Date: 23/10/2013

Veterans doing nothing to stop humiliation of armed forces


The Editor

Sub:- India’s posturing on J&K (regarding Shimla Agreement and J&K being integral part of India) - humbug & legally untenable

Ref:- (i)- High ranking veterans can do a lot but doing nothing to stop humiliation of armed forces in J&K

(ii)- J&K CM’s statement and reprimand that SOPs were not followed hence terrorists succeeded, has humiliated armed forces.

(iii)- Armed forces reached to such disgraceful situation because being made to do unbecoming civilian job in J&K for decades.

(iv)- Govt of India (GOI) unnecessarily asking armed forces to get involved in civil jobs, AFSPA etc in J&K

(v)- Instead GOI should ask military to do martial job of retrieving POK.

(vi)- Veterans busy in meaningless discussions and social activities instead of educating India about proper role of military.

(vii)- Worst, veterans repeating argument of derelict GOI (which is nothing but excuse to not solve Kashmir problem).

(viii)- High ranking veterans allowing J&K (and of India) politicians and governments to get away.

(ix)- Stopping talks with Pakistan is not at all a tough measure.

(x)- Massive rehabilitation program of millions of DPK & POK Refugees in the valley, is the real tough, effective & creative measure.

Dear Sir

On Tuesday an anti-climax came regarding media highlighted ~ 200 infiltrations / incursions so far this year from the side of Pakistan. Therefore Indians hope that such humiliation, as mentioned below, of armed forces will wake up the high ranking veterans to do the requisite in order to restore the respect & martial efficiency of armed forces of India :-

(1)- Prominent print and electronic media on Tuesday quoted J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah saying in his address to police personnel on Police Martyrs' Commemoration Day at Zewan, near Srinagar that - “[Militant strikes against the Army and other security forces were due to procedural lapses as the standard operation procedures (SOPs) were not followed. "In all the incidents in which security forces were targeted this year, there was a minor or major lapse and the militants took advantage of that. I am not just referring to Hiranagar and Samba incidents. I am referring to all the incidents in which the militants have got the better of the security forces," he said. "I believe at some point of time there has been relaxation of the SOPs that were put in place. Had the SOPs been followed, I believe these incidents would not have taken place. I think it is important that the SOPs be followed and these militants be denied an opportunity to have successes like these,"]”.

(2)- In such a sensitive issue related to security forces where entire country is worked-up, the CM can not say so without having his facts right. Hence this accusation and reprimand of Omar reflects the sorry State of affair to which India’s security forces have been relegated to by Government of India (GOI). Such lapses on the part of security forces has indeed taken place which is quite understandable because military can not be expected to do civil jobs (law & order, AFSPA etc) day in and day out for decades and then to retain its professional efficiency also.

(3)- But more than any body else the high ranking veterans are to be blamed for such sorry State of affairs of armed forces in India. During service armed forces are required (and rightly so) to obey government policies & orders but when they are retired then what stops the veterans (especially high ranking) to educate the people about proper role of military and about desirable change in Govt policy in the interest of rectifying the martial deficiency of Indian State. Worst, we find that number of high ranking veterans appear in media (including on various TV Channels) where they do nothing but repeat the argument given by derelict GOI (which is an excuse to not solve Kashmir problem).

(4)- Veterans should understand that Kashmir is not a settled issue rather it is still being raised at various international forums (during last one month only both the prime Ministers of India and Pakistan sought USA help in solving Kashmir problem related terrorism and for solution of Kashmir problem). Hence without Kashmir Solution (which is nothing but “Unification of J&K”) these infiltrations, terrorism etc will simply not stop. Pakistan which stopped terming these terrorists as freedom fighters after 9/11 under pressure from USA has again vigorously started treating these terrorists as freedom fighters (though not saying so that openly as it did before 9/11) especially in view of withdrawal of USA & Allies from Afghanistan by 2014. [As far India’s parroting about Shimla Agreement mandating bilateral talks and no third party intervention (which has yielded no result in these last 40 years) it has been used by India simply as an unethical tactics to keep gory Kashmir issue in cold storage].

(5)- Veterans should further know that being religious State Pakistan (which came in existence due to partition of India on religious basis) has always tried to retrieve Muslim majority Indian side of J&K hence it tried to take Indian side of J&K militarily in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil and through on-going proxy war. But on the contrary India, being secular State, never shed a drop of blood for retrieving POK and never tried militarily to retrieve Muslim majority POK, not even once. In a nutshell (notwithstanding constitutionally J&K being integral part of India and such resolution by Indian Parliament) if India (without any further delay) does not retrieve POK then, as per international law, India will loose claim / title on J&K due to acquiescence and delay

(6)- There is one more extremely important reason why politicians of J&K (and of India too) should ensure that India retrieves Muslim majority POK. Without Sheikh Abdullah and his colleagues preferring secular India over theocratic Pakistan, hundreds of Nehrus, Sardar Patels, ex-ruler Hari Singhs etc could not have succeeded in the accession of J&K to India in 1947. Moreover Kashmir problem, as per media reports, has already claimed lives of ~ one hundred thousand Muslims. Hence people of India, especially the politicians of J&K and of India (especially Muslims) are morally obliged to keep J&K with India only when they find India is a secular State.

(7)- Therefore high ranking veterans through media should ensure that people & politicians of India constrain the politicians of J&K to prove through people of J&K that India is still a secular State. To prove this J&K Govt should be constrained to take up massive rehabilitation program of millions of Hindus of J&K especially and first who are in Jammu [Displaced Kashmiri Pundits (DKPs) may be rehabilitated in their native places and POK refugees preferably near LOC & Border] through NGOs of J&K who swear by ‘Unification of J&K’. The volunteers of these J&K NGOs can provide protector companions also (taken from J&K and even from rest of India) to these rehabilitated people for some time, in case they are scared to go to valley on their own and alone.

(8)- Lot of people in India (including high ranking veterans through media) say that in view of increased infiltration / incursions India should stop talks with Pakistan as a tough measure. But these naïve people do not understand that talks were stopped after 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack also but nothing came out of this ineffective and sterile measure. Therefore the high ranking veterans should motivate (through media) the Indian people, politicians and governments (GOI & of J&K) to take up the massive rehabilitation program of millions of DPK & POK Refugees in valley as a tough, creative & effective measure which will not only stop the said humiliation of armed forces of India but will also solve the Kashmir problem (because with said massive rehabilitation program in valley the retrieve of POK will be much simpler and justified)

Yours truly


On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 12:56 AM, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote:

Interesting mail yes & maybe some facts therein too.

But....Just Three words, for the scenario painted, folks!
Far Fetched 'Daydreaming' !!!

120 Crore Indians (particularly including our Armed Forces AND all the addressees in this mail, surely), are 'Patriotic Enough' and NOT so naive, so as to allow just 'Anyone' to SELL our beloved Motherland to anyone - leave alone, to Pakistan!!!

Suffice to Remember how we won our Freedom and fought many wars gallantly!
Remember how this great Nation became ONE again and again??

Can you imagine & picturise WHAT will happen if someone does embark on that (mis) adventure????
Honestly, You stretch your Imagination! It will be a revelation!!

(This does NOT take away the fact that anti national forces MUST be cast to the DUSTBIN - permanently, yes, that's OUR job!)

I thank U fr yr above analysis, but I have to say three things in particular :

1. like you, every intelligent Indian is fearing the probability of total Physical elimination of Modi and this time ,it could be by poisoning him , but looking like a Food Poisoning Medical Case.

2. In connivance, India & Pakistan may have a stage-managed war in whichi India will NATURALLY be a WINNER , so that Congress go to people to take its credit, thus Votes but our brave soldiers will become the casualty of their highly SECRET iConspiracy.

3. Since TALIBANS are now Free from Afghanistan , Pakistan will Continue to Thrust them Into India via Kashmir Sector , which is the main reason for so many Border Firings & incursions into our territory .



if you have time, please on my behalf distribute my writing to millions to wake-up my sleeping Hindu brothers and sisters.

Jai Hind!
Dear Friends,

Read my article between the lines and do accordingly.
1.There is an International Conspiracy going on to eliminate Narendra Modi,Baba Ramdev and Dr.Subramanian Swamy, physically from the face of the earth.

2.The SONIA-SINGH led CONGRESS+ UPA Government is hatching a heinous plan with Pakistani(Nawaz Shariff) establishment in India for a long time in which Jammu & Kashmir Government and IB chief, Syed Asif Ibrahim are in collusion.

3. Today 25 BSF posts in 4 different areas of Jammu & Kashmir have been under heavy shelling. The UPA knows it very well that they are going to loose the imminent Loksabha election,2014.So they are trying to create a mini war like situation with Pakistan which will postpone the election.The PM had called in all the three chiefs of Indian Defense.What is it for?

4.UPA is now trying to get some sort of credit which will enable it to garner more votes.

5. It is a GAME PLAN just like the Farmer's Loan Wave before the last election in 2009 but this time it has a far greater danger in terms of loss of life, properties and the consequences.

6.The current scenario is, our motherland,India is, now seized by an Italian mafia group,Maino Sonia-Raul Vincci Gandhi who are hell-bent on destroying Hindus from India.A puppet and a slave PM,Dr.Manmohan Singh who is politically and functionally totally impotent ,invertebrate and behaves like a walking dead body is just a paper-stamp of SONIA. On the top of it , a Muslim foreign minister,Salman Khurshid and a Christian Defense Minster, A.K.Antony and their loyal team ,are working in tandem with the Pakistani establishment inside India.

7.The present Army General Vikram Singh,one sikh ,relative of Dr.Manmohan Singh,who secured his post by displacing one patriotic Army General V.K.Singh,a committed Jat from Haryana,before his tenure.The present Army Chief is more engaged in fightng with his boss-predecessor instead of fighting with the Jihadsts in the proxy war across the border of Pakistan.The irony of fate is that the present Army Chief,Vikram Singh’s daughter-in-law happened to be a Pakistani Muslim lady,niece of Nawaz Shariff,PM of Pakistan.

8.To make the matter worse,a third rated Bollywood actor,Raj Babbar from UP,a controversial character in famous actress Smita Patil’s mysterious and untimely death,now has been appointed as the Chief of the Parliamentary Defense Committee. Raj Babbar is known to be a hard-core Hindu hater and Muslim-lover. He has especial relationship with notorius Azam Khan,MP of BSP and close aide of Akhilesh Yadav,CM of UP.

9.In this situation,what will be the morale of our security forces across the border? The Pakistani soldiers are beheading,mutilating and killing our brave Jawans with extreme cruelty and our PM is shaking hands with Nawaz Shariff. Our PM is making $2.1 billion dollar defense deal
With Russia. Our PM is begging alms from American President, Obama,who is backing Pakistan to destabilize India. Dr.Manmohan Singh is hurriedly making final deal with Chinese Government, who is encroaching our motherland every day and engaging Pakistan in a proxy war with India.

10. I see the above scenario and I am getting more and more convinced that the current border escalation is an International conspiracy involving America and Pakistan in collusion with SONIA-SINGH the nefarious duo.