Date: 10/11/2013

Thanks for sending details of Goldman Sach's report.

What is the objection of Congress worthies to this fair assessment of improvement of India's economy with expected change taking place in macro environment ? These reports are routine and are issued for all democratic as well as authoritarian ones like China. But Congress Commerce minister finds it insulting to 800 million people of India and Congress spokesmen take to air waves berating Goldman Sachs, saying that they cannot dictate to same 800 million people. Congress lost all its marbles and is acting like inmate of mental asylum on furlough. Hence it wants to ban opinion polls for they too are showing Narendra Modi and BJP leading in polls the states are having right now, and want to cover up lotus ponds because the lotus reminds voters of BJP symbol. And then buttress these methods further to ensure their victory some of the leaders are suggesting to give free loans up to Rs,50 Lakh , half a million, to Moslems which need not be paid back. It already introduced Islamic banking in Kerala, which means Moslems can get loans with out any interest. And then there is PCTV- Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence bill on anvil ready to be enacted through parliament which will make all Hindus prima facie criminals when allegations brought against them by Moslems or Christians, in other words blasphemy laws as in Shariat.

All these and more show unequivocally how dangerous it is for the nation of India to have this party govern any more. Sure it still carries an aura for many who remember it as vehicle that took the country to freedom. It may be debatable but still there are those, however they have dwindled fast from days of Nehru and the party transformed itself from those days evolving or devolving step by step from license permit raj,socialistic pattern of society raj, permit and quota raj and now to outright corrupt and loot raj of 'gates'.

Hence it is thus high time for India to stage another freedom struggle, this time freedom of Congress , Mukta Bharat as Narendra Modi calls it. Congress should not just be defeated but be given a decent burial in Shantivan which was what recommended by M.K. Gandhi . He wanted Congress to wind itself up on eve of Independence,.

Let us hope for best,