Date: 31/10/2013

GRAND JIRGA AT HALLOWEEN (31st. October, 2013.)
The Indian Animal World

Donkeys and rats sat as advisers. The Head at the table, a hippopotamus, said, “We are pleased at the submission of our Hindu SHEEP and GOATS. They are happily chanting, “Gandhiji ki Jaya! Congress Party for Ever!” and supporting our rule into the fourth generation. But there are some snakes lurking in the grass. They are the NRI’s abroad and the Tamils and the Sikhs at home.
“They resent our “mantra” of Secularism because it did not extend to West Punjab and East Bengal and it could not extend to the Lizards from Arabia. What audacity! What cheek! What insurgency!

“They are all deeply patriotic and religious and proclaim “Hindusthan belongs to the Hindus as Pakistan and Bangladesh belong to the Mohammed of Blessed Desert!”

By throwing the gauntlet to the rulers whose spiritual loyalties are to the Middle East they destabilise our rule and give us nightmares. They wish the nation deliverance from our despotic rule and call us “dirty dynasty” for sticking to power, election after election. They even object to our “divide & rule policy” and corruption. What cheek! What audacity”
“Our jackal friends want to know when a non Gandhi will come to power to re-write the Constitution that avoids the word “Partition” in order to save us from all that bother of finding out who did what that led to the massacre and expulsion of tens of millions of Hindus in 1946 and 1947. We need to crush these rebels who demand a post mortem of “Akhand Bharat”.

“This then is our “permanent interest” that will determine our strategy and tactics for the foreseeable future. There will be periods when we apparently charm up to the donkeys, for example, when we put a suppliant Tamil in the cabinet who will not mention the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka, and appoint a docile Sikh who does not wish to think of his own place of birth as well as the holy Janmasthan at Sri Nankana Sahib, BOTH under the flag of Mohammed of Mecca, as the nominal prime minister.

“We will also keep an eye on the Marathas for the crime of eliminating our Saviour, the Great Mahatma, who had blessed us with eternal Raj. We shall be using his name to fool the masses and keep using them as our load carrying asses.
The gathering stood up to take the pledge, “We will eliminate anyone who comes in the way of Rahul Gandhi, our future King. We will incite our Muslim friends to do what comes naturally to them, that is, to start riots, assassinate a few of the rebel leaders, explode bombs at their gatherings and squeeze their guts.”

Mother of Nation Sonia Maino Gandhi stood up from the golden throne and it was the signal for the Grand Meeting to end. Everyone went home, swearing total loyalty towards Rahul Gandhi.