Source: Ibid].

It is alleged that the ongoing campaign of love-jihad in India and several other countries is based on the Islamic doctrine of taqaiyah, or deception.