Date: 03/10/2013


A determined Gandhi could have been a FORCE TO RECKON WITH in order to reject Partition. Partition meant not only unconditional surrender of vast TERRITORIES of Bharat but also immense loss of Hindu/Sikh LIFE and PROPERTY.

Why is there NO memorial to them anywhere. We earnestly propose that "RAJGHAT" be the suitable venue to erect a "HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM" in the capital of India.

Away with worship of "Ahimsa parmo dharma" and adoration of the Coward (by his own admission)!

There is also an urgent need to atone for the State sponsored massacres of thousands of innocent Sikhs in November 1984. We earnestly suggest that the site of Indira Gandhi's so-called "samadhi" should be utilised to construct a suitable Memorial to their sacred memory.

The site of "Bofors Chor" Rajive Gandhi's bogus "samadhi" shoule be cleared for a Memorial to the valour and patriotism of the brave TAMILS. This will be an important step towards the North-South reconciliation in Bharat and an acknowledgment of the Culture and Genius of the South.

Being a barrister, who could see a murderer set free by the FORCE of his arguments, he could have easily advanced AT LEAST one argument or condition, e.g.,

But he failed. Not once did he mention this. With a drop of additional guts he could also have demanded REFERENDUM before surrender.
Again he FAILED.

The third MISCHIEF: Claiming to be secular in order to ignore the Hindus but APPEASE THE MUSLIMS, he openly helped the latter. He helped create the ISLAMIC Pakistan for them through his silence, inaction and "ahimsa".

The fourth MISCHIEF: It was early March, 1947. The Hindu killer Devil called "Pakistan" was menacing the nation, especially those Hindus who were to be betrayed and massacred.

Hindus in East Bengal, Sindh and West Punjab felt seriously threatened. In that atmosphere of fear a meeting of the minority communities was called in MULTAN, originally "Bhagat Prahlad Nagri".

President of the Minorities Federation ("Anjuman-i-Aqliyyat ha-i-Multan"), Nanak Singh, a well-known lawyer, told everyone present (March 4, 1947),

"Dear brothers and sisters, Yesterday I made a telephone call to Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi to seek guidance in case we are betrayed and find ourselves under the Islamic Sharai Law in Pakistan.

"Gandhiji assured me that the All-India Congress Party will fight tooth and nail for Akhand Bharat, adding, "India will be cut upon my dead body." He has asked us not to panic but to stay put. All will be well."

THE NEXT DAY NANAK SINGH WAS ASSASSINATED and the exodus of all the Hindus and Sikhs in Multan and across west Punjavb started in full earnest. Before the end of the year hardly any Hindu or Sikh was to be seen across Pakistan.

Can those BETRAYED Hindus, who have lived with dark memories since 1947, ever forget the despicable cowardly role played by Gandhi?

WHY DID GANDHI FAIL THE COUNTRY AND HIS PEOPLE? We need to reflect on it to discover the real Gandhi.


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October 2, THE ANTI HINDU Gandhi's birth day

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History is a great teacher. Only when its lessons are forgotten or overlooked, as the saying goes we are condemned to repeat it.And that is happening to day in India.

For instance consider this.
In Mujaffarnagar following lust jihad, when two Hindu youth who rose to the defense of two Hindu sisters, they were brutally put to death. Riots followed. Samajvadi government headed by A Yadav who always sports a Skull cap muslims.and relatives of Hindu youth arrested while at the same time releasing number of Moslems arrested by upright police. Furthermore all honest police got transferred or suspended.
In a speech following above incidents in a public meeting attended by Moslem legislators of all parties one Moslem leader vowed to kill Hindus and Hindu children.
Instead of getting arrested, he is now treated as state guest by the same Samajvadi government being brought to a peace conference in a private plane with all trappings of a VVIP.

What Mr. Yadav and such secular parties including ruling party Congress at the center are doing now in the name of secularism have their origins in similar measures adopted and practiced by Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi in the name of 'non-violence' which was nothing but craven submission to Islamic fanaticism and appeasement to no end.He was born on October 2,to day in the year 1889.

Surely to day his birth day will be officially and non officially celebrated in India and elsewhere, recalling many well known events associated with his journeys to England for study and South Africa for practice of law and to India to lead Indian National Congress. What is then , even now missing is refusal to learn any lessons from his own experience, disastrous consequences that followed. He himself had admitted that he has committed 'Himalayan Blunders' and even confessed to Mahadev Desai, his chronicler, that he [[ THE GANDHI ]] 'could be held responsible for betrayal of Hindus'.

So when Samajvadi party in Uttar Pradesh indulges in such appeasement noted above,or when Congress in Delhi started looking for Hindu terrorists when Bombay was burning on 26/11/2008 due to attacks by Mujahuddin trained and sent by Pakistan,then they are simply repeating same Himalayan Blunders and Betrayals. Thus one does not need to be more Gandhian than Gandhi to overlook these blunders and betrayals ,while keep chanting 'Mahatma, Mahatma'.

It may be interesting to note how this title 'Mahatma' got applied to him .Following his call for non-cooperation movement there was nationwide mobilization of nationalist and patriotic forces,most notable Satyagraha, involving non cooperation was enacted in coastal town of Chirala in Andhra, organized by Duggirala Gopalakrishna. He made people of Chirala not to pay any taxes to British government.And when the authorities came to confiscate and auction properties, there were no one to bid and buy them either .People left their homes and spend time in wilderness.This went for one whole year with British administration paralyzed. He had implicit faith in Gandhi. He called him Paramatma, said that if British did not leave India, then Gandhi will reveal his true form and drive them out. But Gandhi did nothing of the kind, instead meekly surrendered when the movement was about to succeed with British at their wits end, Gandhi called off the movement. Disappointed Gopalakrishna ruefully admitted that Gandhi was no Paramatma but just a Mahatma. It was thus a somewhat of a put down. Nevertheless became very handy for propaganda by Nehru who himself got his post as Prime Minster only due to Gandhi's intervention against all democratic norms another Himalayan Blunder.

There are thus many more events from which one can learn from the past, from Gandhi's disastrous failures in policy and practices and apply gainfully to day committing ourselves to say 'never again'.Instead the false euphoria generated by propaganda of vested interests that have much to profit from use of brand Gandhi in politics will not permit any such introspection.

Here below is one of many Himalayan Blunders of M.K. Gadhi for which country is still paying, heavy price.

Finally even though as the oft quoted saying says, history gets repeated when its lessons are forgotten, it is also true often history gets repeated as a farce. Fortunately India to day is much stronger than any time during last 1000 years even after partition which by itself was another betrayal by India's tallest leaders including Gandhi,and is a different story.

And India that withstood both external and internal threats , will not permit another partition , instead those who want to inflict one will find themselves broken to pieces like what happened to Pakistan in 1971. India to day or people of India to day are not the same as during Moghul, British raj days not even same as during Nehru's license permit raj.
Jai Hind Vandemataram.
G V Chelvapilla

V.P.Bhatia October 1995

According to Gandhi,
1 . if Hindus allow themselves to be killed by Muslims, without offering any kind of resistance, then it is a practice of non-violence, which he used to preach to the Hindus. Non observance of this type of meekness, made Hindus as anti-Muslim in the eyes of Gandhi. K. M. Munshi writes in the book (Pilgrimage to Freedom, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Page 75-76) that “Next day I wrote to Gandhiji………that Hindus should not be prevented from defending themselves even by resorting to violence, when their womenfolk, children and homes were the victims of planned communal frenzy [[ MUSLIMS ]]………/ He advised me to see him…..However, he advised me that, if I felt so, I should do so by going out of the Congress.” (Cabbages & Kinds by V.P. Bhatia, ORGANISER dated December 31, 1995). It was because of this view of K.M. Munshi, that Gandhi considered him as anti-Muslim and unfit to be posted as the Governor of West Bengal. And it was because of this perverted thinking of Gandhi, that he addressed Moplas, the killers of Hindus, as “My brave Mopla Brothers”, because they had followed their religion Islam, by killing Hindus the “Kafirs”.

2 . Thus, Gandhi had two sets of standards. One for the Hindus, and another quite opposite for the Muslims. He even went to the extent of saying that “It did not matter, what was being done to non-Muslims (ie. Hindus and Sikhs)in Pakistan…..(Delhi Dairy Page – 57, Gandhi’s Prayer speech dt. 7-10-47). One can see, too dangerously treacherous Gandhi was for the Hindus and India.
3 . Gandhi butcherer of Cows:-Gandhi said that “Cow protection is the gift of Hinduism to the world. And Hinduism will live so long as there are Hindus to protect the cow…..The cow protection which can bring one moksha (i. E. salvation) must, from its very nature, include the protection of every thing that feels……”(ORGANISER dated Feb.9, 1997). Gandhi often spoke against cow slaughter, and associated it with freedom struggle. At a meeting on the occasion of Gopashtmi in 1921. He got a resolution passed which stated that if cow slaughter is not banned by law, there will be non-cooperation with the British government throughout the country. This meeting was held at Pataudi House in Delhi, and among those present were Hakim Ahmal Khan, Dr. Ansari, Lala Lajpatrai, Pt. Moti lal Nehru and Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya, besides other Congress leaders. After this “Gauraksha Sammelan “began to be organised along with Congress sessions. Cow Protection was projected as a precondition for independence. (see an article “Will Rishi Dayanand Saraswati’s warning come true ?- by Ramashankar Agnihotri, ORGANISER dt. Feb.26, 1995). But this was all drama by Gandhi to fool Hindus to become his followers.

4 . Soon after 15th August 1947, lakhs of letters and thousands of telegrams were received by Gandhi, requesting him to ban cow slaughter. Gandhi, castigated Hindus. That cow slaughter cannot be stoped by letters and telegrams, as ban on cow slaughter will mean injustice to the Muslims.
5 . In his prayer speech on 4th Nov. 1947, while opposing ban on cow slaughter, he again said” – was Union (i.e. India) to be theocratic state and were tenets of Hindus to be imposed on non-Hindus? He (i.e. Gandhi) yielded to non in his devoted worship of the cow. But that devotion could not be imposed by law. “(page 139-40 Delhi dairy). Here one can question, why he was threatening the British government to impose ban on cow slaughter by law? Were there no Muslims in India at that time? Certainly he was not sincere in making demand for ban on cow slaughter, but was saying so, only to make Hindus as his followers.
6 . Thus Gandhi was no different from the present corrupt politicians, who make false promises and attractive slogans to fool the people.

7 . Here it is worth nothing, that during the British rule, no beef or meat of other animals was exported from India. Cow slaughter was done on small scale by local Muslims and Christians for their own consumption. British government also did not encourage cow slaughter. But after 1947 Gandhi’s GEM – Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru made special efforts to boost up meat production. More and more slaughter houses were been given the status of an industry. Such patronage to slaughter of cows was not given even by cruel Muslim rulers like Aurangzeb.
8 . At present there are 18 big mechanized abattoirs and 36000 small slaughter houses, in which 3 crore cows and buffaloes, and ten crore smaller animals like sheeps and goats are slaughtered every year.
9 . The entire sin for this crime against innocent dumb poor animals and cows, goes to Gandhi, Nehru, their followers, supporters and all those who vote for the Congress.

When a number of Hindu organizations RSS, Arya Samaj, All India Anti-Cow slaughter Committee started agitation and created public opinion in favor of ban on cow slaughter. Nehru made a statement in Parliament and said “I will resign but not give in to banning cow slaughter.” On April 2, 1955, he thundered in the Lok Sabha. “ I would advise the State governments not to bring the cow slaughter prohibition law in the Assembly nor allow it to be passed. “ In February 1955, The Health Minister in Nehru’s Government wrote to various state government regarding preparation of drugs from different parts of cows and bullocks etc. and made arrangements for opening slaughter houses in Delhi and Bombay. (See ORGANISER dated Feb. 26, 1995).

Many followers of Gandhi blame Hindus, that they do not accept any cooked food from Muslims, and treat them as unclean. Hindus very correctly do so. Muslims slaughter cows inside mosques, specially on Bakr-Id days, and consider it to be auspicious. There was a big mosque in front of our house in Kulachi-a town in District Dera Ismail Khan (N.W.F.P.) before partition, There cows was slaughtered inside the mosque on Bakr-Id. How a civilized person could keep social relations with such savage people; much less the Hindus who have been the victims of Muslim atrocities for more than one thousand years. That has been the Hindu tradition that even touching a cow with foot was considered to be a sin. Naturally, Hindus consider Muslims to be unclean community.