Date: 30/10/2013

Nehru Dynasty has many characteristics of the earlier MOHAMMEDAN dynasties, for example "eliminating" the political opponents. How Aurangzeh, Shahjehan, Jehangir and so on killed off their brothers and even fathers for the Royal throne!

The simple and trusting Hindu nation must now realize the true nature of the ruling dynasty. How have they stayed on in absolute power for nearly SEVEN DECADES in a democracy?

The fact that Dynasty and Congress will NOT vacate power, despite elections, but will ELIMINATE any individual, group or even community that either demands full freedom or defends the Indian TERRITORY and HINDU religion, since the ultimate aim of Dynasty + Congress is to "evaporate" the HINDUS.

For the Hindu nation this Dynasty is an enforced IMPOSITION and it will be very difficult to GET RID OF them. Each of them deserved (and deserves) to get their faces BLACKENED and given a donkey ride through the State capitals.

Nehru, who surrendered one third of India without a single condition, would have been SHOT DEAD by the patriots in any country except suicidal Bharat.

His daughter who changed her religion and name on marrying Feroze KHAN, would have been EXPOSED in no time as a FRAUD in any other country except intimidated Bharat.

Rajiv who sent his Army to FINISH OFF the Tamils (of Indian origin) in Sri Lanka also deserved to be BLOWN UP BY A BOMB. (That is why it did ACTUALLY happen although most IGNORANT Hindus shed tears for the BOFORS CHOR, and the "asses" even built a "samadhi" for him in the country's capital, without taking the brave TAMIL widows and orphans in confidence!)

Now SONIA who has not only eliminated the world's ONLY Hindu Kingdom in NEPAL, but also LOOTED the country including the palaces of Maharajas, is not only called First Lady (Rashtramata) but also heads the largest POLITICAL party in Bharat.

If Shri MODI does not win outright, PARTITIONED INDIA will quickly degenerate into ANARCHY and CHAOS, and millions of lives may be lost again. For the RULERS the Hindu blood is DIRT CHEAP but we ourselves ought to value our blood and Hindu life immensely like other proud nations.

NO Hindu, leave aside Shri Modi, can trust the Government for protection of his life and property. No secular "dog" will wish to see a Hindu alive. When will BJP post TEN SIKH STALWARTS as Modi's bodyguards? They are the best detterent for the enemy like a nuclear bomb.

Patna is called SRI PATNA SAHIB by the Sikhs out of reverence for the city where Guru Gobind Singhji was born. He was a great fighter for Hindu Dharma. His answer to the Islamic barbarity and savagery was a MILITARISED Hindu nation to defend territory and dignity from the enemy.

But what has the HINDU nation done in gratitude for his glory?

What SHOULD be done is to build a really big and impressive Gurdwara, to be the centre of national and INTERNATIONAL pilgrimage in the city where he was born.

It is vital to do so since Jawaharlal Nehru, the Scoundrel, surrendered the Janmasthan of the First "JAGAT" Guru, Guru Nanak Devji, to Islam in 1947. The Guru's devotees from all over the world, especialy in Bharat, now need a VISA to go there, thanks to Nehru's High Treason!

31.10.2013 (THE HALLOWEEN*)

*Halloween (31 October) when in Medieval Europe WITCHES were burnt alive or drowned in rivers. India on the other hand has had MORE witches than Europe, including the one called Maimoona Begum and the other from the Land of Mafia! They are not only safe and well but also adored and honoured to no end by the suicidal HINDU nation.
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Patna blasts: Modi was also a target, code was 'machli 5', say sources

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Patna blasts: Modi was also a target, code was 'machli 5', say sources
Oct 30, 2013 at 01:48pm

New details emerging about blasts in Patna shows diabolical plot to kill Narendra Modi. Eighteen bombs were places. Local Moslem students in hostels of Patna were paid Rs.10,000 each to plant these bombs. The idea was to trigger a pandemonium and during the rush one was waiting with live bombs to throw at the stage at Narendra Modi. The whole operation was well planned by Indian Mujahuddin and planners made several trips to Patna earlier. Mericulous preparations were made obviously so much so the plot was given a code name of 'Machli 5'.

It simply defies all logic for Bihar CM, JD(U) to absolve himself and his administration, that there was no prior intelligence from the center. He is contradicted by Home minister of Congress led UPA , which is an ally of Nitish Kumar party. A large gathering is anticipated.. And both Bihar and neighboring states have been subject to Islamic terror attacks. There was Bodhgaya bombing in Bihar that just happened. Scanning the ground for bombs, planting informers in Moslem hostels would have suggested themselves to prevent a great tragedy . It is hand of providence that prevented even a greater tragedy than what happened, rather than Nitish Kumar administration. He simply says he has no intelligence !

Perhaps that is about right. Let us hope that this is a true excuse and at best JD(U) is guilty of just omission only. Otherwise even worse suspicions are bound to arise.

It is also most deplorable for Prime Minister or perhaps PM office which is not under his control to deny any special protection group, cover for Narendra Modi . Why should he be ? Only those of dynasty are entitled to it in view of PMO perhaps. It stands denied even after the Patna blasts to date.

Let us hope that BJP takes all precautions necessary , rather than depend on UPA administration which after all cannot even protect soldiers at the border. It kept their hands tied with instructions not to shoot back, until beheadings took place twice. So it is not a dependable proposition to count on SoniaG's UPA administration. Surely there must be security experts in BJP camp, who certainly can do much better than secular Nitish Kumar's JD(U) outfit in Patna or SoniaG's Congress led UPA cabal in New Delhi