Date: 31/10/2013


A patriot wrote last week, “the time is up for the nasty Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.
What this family has done to destroy Hindusthan is unparalleled in history but Hindus , Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Vanvasis and so on, have failed to realise these “dogs & bitches” due to intensive brainwashing, intensive intimidation and their “divide and rule” policy that is worse than that seen during the British Raj, and topped up by the deadly poison of reservations.
So now they have succeeded in dividing at family level and people are harming themselves and are not able to come out of this vicious circle.

COMMENT: In a country with centuries long slavery under the foreigners who had NO heart in the natives (HINDUS), our holy mandirs and gurdwaras, custom & traditions, we became a broken, disunited, nation, terribly scared of the next calamity. Cowardice and slavery of the Hindus in Bharat UNITED the foreign aggressors who shared the loot and rewards, but DIVIDED the country and DISUNITED the natives who feared for their lives and the dignity of their daughters round the clock. When the foreigners attacked, the natives scattered in all directions but when some intrepid daring and brave natives counterattacked the foreigners rallied around each other and put the natives to flight. Over a long period of time this practice became a tradition and eventually the “way of life”.

As explained above the natives, the victims, that is, the HINDUS, detached themselves from TERRITORY, TEMPLES and FELLOW HINDUS.

Take TERRITORY first. When Pandit Nehru was discussing “Partition” with his friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the Hindu leaders did not instantly LINK Partition to Territory and Territory to Extinction of Hindus. Not one step was taken to eliminate NEHRU or to throw the gauntlet to the Mohammedans who showed such contempt for Akhand Bharat and towards their Hindu neighbours and fellow citizens. But when BENGAL, KASHMIR and PUNJAB were divided, causing millions of refugees to flee in all directions to seek safety and shelter, they had IDENTIFIED the “Devils” in NEHRU and GANDHI- the former for sweet talking about the deadly Partition, and Gandhi for adopting the SILENT mode. He could neither warn Jinnah nor threaten RETALIATION. Nehru, the “DEVIL”, then put the State propaganda machinery in full motion to brainwash the nation to forget our defeat and surrender. After all, the cunning fox was the barrister-at-law from London.

After seeing the nation tame like circus donkeys Nehru’s mind was not at rest. He produced the Kashmir DISPUTE to divert the nation’s attention from Partition, and groomed his own daughter Indira to become the prime minister in case of his natural death or assassination. He could only trust his daughter to keep the lid tightly on his High Treason against Akhand Bharat

That is how and why DEMOCRACY was pushed under the carpet when Indira succeeded her father as the Prime Minister of PARTITIONED India that soon became India, or Bharat. Nor did his Constitution mention the words “Partition” and “Hindu”. It was a very scared and intimidated Hindu nation that dropped their religion and converted to Nehru’s SECULARISM overnight while the Muslims rejected “Secularism of Donkies” and went totally ISLAMIC in Pakistan.
We saw as to how Nehru was the DEVIL for the Hindus suffering ethnic cleansing in East and West Pakistan while he was adored by the rest of the Hindu nation. Was that Hindu UNITY?

After Nehru we had his daughter who had the grave onerous task of not only deleting PARTITION off the minds & brains of her Hindu slaves and hide the fact of her own embracing ISLAM and concealing her HATRED of Hindus, but also identify, in the vast sea of indigenous, native, communities who could stand up to defy her, or cry out, “THE PRIME MINISTER IS NAKED!”
The task of identifying the potential rebels against her authority was very easy. Just look through the history of India and see who sank or drowned in “puja and (nishkam) sewa” and who picked up the sword to fight the oppressors and aggressors.

Indira, the secret convert to Islam, now MAIMOONA BEGUM, swore to disarm the Sikhs, the vanguard of Bharat’s defence, punish the Tamils for rejecting her bogus Secularism and keep an eye on the Rajputs and Marathas. The feeling was MUTUAL and accordingly, these communities regarded her as a WITCH.
Again, as in the case of PARTITION the majority of Hindus went on adoring Maimoona Begum without looking into her motives to intimidate the Tamils in the South and finish them off in Sri Lanka. Rajiv & Sonia were to pursue the “KILL OR CONVERT THE HINDUS” Ideology and target the only Hindu Kingdom of Nepal. Was there any awareness in the vast Hindu nation as to the strategic implications of that collapse for the Hindus in South Asia? NO!
East Bengal was forgotten by the enslaved Hindu nation and she was immediately forgotten by the rulers (DIRTY DYNASTY + CORRUPT CONGRESS PARTY) because her hinterland was BUDDHIST Myanmar. But Punjab, with her hinterland SEETHING ANGRY SEA OF ISLAM, was different. Here the traditional defenders of “Dharti and Dharma” were the martial Sikhs. They had to be destroyed to allow the Muslims free passage to Delhi.

Thus a Government professing Secularism on the surface to fool the world was acting maliciously against the brave indigenous community of SIKHS. As if the outright SURRENDER of Lahore (with Hindu/Sikh MAJORITY) and the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji at Sri Nankana Sahib was not enough, the “WITCH” sitting in the dynastic chair of Prime Minister decided to attack and destroy Sri AKAL TAKHT Sahib, a historic building adjacent to the Golden Temple. The defenders gave a glorious account of courage and bravery to take on the MERCENARY Indian army that could not defend Akhand Bharat and could not recover North Kashmir or raise the historic Temple in AYODHYA but attacked the Sikhs’ holiest shrine in Partitioned India after the surrender of Nankana Sahib & Lahore.
Malicious Maimoona chose the day of attack to COINCIDE with the historic Gurpurb (Martyrdom of the Fifth Guru, Guru Arjun Dev in 1606 AD) to maximise the terror and killings. She could not escape retribution.
What is the legacy of that political WITCH deceiving the Hindu nation about her own MSULIM loyalties and misruling Hindusthan through her evil heart?
Sikhs are a wounded community after tens of thousands were massacred after her death, the Tamils are alienated, the Kashmiri Hindus are still in wilderness and there is unrest among the Naxalites that fractures the fabric of the nation. We do not see so many centrifugal forces and mini revolutions going on in countries four or five times the size of Bharat, e.g., Russia, the USA, China and so on. If tomorrow a heavy cloud descends on South Asia, the mutually hostile communities will scatter under pressure rather than getting together to offer effective resistance.
Of all the prime ministers (not on merit but on nepotism) MAIMOONA BEGUM was the worst. When the nation can think for itself she will be known as the Political Witch of 20th century in Bharat. Under Divine Retribution she was “despatched” by the “Knights of God” this Halloween Day in 1984, ruining the image of Bharat in the world. After all, prime ministers are not killed by their own bodyguards every day!
The political, economic, social and ideological mess in the Congress held Coolie Colony of Bharat is so alarming that only a man of Narendra Modi’s stature and calibre can come near solving it. Therefore every Indian, especially Hindu, must support him win the next election.