Date: 07/10/2013

October 12, is Durga Ashtami. It is good that at least King of Belgium remembered better than many of our own people of India origin.

In general this is the season, leading to Vijayadasami, when traditionally flag of victory is carried to enemy territory . Shivaji celebrated Dussera, Vijayadasami, advancing over enemy territory, it was called 'Seemollanghanam'.

And in far back times similarly when pale clored invaders from west came to invade and occupy north west area of India, present day Pakistan, it was liberated by one of the Vikramadityas with invaders put to sword, the occasion was marked by initiating worship of mother India in the form of ferocious dark colored Kaali trampling on pale colored demon , a visual message to any and all potential evil eying India. Both Vikrama Saka and Salivahana Saka which mark our calendar like Chiristian era of the west, the dates of origin pertain to victories scored by Vikramaditya and Salivahana. We are worshipers of victory. While we honor martyrdom,pay homage to martyrs, we don't make a religion out of it, instead always aim for victory.

To day Oct 7,2013 India is led not by heroes, leaders like Vikramaditya, Salivahana or Shivaji, but by zeroes who get their value only because of 2Gs in front. The result is on going genocide of Bengali Hindus who have special place for Goddess Durga. It is not just Bangladesh which killed, converted, threw out and meted out gruesome treatment resulting in disappearance of more than 40 million Hindus since 1947 to date but also the same process has now spread to secular Mamta Banerjee's W Bengal. And one day even if President or Prime Minister of India remain silent on this issue because it will not be secular, may be King of Belgium or President of US will talk about the hapless Hindu victims of continuing Islamic jihad there in Bengal.

At this season leading to Vijayadasami,let us remember 'ripudala samharini', annihilator of enemy hordes the mother , providing flowing rivers, green fields of grain to millions for millions of years. She is verily Durga,Laxmi and Sarasvati as well. All of their graces, prowess,prosperity and peerless knowledge and wisdom we must possess. Our Vedas envisage nothing less. We are meant to have in this world , per our Veda, not just enough to sustain ourselves , not just some riches, but prosperity in plenty. It is not just theoritical utopia which is yet to come. But when Vedic civilization prevailed, where prowess of Durga with swords and lancets drawn plunging into enemy heart, in rightly termed Vijayanagar, cityof victories, which wrote a golden chapter in our history, that was exactly the situation. In Vijayanagar streets Marco Polo wrote, diamonds and like precious stones were sold not in one or two carats but in big measures like kilo or two. He said that an average betel leaf selling woman in market could purchase a country like Portugal with her jewels. (vide: The Story of Civilization, I st volume, Our oriental Heritage by Will Durant).
Only because India is such a wealthy country, still even after many centuries of rapacious loot, modern mafia is able to cart away trillions of dollars to off shore banks. Loot can be brought back, the mafia can be put behind bars, even now it is happening to a small extent. Let us hope victory over demonic forces which this season symbolizes,will be complete soon, once again prosperity and all round well being returns to India and people of India. Let us also invoke power of Durga to give us strength to accomplish all such lofty aims and even more.


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King of Belgium invokes power of Durga in search for 'unity of purpose'
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Brussels: Even as India prepared to celebrate Durga Puja next week, the monarch in faraway Belgium, King Philippe, invoked the power of Durga to seek help in nations' search for "unity of purpose" and in taking up challenges of the times.

A great lover of India, who has led four economic delegations to the country, Philippe Friday again broke convention to speak at a farewell lunch for visiting Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and recalled his visit as a backpacker to Bengal "eager to discover your rich culture.
"Mr President, in your home region West Bengal and in many other parts of India people are now preparing for the Durga Puja, the worship of the power of Good which always wins over bad. May this power of Good help us in our search for unity of purpose and in taking up the many challenges of our times," the king, known as the King of the Belgians, said.

King of Belgium invokes power of Durga in search for \'unity of purpose\'
The king also quoted Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore to say that his call to "open your doors" of the mind is still appealing today as "different cultures enter into a respectful dialogue, new ideas arise and new horizons open."

He recalled his visit "to your beautiful country a number of times" and said each visit was an "invigorating experience.

Referring to the Europalia, the four-month Indian cultural gala inaugurated here jointly by Mukherjee and Philippe Friday, the king said the festival "will only showcase a fraction of your vast cultural heritage" and was an invitation to each visitor there to "discover further the treasures of your secular civilisation." Among the exhibits at the Bonzar, the Center of Art and Culture and the main venue of the festival, is an idol of Durga.
The king also quoted another Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen, to talk about the "wholeness of India" and praised Mukherjee for being a "consensus builder" in a country that was "as big as a continent, composed of 28 states and 7 union territories, and where 22 languages are recognised by the Constitution.

King Philippe, who ascended the throne only last July after his father, King Albert II abdicated, broke protocol when he and Queen Mathilde drove up to the airport tarmac to receive Mukherjee when he arrived here Wednesday on the first visit by an Indian head of state to Belgium. The president was accompanied by his daughter, Sharmistha Mukherjee.