Date: 06/10/2013


Modi has an original way of political manoeuvring. A list of things, both unknown and known have been compiled about Modi highlighting what can be expected from him -

Modi is a cleanliness maniac. He keeps his desk, his home and general surroundings spic and span. There is no doubt that he is very comfort-oriented in the matter of designing his home and personal desk.
He has a flair for technology and has a child-like enthusiasm for it. In meetings he has displayed that he has a fine sense of humour -- though it can sometimes be hurtful.

He is extremely prudent in money matters, and would like to pay the least and get the most while finalising contracts of various ministries. He can be called economical if not a miser. Yes, he is very economical with his own money as well.
The man's rise is impressive also when one considers that for almost three decades he lived with little money. When in his 20s, he arranged and acted in a play in Vadnagar to collect funds to build his school’s boundary wall. He has even served tea in his maternal uncle’s canteen at the bus stand in Ahmedabad while studying in college.
He logs on to the internet every morning without fail and checks all that is written about him. Even if he is travelling, he gets newspapers and cuttings of what his critics are saying about him.

Modi is workaholic. After going online at 7 am or even earlier, he would call his party men from all over Gujarat; now, he calls people from all over India. He attends office early in the morning, and works till 10 pm if need be. He is a leader who is not going to ease his grip on party politics even if he were to head a ministry or be ensconced in the PMO if a National Democratic Alliance government comes to power.

He sleeps for only five hours -- sometimes even less. Whatever time he hits the bed, he gets up at 5 or 5.30 am.

Unlike his image, Modi is Indian first Indian last.

He is a hard task-master and treats government officers as tools to achieve his political goals.

He has won so far because he knows the usefulness and uselessness of everyone around him.
He recognises time and its value. He strikes when it’s his time and bends otherwise.
No one should have any doubt that if at all he fulfills his dream of becoming prime minister he will turn New Delhi topsy-turvy. He will make bureaucrats work and will be a dictator who will ensure the implementation of his decisions.
His Jyotigram Yojna to provide power to all Gujarati households 24x7 was almost impossible to implement, with the toughest resistance coming from users of electricity who resisted all his steps to plug leakages, stopped theft, and forced farmers to pay pending bills running into crores of rupees.