Date: 23/02/2013


It is not realised by most that while India was savagely cut and partitioned, when the Hindu nation was wiped out across the bogus borders, when the Muslim community in India suffered no such blow in 1947, it was time to reflect and RESIST. And seeing the Muslims in Broken Bharat someone had to shout, "Look! They are AS MUCH here AS there!" One had to name and shame all those who signed the unconditional surrender of Mother India without Referendum or FIGHT.

While tens of millions of Hindus were FORCED OUT of their homes and massacred in ISLAMIC Pakistan the Muslims stayed back in India that was secular BEFORE and secular AFTER Partition. Someone said of the Muslims, who had overrun half of Kashmir, "LUCKY DEVILS!"

While the lucky devils are at each other's throats in Pakistan the INDIAN Muslims are, in fact, still in tact as a nation, or as the SECOND NATION in Bharat where they have a function, a holy task, in the service of Rasul Allah. It is to "SOFTEN THE TARGET".

What it means is to rob the Hindus of their sleep at night, fearing another explosion in vicinity, another abduction and rape, another "Mandir" ablaze, another region pushed into violence (West Bengal) and so on.

Is all this ONE SIDED shock and suffering raising, or ruining, the spirit and morale of the Hindu nation? IT IS THE LATTER.

What happens to someone who is continuously bullied and beaten? In the end he ends up as a nervous wreck or as "nishkam sewak"! It means “the SERVANT OF ALL”.

The Hindu nation was "nishkam sewak" (slave) during the long centuries of ISLAMIC era, then during the British Raj, and since 1947 under one Draconian DYNASTY backed by the AXIS of "Italy & Islam".

It is still possible to turn the tables around, and make MASTERS out of SLAVES. Greeks and the Bulgarians fought the occupying TURKS for five centuries, succeeding in the end. So let us begin with our own Himalayan task that Destiny has forced upon us.

Let us resolve, "There will be NO "nishkam sewak" in the Hindu nation till we put the ENEMY in the “cage” or show them the way to their separate HOMELAND, and then DOMINATE our own territory called HINDUSTHAN."

Hindus are not alone is entertaining such thoughts of deliverance and liberation. Muslims already DOMINATE the territory called "Pakistan" and 50 more ISLAMIC republics on earth, including Bangladesh. And the Christians dominate Europe and the USA. The President's OATH of office in the USA is not on some holy secular text but on the BIBLE. President Obama, in fact, had TWO Bibles at the ceremony- one belonged to his own grandmother (on maternal side) and the other provided by the State.

Special word for NRI's (non resident Indians) enjoying "high quality life, without a care in the world", who feel no sympathy or empathy with the HINDUS being "bashed & battered" back home: "Your dignity abroad depends on your dignity at home."

In other words, if you don't mind the treatment of the Hindus by the Sarkar of "CHOR UCHAKKA & LOAFER LAFANGA" back home in Bharat then you are still a "nishkam sewak", or a "coolie", abroad.