Date: 06/11/2013

Saprem Namastey !

I thank U fr yr very kindly fwding these pictures of the actual Crowds during Shri Narendra Modi's addressing our people , drawing attention of the Common people on the street, of the various problems as have been created by Present UPA government duly seconded & supported by their cronies OR traitors of our motherland.

Sir, as I had personally attended a similar meeting in Mumbai on 27th June at STOCK EXCHANGE bldg's Huge hall by Invitations only on the book launch of " BEYOND A BILLION BALLOTS " by one Shri Vijay Sahsrabuddhe entry STRICTLY by invitations only but I am an eye witness that the crowd was so large that a very large number of the people were standing outside the bldg. and all roads leading to stock exchange bldg were fully packed , at least one hour in advance , while I was offered RUPEES FIVE THOUSAND BY AT LEAST TWO PERSONS TO PART WITH MY INVITATION Card , BUT I HAD REFUSED to part as No amount of greed could take over me ; huge screens were placed outside the bldg. & on the roads , to pacify the surging crowd .

There were at least a few thousands policemen from all roads to the bldg. but they were Not able to control the surging crowd but the crowd was so Disciplined self- disciplined , a sort of UNTHINKABLE EVENING IN INDIA, There was Utmost friendliness amongst each other , amongst most of the UNKNOWNS , every one was wanting to accomodate the other to the best of one's ability & none tried even to go to urinal etc. but every one listened to Shri Modiji with rapt attention , that is the intense NATIONALISM, the name of MODI is playing all over India these days .

I , therefore believe, Shri Modi will win from anywhere he may stand, but the problem is that his party, that is B J P must win enough seats which could only be possible if RIGHT KIND OF HONEST & SINCERE SELFLESS CANDIDATES are selected by B J P who should NOT have any bad record behind them , Neither of land grabbing, nor of any kind of cheating, rape/s Nor womanising etc . In my view B J P should select new CLEAN FACES , preferably from teaching, medical , Engineering & Management faculties etc , preferably YOUNG DYNAMIC YOUNG ENERGETIC PERSONS WITH DETERMINATION OF carrying OUR COUNTRY ON A FAST TRACK

NaMO Wave is quite evident. Congress is nervous. Asks where is the money coming from?!!

(Similar sources which Congress is Unwilling to bring/reveal under RTI ACT !!) So why ask???
Looks like, Congress will inevitably meet its Waterloo very soon!

The way they have handled Women's Safety, the various Corruption Gates and the issue of Black Money,
most Indians feel....well why NOT....Hope they meet !!!!

Crowds throng to NaMo’s speeches: Images media will never show you!!!