Cameron faces danger of missed opportunity at CHOGM

Date: 15/11/2013

Re: Cameron faces danger of missed opportunity at CHOGM

Sub:- Without political unity of “Federation of Secular Democratic Common Wealth” (FSDCW), UK will not achieve any thing

Ref:- (i)- UK still suffering from fluffy & woolly ideas and unnecessarily defensive about colonial days

(ii)- Cameron’s courteous over adulation of India not based on facts.

(iii)- FSDCW should be launched in healthy competition with USA and EU with Pound its currency (with proper asset back-up)

(iv)- Without FSDCW the talks of 33 % world population and 20 % Global GDP has no meaning

(v)- USA dominated UN has lost its track on Human-Rights and inclusive growth.

(vi)- FSDCW should develop effective mechanism for Human-Rights enforcement and inclusive growth.


An article by British Prime Minister David Cameron in an Indian prominent news paper (TOI - November, 14) gives ample evidence that UK is going to waste another opportunity at ‘Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting’ (CHOGM) being held at Sri Lanka, if UK does not put its feet on ground by becoming pragmatic, as given below:-

(1)- UK is still suffering from fluffy & woolly ideas, which are the result of unnecessarily defensive attitude of UK about its colonial days. Only the example of India is sufficient to support this. Like every other colonizer UK also indulged in some atrocities while acquiring and ruling the colonies (and for which India is rightly indignant). But India also realizes that UK is the only colonizer which not only committed these excesses spectacularly the least but it also benefitted India the most and which is unparalleled in the entire history of mankind. Not only ‘Sati Pratha’ (burning the widows on pyre of departed husbands), untouchability etc were abolished and railways, industrialization, modern education (including of science & technology), post & telegraph, all India civil and military services, unification of India, global language English, democracy, rule of law etc were introduced & carried out by UK but also to this day apart from other important legislations the 1.25 Billion Indians are administratively managed with four major laws (Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Civil Procedure Code and Evidence Act) given by Britishers. Moreover despite UN if India (and Pakistan and Bangladesh) combined comprising 70 % of Common Wealth population are still the members of Common Wealth and martial element of undivided India (Hindus & Muslims) did not raise the guns for independence of India, then it has a meaning.

(2)- Therefore UK need not be apologetic about their colonial days in India or in any other country. Moreover Cameron is indulging in courteous over adulation of India, which is not based on facts. Every body knows that in monarchies State runs the people whereas in democracies people run the State hence moral of people has to be higher than of State (and its functionaries). But in Hindu majority India where majority of Hindus are called ‘Dalits’ (oppressed), backwards, most backwards, other backwards etc with attended demoralization of these people in the name of futile reservations in various fields, it is absurd to expect any progress (economic, political or social) in India. Hence it is no surprise that India has come to such a sorry state that if government (under astronomically subsidized Food Security Act supported by all political parties including BJP of Modi) does not provide wheat at Rs 1/- per Kg and rice at Rs 2/- per Kg etc then two third of India (~ 810 millions) will not be able to get even food [how such pauperized India will finance a modern and effective military (Army, Navy and Air-Force) is any body’s guess]. A little jerk (like war or major disturbances in Syria or in other NAME countries etc.), which may dislocate petroleum supply to India, will be enough to show the fatal weakness in economic – political foundation of India. The situation of other Common Wealth Countries in this part of the world is no different than India as far economic and political conditions of their people are concerned.

(3)- Cameron should be under no delusion. The UK should think of politically uniting 53 Common Wealth Countries in “Federation of Secular Democratic Common Wealth” (FSDCW, like USA) where 53 countries of Common Wealth can be converted into 53 States of FSDCW (some bigger countries like India etc may be converted into more than one State). Without political unity of FSDCW, UK will not achieve any thing through such events like CHOGM at Sri Lanka etc and through unfruitful pious sentiments as Cameron has aired in said newspaper article. Without FSDCW the talks of 33 % world population and 20 % Global GDP of separate 53 countries has no meaning. This FSDCW (as united one country) is the only answer to the problems & aspirations of CW countries and it should be launched in healthy competition with USA and European Union with Pound its currency (with proper asset back-up in order to avoid open loot by unbridled fiscal deficits under the pressure of usurers and government-money squandering politicians). Unlike US President the President of FSDCW can be elected by all the 53 States as per formula with different voting rights (in which UK may have more voting rights than its population due to its contribution as per formula)

(4)- But FSDCW will have no meaning if its over-riding purpose will not be the enforcement of Human-Rights & inclusive growth in its entire territory. Because USA dominated UN has lost its track on Human-Rights, the following HR enforcement mechanism will be the USP of FSDCW where FSDCW should be legally entitled to intervene (even militarily) in case of serious violations of human rights in any erring State of FSDCW. In order to achieve economic miracle and harmony, there should be genuine federalism in FSDCW where only martial subjects should be with Federal Government and all civilian subjects (including natural sources) should be with States.

(5)- Moreover Human-Rights and democracy have no meaning if people do not have economic freedom. ‘Inclusive Growth’ is the most important issue, which will play a major role in bringing success to FSDCW. But it is the most difficult area for the simple reason that politicians across the world have failed to understand the following basic principle on which inclusive growth is based:-

(i)- It is surprising that people have not asked a simple question from the political class of India that if every job seeking working age adult has job under existing job guarantee program (at statutory wages fixed after taking market price of essential items into consideration) and gets essential things at reasonable prices then why does India require any other welfare measure for ‘Inclusive Growth’. The plethora of so many so called welfare programs and subsidies (by Union and States) is simply a waste of resources, time and energy of the country and these are in existence because Governments have failed to provide job to every job seeking adult and there is no efficient ‘Universal Public Distribution System’.

(ii)- Private sector is to be given free hand to run the economy and to generate employment in FSDCW. Cameron is right when he says that countries prosper when they adopt an open economic system: where people are free to trade, free to innovate and have property rights and the rule of law to protect what they own. Hence FSDCW should replace ‘Income Tax’ with ‘Consumption Tax’ where total income minus investment in recognized productive sectors will be construed as personal consumption and will be taxed as ‘Consumption Tax’ (with increasing slabs). Also unethical double taxation in the form of Dividend Tax and Corporate Tax (which is being followed because West is also doing it, absurdly) should be stopped This will leave more capital with entrepreneurs and will boost the corporate sector (future of every country) business sentiment, employment and economy immensely.

(iii)- As private sector does not have adequate capital and alone can not provide economic freedom to people by generating full employment, hence in addition to ‘Private-capital’ Governments (Union and State)’ should generate ‘State-capital’ out of ‘Fiscal Deficit’ for running Employment Guarantee Programs (both by Union and States) and for Public distribution System (exclusively by States). These programs and Public Sector Undertakings should be run in profit (the main problem of India and other countries is that the people, who cannot run an industry or business efficiently and in profit, aspire and claim to run the country and it has to be changed by FSDCW).

(iv)- These ‘Fiscal Deficits’ thus profitably deployed will increase demand and will in turn increase GDP hence will bring more revenue (Consolidated Fund) to Governments which will make it possible to return public debt so that cumulative public debt will remain within the permissible proportion of consolidated Fund of the Governments (when money is borrowed by private person or by Govts it is supposed to be returned back so that further borrowings can be possible). More importantly this will avoid a situation as happened in West Bengal also where despite Article 292 & 293 of The Constitution (under the excuse of unconstitutional law FRBM) this State too is hardly left with any money, after servicing the public debt, to carry out legitimate Govt functions. This problem of huge public debt is causing unemployment problem in many countries of Europe also (even in USA)

(v)- Therefore in the interest of ‘Inclusive Growth’ the FSDCW should close all other welfare programs and activities and should only run (i)- Profitable Employment Guarantee Program (where even residential and commercial building and colonies can be constructed which may be given on rent decided by ‘Federal / State Rent Control Authorities’) and (ii)- Universal Public Distribution System for all, may be at meager 1 % profit only

(6)- Here it is needless to mention that such FSDCW will not only solve all the problems and will achieve what ever Cameron has mentioned in his said article (namely human rights enforcement and redress of HR violations including in Sri Lanka during elimination of ‘Tamil Tigers’, elections in Maldives, Fiji etc, inclusive growth policies, open societies & open economies, open government, free speech, rule of law, free political choice, property rights, health, education, nutrition etc. etc.) but it will also give befitting & respectful place to Great Britain, which it so richly deserves on this earth out of the reasonable (and not blind) gratitude of billions of people of the countries, UK once colonized.

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of “Betrayal of Americanism”)