Date: 27/02/2013


Critical Update from Canning (W.Bengal):

A recent case of night-time robbery and murder (not uncommon in this part of the world, especially for someone carrying Rs. 11.5 Lakhs cash) of an Islamic cleric has turned into a tragic nightmare for resident Hindus in Canning area of South 24 Paraganas in West Bengal.

After the discovery of the body on February 19, mobs of armed Muslims gathered in thousands and came down heavily on the hapless Hindus in the surrounding villages. At least 5 Hindu women were raped and many of their menfolk beaten brutally while resisting. Hundreds of Hindu homes were burnt down along with the belongings.

Most Muslim attackers were ferried out in hundreds of trucks from Kolkata to carry out the violence that is now confirmed by intelligence services now in this Times of India article.

While this unfortunate destruction of property belonging exclusively to Hindus have been completely censored by local Bengali media, couple of English papers did report it with some clarity (except stating that only property belonging to Hindus were destroyed as we know by visiting these areas) -

Hindu Samhati (HS) immediately surveyed the affected areas, which include primarily the four Hindu majority villages of Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur, Goladogra in the area.

Following this, HS reached out to the affected Hindus in spite of pressure from police and administration not to do so, and successfully distributed relief materials which included 1 dhoti, 1 saree, 1 saya, 1 mosquito net, 2 steel thali, 2 large size katora.

While the relief was small, it certainly lifted the hearts of the devastated Hindus, esp. when they know there are Hindus elsewhere to stand with them in times of communal attacks.

Some pictures of the devastation and relief work are attached to this email (for more details and pictures, please do not hesitate to contact me).

A video of the affected areas by HS can be found here -

Finally, the Hindu Samhati would like to thank you for your continued support without which the immediate response and relief could not be taken.

So, please support the Hindu Samhati by:
(1) informing fellow Hindus of the situation and relief by HS and
(2) support the HS financially so that more of this can be done.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Hindu Samhati Brings Relief to Hindus of Naliakhali Village (CANNING2013)
A package of 1 dhoti, 1 saree, 1 ladies under garment, 1 mosquito net, 2 steel thali, 2 large size katora - provided to all 192 families.

About total 40 Hindu Samhati workers participated. Among them from our central team were 9, 3 from other one NGO, rest were from other units near to Naliakhali.

The whole operation was led by Sujit Maity and Bikarna Naskar.

Among others were - Adv. Brojen Roy, Prasun Maitra, Riddhiman Banerjee, Arvind Mishra.

At first, police led by SDPO and OC - Canning tried to stop and disturb citing the promulgation of Sec.144. But our workers were prepared and determined to do their job. Ultimately police gave in.