Date: 08/11/2013


From: xxxxxxxxxxx

Read these notes. A man, in person, can do so many things if he is bent upon to do something for the country.

Present position in the country is this that everybody is giving lip service. They will talk, discuss, write letter to Editor, notes at so many places and are expecting that somebody after reading their veiws, will do something. Persons holding the post says that he is under pressure by the ruling party. They are afraid of action against him. Everybody is serving for earning livlihood and doing nothing for the country.

Again, I am proud to say that my whole family is thankful to Mother India that something we did and that is not enough. Still youngsters from my family are in the Army and following family steps. . . . . . .

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What we should do?India is already seized.Is there any way out to escape this perilous move of the present government.The whole world is against India!!Can India fight these demonic forces?Is it the Kali Yuga ending with mass annihilation?


The two invaluable messages above may seem alarming to some but anyone who has watched the PERFORMANCE of Bharat since the departure of the British, will declare the fears of the besieged Hindu nation true and irrefutable.

The biggest shortcoming is INABILITY or UNWILLINGNESS TO RETALIATE. There is a blot in our collective brain that must be removed SURGICALLY.

IF needed, it's better to have a hundred dead today than a million dead tomorrow! Our zero reaction to the "Pakistan Resolution" in March 1940 meant the slaughter of TWO MILLION Hindus (and Sikhs) barely seven years later!

The enemy captures territory, we are reconciled.
The enemy abducts our daughters, we are reconciled.
The enemy explodes bombs everywhere, we are soon reconciled.

The enemy smashed our Akhand Bharat, we called it "Independence".
The enemy violates the borders and even the cease fire line in Kashmir but we are reconciled. They behead our soldiers and cut their bodies limb by limb (Islamic Geneva Convention) but we serve 'halaal and pulaao' to them!

In NO democracy on earth can the son or the daughter of a Prime Minister occupy the chair AUTOMATICALLY, as if the entire nation is a flock of sheep, but we are reconciled.
The enemy calls us "Kafirs" (Infidels) but we INSIST on calling them "brothers"!

The enemy declared themselves "SECOND NATION" to take our Pakistan but we never heard, or saw, the "second nation" - ever! Under our Constitution, written by Sorcerer NEHRU, all are ONE nation- and "secular" to boot!

The enemy has his eyes fixed on Srinagar and Delhi but we have never laid claim to an inch of territory that was once in Bharat.
Not literally, but figuratively, the enemy is "SPITTING" on the Hindu nation and on our most sacred historic Temple site in Ayodhya day and night but we don't mind. Do we?

Even the brave SIKHS who once had a Kingdom, but now live scattered across the globe, do not mind standing in the long queues at Pakistani high commissions and embassies across the world to apply for visas to visit the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji, now in enemy held territory.

Hindus and Sikhs KNOW that Jawaharlal Nehru agreed to the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of India in 1947. He did not suggest a single condition. He did not demand referendum. He did not insist on the EXPULSION of all the Mohammedans from his truncated Bharat but still the charmed Hindu nation clung to his feet instead of shooting him dead.

What a shame that even today, nearly 70 years on, NONE dares to shout "QUIT INDIA" at the "Farangi" (foreigner) Sonia Maino Gandhi, though we KNOW what the Afghans and the Pakistanis would do to her if she went there for sightseeing!

Finally, with half-wit Rahul Gandhi projected as the next Prime Minister of Bharat, the political farce has assumed the shape of total madness, inviting ridicule of the world. But many unscrupulous ignorant Hindus are still hoping for his victory for the parliamentary seat at Lok Sabha!

Most Hindus are "licking" the Government just as Nehru "licked" Edwina and President Zail Sijngh "licked" the foot of MAIMOONA BEGUM and BOOTA SINGH "licked" the foot of BOFORS CHOR and now MMS is "licking" the foot of SONIAJI. Thus to be a Hindu in Hindusthan today is like sleep-walking towards the abattoir.

Can we see any other nation stooping so low before those who HATE them?
Can we see the national media SO SUBSERVIENT and slavish as to ignore the threats to nation?

At last we begin to notice the faint GLOW of Independence in the person of Narendra Modi. For the Hindu "sheep" being eyed by a pack of wolves, he is the last hope of safety before being eaten up.

Yet we see so many HINDUS wishing him defeat or death!

REMEDY? Advanced gangrene calls for amputation.

1947 saw Akhand Bharat cut and chopped to remove the GANGRENE INFESTED limbs. Why did the whole nation close the eyes to the sight of MUSLIMS in PARTITIONED India later on, and why did the nation shut its brain in order to adore Jawaharlal NEHRU, giving him credit for Independence? What is the average IQ of all the Hindu LEADERS who show NO courage to ask two questions-

1. Why was India partitioned?
2. What are the MOHAMMEDANS doing in Partitioned India?

The world clearly sees the nation of scared dwarfs to whom these questions appear life threatening, who regard undoing PARTITION, raising the TEMPLE in Ayodhya and establishing a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM a PROVOCATION to the enemy within.

Those who neither know, nor dare to ask, nor possess the ability to act, are heading towards DOOM.

Who are you kidding Shri Manmohan Singh, with your space rockets when the earth is about to slip away from under your feet like East Bengal, West Punjab and North Kashmir?

Nehru, the crook, snatched LEADERSHIP away from Sardar Patel. Now Italian Mafia has snatched Hindusthan from the Hindus!

MK Gandhi said: "Hindu is a coward." But we did NOTHING. When Guru Gobind Singhji saw this he did something on the Baisakhi Day in 1699.

What have our Hindu leaders done since 1947 when the majority was beaten, hands down, by a minority? We proved Gandhi right.