Date: 11/10/2013

Brainwashed schizophrenic mad Muslim Pakistanis are morons with regard to religion. They even don't feel like discarding their alien Arabic Religion in order to become civilised!

Having been forced to renounce their own original native Indian religions they follow a man born in totally alien and savage culture where women are one fourth of a man at home and one half of a man before the judge in court.

Today Pakistan is bleeding in violence since Mohammed could not make them human nor free them from the basic carnal animal needs.

Today (11 Oct 13) FOUR BOMBS exploded in Pakistan in all four capitals of States. They will never live in peace. Upon them are also the CURSES of tens of millions of Hindus- men, women and girls, who were forcibly abducted, raped and killed along with their men folk.

Islamic Pakistan will remain an intellectual dry desert on the side of green Indian oasis. Do we sometimes wonder as to why MILLIONS of Muslims from all the Islamic republics are RUNNING away for a better life to Hindu India and the Christian West? Aren't they exposing the oppression, hollowness and even vulgarity of their own Islamic "civilisation"?

Hindus, especially our leaders, shoujld be bold enough to tell the world about the bankruptcy of Islam whose key icons are a prayer mat (masalla), a gun and a camel (OonTh), and nothing else.

Only yesterday a boat full of MOHAMMEDANS from North Africa SANK with 300 drowned, and today another boat sank in the same waters trying to reach Christian West having forsaken their Islamic lands like Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Pakistan, Indonesia and so on.

India saw the Muslims as GANGRENE. The limbs that had too much of Islam had to be AMPUTATED in 1947.


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To further illustrate what Swaymbhuva Manu said, consider the following;

From Pakistan, where a Durga temple got destroyed,
Hindu, human rights groups protest against Pak govt -
Aug 16, 2013 ... News; Videos; Video Details; Wikipedia; Images; Related Links ..... pakistan hindu community protesting against demolition of temple.flv. Durga Mata Temple Village Choryo taluka Nagarparkar, District Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan . ..... like Aurangzeb, destroyed Hindu temples and persecuted non-Muslims;