Date: 28/09/2013


Dr. Babu Suseelan

Manipulation, distortion, indoctrination, brainwashing, blaming, labeling are new trends in the mass media when BJP announced Sri Narendra Modi as our Prime Ministerial candidate for the next election in India. But today, this has risen sharply and reached a peak when Hindus around the world has decided to stand behind Sri Narendra Modi.

Electronic and print Media in India consistently portray Hindu awakenings as Hindu fascism. Hindu nationalism has become a media obsession around the world. Media bombard public with dire warnings about Hindu nationalism and fundamentalism and communalism.

Years of Christian colonialism, manipulation, distortion, and indoctrination have made Hindus passive receivers of information. Distorted information is peddled through the media to confuse the public .As such, docile participants, alienated, and secularized Hindus are incapable of independent of thought—of drawing logical inferences or employing critical thinking skills. They are also incapable of looking at a fallacious statements and determining its validity.

In India, media pundits and television interviewers have no absolute moral standards or journalistic ethics. We are told to believe inaccuracies, bias and distortions. Complex issues are reduced to sound bites and bumper stickers. Selectivity is used to confuse and insult Hindus in the media. For example recent Godhra carnage and burning of Hindu pilgrimages by Islamic terrorists is portrayed as Hindu fundamentalism and Modi’s obsession.

When media manipulation moves in the same overall direction again and again favoring Muslim terrorist and the conversion gang over peace loving innocent Hindus. Christian fundamentalists and Islamic terrorists are portrayed as peace loving, respecting human rights over universal, tolerant and passive law is abiding Hindus. Medias in India want to promote Pseudo-secularist over real nationalists, war-mongers over Hindus, Multinational Corporation over swadeshi social change.

The built in bias sees of the ant-national, ant-Hindu corporate media and the Christian-Muslims-Marxist, congress media in India reflect the dominant exclusive ideology of Islam, Christianity and Marxism.

The most common form of media misrepresentation is suppression by omission. Corruption, TKAHMIR TERRORISTS KILLING Hindus at will, Sikhs killed by the Congress goons, sethu project agitation by nationalists Hindus and coercive religious conversion, foreign money received by NGOs are not real issues by Indian media. Sometimes the omission includes not just vital details of a story but the entire story itself.

Stories and events that might reflect upon “the powers that be” (Italian Catholic Sonia and her son Rahul) are the least likely to see the lights of the day. We hear plenty of stories about Hindu fundamentalism,, Hindu Fascism, human rights violation in Kashmir,, but almost nothing about the brutal killing of innoct Hindus perpetuated by Pakistan trained and supported Muslim terrorists. Christian evangelists have advised, equipped and trained thousands of Christian crusaders in Nagaland Mizoram and Tripura. Financed and supported by Western evangelists, Christian terrorists have killed many Hindus in the Northeast. Here was a real story, but it received no attention from the Indian media. Information about corrupt politicians, coercive religious conversion, terrorist killings by Islamic Jihads from Pakistan, DISTRIBUTION OF Pakistan Printed Indian fake currency in India, Maoist murder mayhem, corruption, simply are omitted from the mainstream media, and there by denied public debate and criticism. This news are suppressed and omitted with efficiency and consistency.

The media label Hindu leaders as communal and Hindus as fundamentalist.

Recently the anti-Hindu Andhra Pradesh government and anti-national Vatican agent Sonia has approved the Islamists - to construct a Mosque and Islamic University near Thrimala Devasom land. Thirupathy Balaji was worshiped by Hindus around the world and it is the richest Hindu temple in the world. The Vatican agent Sonia has also ordered Hindu temples to surrender gold to reserve bank of India. And Islamic smugglers get freedom from the police administration. By bending the truth, using emphasis on Hindu fundamentalism, media can create a desired impression favorable to Islamic terrorists. It is achieved the way news is packaged. When it is challenged, they respond that they are faithful purveyors of journalistic freedom. Progressive Hindu nationalist leader’s voice and general Hindu views and opinions are shut out.

By bending the truth, using emphasis and other auxiliary embellishment, media can create a desired impression favorable

to our enemies. It is achieved the way news is packaged, the amount of exposure, the placement (the front page or buried within, the lead story or last). The tone of presentation (sympathetic or slighting), the headlines and photographs, and in the case of broadcast media, the accompanying visual and auditory effects. Television communicators, anchors, newspaper editors, and columnists affect a style and tone designed to foster credibility and an aura of certitude-or what might be called authoritative ignorance.

Hindus and India are not likely to go anywhere as a people and as a proud nation unless we alert ourselves to the methods of media manipulation that are ingrained in the daily production of news and commentary.

The media regularly fail to provide a range of in-depth analysis, authentic information and accurate commentary that might help Hindus develop their own critical perception and evaluations, and the job of corporate media is to make the world safe for dogmatic terrorists, corrupt politicians, divisive ideas of evangelists and profit making of corporations. They tell us what to think. What to buy, and what to eat before we have a chance to think about it for ourselves, When we understand the hidden persuaders, news selectivity,, manipulation and brainwashing techniques, we can move from our slumber to a critical analysis of how the media manipulate us.

Most important, we must restore the twin notions that judging the media and the fundamentalists is not being narrow minded and that Expressing moral outrage is not a form of “hate speech” peddled by Islamists and evangelist theologians.

What a different world we would have if we chose Sri Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minster of India. There is nothing wrong in electing Modi, the right person and it is wrong to be inactive and passive and electing anti-National corrupt and ant-Hindu politician to lead us into 21st Century. It is immoral and suicidal to be silent, and passive. Hindus must need to reason together to find a better solution to the problems created by our nemeses. It it’s time for us to be active and break the dangerous silence. If not now when? Hindus, Stand behind MODI.