Date: 25/10/2013


Dear Channel 4,

Thank you for your informative programme on "Burka" (7 o'clock news on Wed 24 inst.)

The sight of so many women wearing BLACK burkas, showing eyes only, was scary. Small children would think they were witches and would be frightened. To have one of them confronting small children in Infant Schools will be cruelty to non Muslim British (Christian, Hindus, Jews and Sikh) children.

They seemed to be fundamentalist Muslims, the counterpart of Al Qaida and the Taliban. Hardened in their "Belief" they did seem to be ready to die for Islam like the suicide bombers.

Some of them are already out there in war zones, killing our troops.

No honest or decent person will cover their face like this. What do they have to hide in the liberated open British society, and why? But being Muslim they must provoke, projecting separate and different personality that is at odds with the rest (mainstream females) in Europe. Every Muslim seems to stand out like a SORE THUMB in a civilized society.

Actually, their scary black dress would have seemed more appropriate in any TV studio in Kabul or Islamabad, not in England. But who will dare say so in the open? The civilised societies enact laws that suit those whose own laws back home are totally different. These females are devout MUSLIM. So what "human rights" do they have in any Islamic republic? How does an alien Christian society suddenly become their own "home"? That is where the EU has to amend our own laws or appease (bend before Islam), and eventually perish. Human rights in Europe ought to mention, "for those who are Christian or Secular" since their Islam does not concede any human rights to the rest of the world (Infidels).

The custom of hiding the face from men is tied up with Islam and Islam is the product of MOHAMMED of Mecca.

Mohammed came to power through violence, deceit and fraud and meted out strict savage punishments to those who disagreed or disobeyed.
No need here to describe some of the Islamic punishments, including stoning to death in public of erring females!

But with absolute power also came his heightened sex drive to pass his leisure time. When he spotted any Beauty he would instantly claim her as his own property. An example was the wife of his step son who was ordered to surrender her to the Prophet.

He is said to have NINETEEN wives and umpteen concubines, mostly the booty from battles. His harem was a closely guarded place with grieving young females, many crying & weeping for their own Christian or Jewish parents and siblings slain in front of their eyes.

He was the only one who could see them naked in flesh, and being jealous, or afraid of other men, he ordered his captive wives to be confined indoors and cover up completely before stepping out.

The word got around about Mohammed's eye for beautiful women, especially virgins, and so they all went "under cover". Thus began the practice of wearing burka when (and where) man was master.

Today the practice continues with some who fear being kidnapped, the others fear being "stared to death" by sex starved Muslim men growing up in the strictly SEGREGATED Islamic societies. Islamic segregation is similar to the (now abolished) Apartheid in South Africa.

Mohammed enforced the gender segregation to the extent that no woman could enter the mosques where men prayed. Projecting his own mind,he said, "Men will be distracted by the presence of women while praying in a mosque."

As the need for young fighters grew in order to meet the needs of his armies to wage wars, subjugate and convert intensified, the tradition of taking many wives to produce numerous children paid off. That remains the case till today though they live in peaceful societies. (Or, do they?)

The British tax payer must bear a hefty bill, paying for Muslim wives and their numerous (far above average) children.

It is also thought that the women in burka are more afraid of being seen or noticed by their own fellow Muslim males than by the non Muslim men. Thus it is logical to presume that burka will be discarded if all the Muslim men were to be deported from a country.

The burka goes well with the CULTURE of Islamic republics like Afghanistan but definitely not in Europe and North America where girls and women are treated the same as the males.

In free societies men are happy with one wife unlike the Mohammedans who had to be restricted to FOUR wives at a time while their Prophet had NINETEEN.

It is pathetic to watch the majority community (mainstram Christians) CONCEDING so much these days to the new version of a totalitarian society (Fascism) within our own. It's like the teacherous "second nation" that suddenly emerged in India that led to her devastating Partition (immense loss of life and territory) within weeks in 1947.

25 Oct 13.

More than half the British public think that Muslim women SHOULD NOT be allowed to wear the niqab in public. A ComRes opinion poll for Channel 4 found that 56% of respondents said they opposed the wearing of the full face-veil, while 55% said they would support a national ban, similar to legislation that was passed in France in 2010.

Women Who Wear Face Veil Speak Out

Ukip's Muslim Veil Ban Policy Reversed

Muslim Students Banned From Wearing Veils

The niqab, which only shows the eyes of the wearer, has been the subject of intense debate in the UK, particularly over whether it should be permissible to wear the covering when giving evidence in court. The poll asked whether the niqab should be banned in public places, such as courtrooms, schools and hospitals, with 81% saying they would support such a ban.

More from the Press Association:

The findings come after recent controversies that saw a college in Birmingham forced to drop a ban on niqabs and a ruling by a judge that Muslim women must remove the veil to give evidence in court. The poll found that three-quarters (76%) said they were unsure of how to relate to women wearing the full face veil, while more than half (56%) thought it was demeaning to women who wear it.



The AOL poll showed over 72% AGAINST Burka in Britain.

OUR VIEW: Keep it in Saudi Arabia where your Prophet Mohammed was born and where NO other holy book is allowed or tolerated except the KORAN.


25 Oct 13.