Date: 21/10/2013

India has been leaderless for centuries. Even our celebrated patriots and warriors remained REGIONAL but not ALL INDIA figures like the Mohammed of Mecca who exercises great pull on the Muslims for VIOLENCE not just across Saudi Arabia but ACROSS THE GLOBE- from WTC towers in New York to Southern Thailand.

We saw the majority community crushed in 1947 and forced into signing the most HUMILIATING unconditional surrender just a couple of years after the ferocious WORLD WAR for the domination of world resources ended!

Despite the apparent victory of democracy and secularism in 1945 (the end of WW2), our Bharat was forced to surrender ONE THIRD of her territory to the enemies of Secularism and Democracy. We had NO leaders to cry "FOUL!" or to COUNTER ATTACK.

So we not only had PAKISTAN but also remained stuck with the MUSLIMS. Couldn't we fore-see Jawaharlal NEHRU'S grand design that is NOW slowly entering our consciousness for the first time?

Still there are Hindu leaders who are negotiating for peace with the Muslims in Kashmir without realizing that the BACKGROUND to any political negotiations is one's MILITARY power. That was "gun boat diplomacy"?

The Muslims can only regard our good humoured leaders like a couple of flies disturbing the King at banquet! That, indeed, was how the colonial masters regarded our very top "Mahatma" (Gandhi) though for us he was a great hero who "chased out" the British!

But their respect and awe of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was different. He did not have "satyagrahis" but the valiant patriotic FIGHTERS of Indian National Army ("Azad Hind Fauj"). The rulers COULDN'T regard him a buzzing fly!

There exists a HUGE gap between the "shakti" perceived by the Muslims of India in their capabilities and our Hindu "stalwarts" in their wishes and hopes.

Only a strong leader, at the head of a MILITARISED Hindu nation will be taken seriosusly by the West and the Muslims, whether in Pakistan, Bangladesh and even within Bharat.

No wonder while Europe talks openly of the wars and battles and Israel commemorates her six million dead openly through schooling, media and (Holocaust) museums, our "tethered sheep" BHARAT is silent on Partition.

"Sarkar" calls it "Independence". Thus in our "JUNGLE" the deflated secular glass-eyed sheep are forced to co-exist, without shelter or defence, with the ideologically motivated fanatic "Jehadi wolves", offering the carnivores TEN PER DAY in perpetuity!

Sometimes it is a lot more than ten, for example, in Noakhali in 1946, Multan, Rawalpindi and Lahore in 1947, Srinagar in 1989 and EVERYWHERE all the time.

All that invaluable (priceless) national experience has been deliberately and treacherously thrown to dogs.

In a further clever strategic move the Government of "Dynasty, Islam and Hindu stooges" in our "Broken Bleeding & Betrayed" Bharat then decided to force the NRI's to surrender their Indian passports on acquiring a foreign one. WHY? Because with this measure they have DENIED the voting rights to the TWELVE MILLION NRI's who would all (or mostly) have voted for Narendra MODI!

And there is a hefty fee for Visa to visit India (£90 per head!) to DETER the NRI's from visiting Bharat. They could "pass ideas" to the natives!

Your analysis (below) is spot on.

21 October 2013.

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if you have time, please on my behalf, distribute my writing to millions to wake-up my sleeping Hindu brothers and sisters.

Dear Friends,

1.There is an International Conspiracy going on to eliminate Narendra Modi,Baba Ramdev and Dr.Subramanian Swamy, physically from the face of the earth.

2.The SONIA-SINGH led CONGRESS+ UPA Government is hatching a heinous plan with Pakistani(Nawaz Shariff) establishment in India for a long time in which Jammu & Kashmir Government and IB chief, Syed Asif Ibrahim are in collusion.

3. Today 25 BSF posts in 4 different areas of Jammu & Kashmir have been under heavy shelling. The UPA knows it very well that they are going to loose the imminent Loksabha election,2014.So they are trying to create a mini war like situation with Pakistan which will postpone the election.The PM had called in all the three chiefs of Indian Defense.What is it for?

4.UPA is now trying to get some sort of credit which will enable it to garner more votes.

5. It is a GAME PLAN just like the Farmer's Loan Wave before the last election in 2009 but this time it has a far greater danger in terms of loss of life, properties and the consequences.

6.The current scenario is, our motherland,India is, now seized by an Italian mafia group,Maino Sonia-Raul Vincci Gandhi who are hell-bent on destroying Hindus from India.A puppet and a slave PM,Dr.Manmohan Singh who is politically and functionally totally impotent ,invertebrate and behaves like a walking dead body is just a paper-stamp of SONIA. On the top of it , a Muslim foreign minister,Salman Khurshid and a Christian Defense Minster, A.K.Antony and their loyal team ,are working in tandem with the Pakistani establishment inside India.

7.The present Army General Vikram Singh,one sikh ,relative of Dr.Manmohan Singh,who secured his post by displacing one patriotic Army General V.K.Singh,a committed Jat from Haryana,before his tenure.The present Army Chief is more engaged in fightng with his boss-predecessor instead of fighting with the Jihadsts in the proxy war across the border of Pakistan.The irony of fate is that the present Army Chief,Vikram Singh’s daughter-in-law happened to be a Pakistani Muslim lady,niece of Nawaz Shariff,PM of Pakistan.

8.To make the matter worse,a third rated Bollywood actor,Raj Babbar from UP,a controversial character in famous actress Smita Patil’s mysterious and untimely death,now has been appointed as the Chief of the Parliamentary Defense Committee. Raj Babbar is known to be a hard-core Hindu hater and Muslim-lover. He has especial relationship with notorius Azam Khan,MP of BSP and close aide of Akhilesh Yadav,CM of UP.

9.In this situation,what will be the morale of our security forces across the border? The Pakistani soldiers are beheading,mutilating and killing our brave Jawans with extreme cruelty and our PM is shaking hands with Nawaz Shariff. Our PM is making $2.1 billion dollar defense deal
With Russia. Our PM is begging alms from American President, Obama,who is backing Pakistan to destabilize India. Dr.Manmohan Singh is hurriedly making final deal with Chinese Government, who is encroaching our motherland every day and engaging Pakistan in a proxy war with India.

10. I see the above scenario and I am getting more and more convinced that the current border escalation is an International conspiracy involving America and Pakistan in collusion with SONIA-SINGH the nefarious duo.