Date: 29/09/2013

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh spoke well at UN . Addressing General Assembly he pointedly and repeatedly mentioned name of Pakistan, identifying it as epicenter of international terrorism.
Why is this unique? For a long time there is a taboo against mentioning name of Pakistan by Indian diplomats or PMs in international fora. They only talked glibly about 'cross border terrorism' which could be from any where from Bhutan, Ceylon or Nepal. Even Vajpayee talking to UN refrained from mentioning Pakistan by name, whereas Pakistan or its diplomats never showed any such restraint From beginning to end it was India on their minds and lips for abuse. So let us give credit to Mr. Singh where it is due.

Translating words into action is a different matter. Same Singh years back talked about 'zero tolerance' towards terrorism but then he lost sleep when an alleged Moslem terrorist from Bangalore was nabbed in Australia. But then he was not alone in this regard. Mr. Advani too used to thunder about 'hot pursuits '
of terrorists and 'proactive measures'. Both remained as hot air when it came to implementation, instead we saw meek surrender on repeated occasions by Advani and NDA regime he was part of.

Mr. Singh is meeting with Nawaz Sharif in the morning.Wish that he canceled this bonhomie breakfast with Sharif just to show displeasure of India over recent attacks from Pakistan in J&K. But if he still meets as ordered,unless again Congress vice President springs a surprise U turn saying such meetings are useless and waste of time and money,let us hope that Mr. Singh uses that opportunity to convey to Nawaz Sharif exactly what he said to UN, to his face.

'Pak must shut down terror machinery'

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Once Nawaz Sharif threatened he will give 'moo thod jawab' to India. Instead he himself got beaten on face by Musharraf's men ,then got thrown out of Pakistan to holy exile in Saudi Arabia.

He is back in power now in Pakistan. Former high commissioner to Pakistan G Parthasarathy told us as to what kind of character this Sharif really is, behind all smiles,talks of shared tastes of biriyani,sports,etc with Indians.

For two generations Sharifs, his father and he, had close relations with Hafeez Sayeed, terrorist of 26./11 bombing of Mumbai. Sharif's brother,CM of Paki side of Punjab financed Hafeez Sayeed's huge gathering for Islamists braying for blood against India, in Murdike near Multan. Pakistani commentators themselves pointed out Sharif behind smooth talk carries a sharp knife in his back pocket much like Afjhal Khan, we suppose.
So there need be no illusions unlike gushing nitwit reporters of TV channels who announced dawn of new era following Sharif's common taste remarks when he got elected recently.

Prime Minister Singh clearly stated in his address that Jammu and Kashmir will remain as parts of India and let us hope he keeps his word and not compromise no matter what indirect pressure is brought on by other powers to favor Pakistan in this regard.

G . V. Chelvapilla