Date: 02/10/2013

Gandhi was AKHAND BHARAT'S worst misfortune

October 2, 2013.

When Gandhi said “Hindu is a coward,” he was describing himself.

He was projecting his own weakness and cowardice on to his followers, including the Indian army “Jawans” who were to be disarmed & disarmed. Has anyone ever heard a general leading his troops into battle say, “My soldiers are cowards!”?

When a man says, “My child is seriously ill,” he does not rest but immediately rushes the child to hospital. So, what did Gandhi do on discovering that his devoted blind followers were all “jackals”, led by him? What did he do seeing the Indian army “cease fire” in Kashmir after packing up and fleeing West Punjab and East Bengal without firing a shot? NOTHING.

On the contrary riding the wave of Cowardice he led the “sheep” straight into the ABATTOIR (slaughterhouse) of Islam, or into the Devil’s Den, where two million were eaten up within weeks and the rest scattered across the globe.

His commitment to Hindu Dharma was nil. He regarded Islam far above his own native Faith. The religious hierarchy in his eyes went like this: Alien Islam from savage Arabia ON TOP. Below it he placed Secularism (State religion of Bharat today). And right at the bottom the self-negating fool put his own Hindu Dharma! Thus lying at the bottom and ignored by the State, the Hindus today are no stalwarts even in the Italian eyes.

Accordingly, he could neither foresee the state of Hindu temples, including the one at Ayodhya in Partitioned India, nor of the Sikh gurdwaras, including the one at Nankana Sahib, surrendered to Pakistan. His commitment to our Hindu nation was minimal.

When the flames rising from the cremation grounds were leaping sky high, Gandhi did not set foot on the Hindu “killing grounds” in West Pakistan and East Pakistan nor did he speak to Mohammed Ali Jinnah directly to stop the widespread massacres, abductions and rape. He did not go on “fast unto death” even for five minutes in protest over the surrender of vast territories and the millions massacred?

That is what one would expect from a fake (“NAQLI”) Mahatma who delved into politics. The whole world knows that POLITICS is NO playing field for a Mahatma but for a stone hearted “Number 10 ROGUE” like his Islamic adversary Mohammed Ali Jinnah who captured FIVE PROVINCES of Gandhi’s “Akhand Bharat” overnight.

Much is made of Gandhi’s call to “AKHAND BHARAT” but none recalls, as this writer does, that Gandhi said “Akhand Bharat” in a trembling whisper while he shouted “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!” and “Ishwar Allah tero Naam!” at the top of his voice.

WAR OF BARRISTERS: Though MohandasKaramchand Gandhi, with long name but short breath, was a barrister-at-law from London he did not sit with another barrister-in-law, Vallabhbhai Patel, but got overshadowed by barrister-in-law Jawaharlal Nehru and badly outsmarted and beaten by barrister-in-law Mohammed Ali Jinnah. India was the football of barristers during 1940’s.

While Gandhi watched India perish his followers got the PUNISHMENT they deserved for the crime of following a gentle “mahatma”, NOT A ruthless strong POLITICIAN.

Consequently, India suffered a crushing defeat and SHRANK in size by one third. Tens of millions of Hindus fled in all directions and reached far flung corners of the globe as REFUGEES, unlike the Muslims who had advanced up to Morocco and Indonesia as CONQUERORS. The British, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the French, too, had entered India as conquerors. None was led by a “mahatma”! A typically “Gandhian” Bharat does not commemorate the millions of Dead of 1947, nor is there a Memorial to them!

The myth of Gandhi was the greatest gift God could bestow on the ENEMIES of the Hindus and Hindusthan. It has sustained IN POWER traitors like Jawaharlal NEHRU, the stone-hearted autocratic political “Witch” Maimoona Begum (Indira Gandhi), who concealed her Islamic name from the whole world, “Rascal” Rajiv who didn’t bat an eyelid while taking the BOFORS COMMISSION, and now a corrupt non descript Italian-born female who is “guiding” Hindusthan’s “lame duck” Gandhian Prime Minister.

Mann-Mohan may be a mind charmer like MK Gandhi but the word “Singh” is misplaced in his name. There was one Gobind SINGH and another Ranjit SINGH, and yet another Hari SINGH Nalwa. The last named SINGH inflicted a crushing defeat on the AFGHANS and annexed Khyber Pass to Hindusthan. He is not recalled by the Gandhian ruling establishment of India, nor is there a Memorial to them anywhere. (But the slaves do have three bogus “samadhis” in India’s capital to remind the natives of their place under the sun, and where to spit in disgust.)

And before them we had the “LIONS” of BATTLEFIELD like Sri Rama (Sri Lanka), Sri Krishna (Kurukshetra), Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Rani of Jhansi, and countless more, who inspired their followers to battles and VICTORIES.

Those were GENUINE victories worth celebrating. Today, seeing the Indian army “Jawans” getting beheaded at (Nehru’s) cease fire line, the ex servicemen & women returning their medals of gallantry and bravery in disgust to the “Gandhian” Supreme Commander, and the terrorist attacks all over Bharat, and the Hindus forced out of Srinagar, the only victory worth celebrating is “PARTITION” that is deceptively called “Independence” in order to remind us of the day when Nehru said “Goodbye”, with tears in his eyes, to Edwina Mountbatten, the Viceroy’s wife, and the last British army battalion sailing away from Mumbai.

His grandson, another bogus “Gandhi”, brought his sweetheart from Italy in broad daylight and made her “First Lady” of his vast Indian Coolie Colony. Today Sonia Maino is, indeed, the First Lady with no native (Hindu) rival in sight and the whole Parliament (Lok Sabha) of compromising appeasing Gandhian dwarfs & cowards sits at her feet and listens to her wise words through the mouth of a tamed circus lion “Singh”.

Gandhi was a simple man who inflicted austerity upon himself as his own punishing PENANCE for the cowardice and eternal slavery of his nation. Those standing on the high podiums of victory, e.g., Mountbatten, Jinnah and Nehru, lived their elegant lives, dined and wined and wore suits tailored in Saville Row, London. They did not need to wear a loin cloth and wooden slippers or live on goat’s milk in a “Bhangi” Colony to impress their followers, or to set an example for all to follow.

Gandhimania is a cult and luckily Nature is working its way to BLAST it at last.

The suppressed spirit of the brainwashed Gandhian Hindu coward is now rising from the ashes. People are beginning to realize that fate and frontiers do not change by chanting mantras or clinging to “ahimsa parmo dharma” in Gandhian VACUUM but by FORCE (“SHAKTI”) , INSPIRATION and ACTION.

GANDHIAN LEGACY: When the Gandhian disciples become MEN of COURAGE the first thing they will notice are the disgusting distorted frontiers of Bengal, Punjab and Kashmir, and the absence of Sindh, Balochistan and PakhtoonKhwa from the map of Bharat. They will take up (not merely face) the challenge to re-create Gandhi’s “Akhand Bharat”, thus pay genuine tribute to him.

If we do not hear or see anything in this regard, then despite the loud drums of propaganda and the historic public opinion formed by “Guns of Britain, Sword of Islam and Treason of Nehru”, Gandhian non violence of the “sheep facing the wolf”, and his adoration and worship by the Hindus, are a TRAP from which the nation must be RESCUED.

The shambles of Indian democracy, too, are a reflection of Gandhi himself. Name one democracy where the chair of prime minister will go down to the son or daughter automatically? Now a half-wit Rahul is the natural aspirant to “dad’s” post.

Finally, when asked, "What was the last challenge in life for Gandhi?" The answer comes: "PARTITION"! Thus his performance at that crucial juncture in history was the litmus test of his character and patriotism in which he FAILED, and his land of birth was DOOMED.

Genuine mahatmas sacrifice their lives but never compromise with EVIL or the bully. Guru Tegh Bahadurji belonged to that exemplary category of "great souls".

Today is the best day to remove the eye pads and SEE.


October 2, 2013.