Manmohan Singh is an Honest Man

Date: 16/11/2013

Manmohan Singh is an Honest Man

1 His entry into politics as member of the Rajya Sabha from Assam when he declared in his nomination papers to the Election Commission that he is a resident of Assam. Actually he had never lived in Assam earlier & hence does not have a residential address. A case against him was filed but subsequently struck down by the Supreme Court. But like other common politicians he gave a false declaration/affidavit, but can we question his duplicity ? – Ofcourse not ---Manmohan Singh is an ‘Honest Man’.

2 As Finance Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh proposed & got approved a colossal amount of Rs 200 Crores for Rajiv Gandhi Foundation from tax payers money with Sonia Gandhi as Permanent Chairperson to form a personal fiefdom for the Gandhi dynasty at Public expense, However, it was just a meagre repayment of debt of gratitude - but can we talk about it ? Ofcourse not – Manmohan Singh is an Honest Man.

3 He was the Finance Minister in Narsimha Rao’s Government, when Harshad Mehta scam blew up like an atom bomb.. The dance of the suitcase with crore of rupees in full public display found its way in every nook & corner of the country, but did their chair shake? Both the PM & FM conveniently escaped scrutiny & punishment, but can we point a finger? Ofcourse not -Manmohan Singh is an Honest Man

4 The same team - Narasimha Rao as PM & Manmohan Singh as FM managed smoothly the affairs of Charar e Sharif in Kashmir. Militants were holed up inside & food supplies were maintained.(So considerate!) Subsequently terrorists escaped without a scratch on their body, but several security personnel were killed—Does it cast a shadow on his integrity ? Ofcourse not - Manmohan Singh is a strong & Honest Man

5 The same combination of PM & FM holding tight their honourable chair, when JMM bribery incident took place.Getting majority in Parliament was their goal. Manmohan Singh was holding such an important portfolio & must be privy to the goings on—a highly illegal, unconstitutional act on the part of the Congress & the Government—But we must forget these trivialities , after all Manmohan Singh is an Honest Man

6 And then Narsimha Rao, the then PM’s head hung in shame when Babri Masjid was demolished but the Congress says that despite its govt at the Center others are to blame. After all Congress does no wrong, and so what if Manmohan Singh was the FM, he did not push the Masjid — his conscience is clear - ManmohanSingh is an Honest Man

7 Mufti Mohd Sayeed was the Home minister when his daughter, (just one relative of a VIP) was kidnapped by militants in Kashmir. She was released in exchange of some dreaded terrorists by the Govt. The same PDP with the same Mufti Mohd Sayeed became partners with Congress in the J&K Govt with no qualms about the release of the dreaded terrorist . But the Kandahar incident where also a dreaded terrorist was released to save the lives of 150+ordinary people is considered by the Congress, Sonia Gandhi & Manmohan Singh as an antinational act & weak on terrorism. But how can you blame them ? Sonia Gandhi & Manmohan Singh are Honest People.

8 In 1984 Indira Gandhi was killed & Sikhs were massacred.The killer Beant Singh was given speedy justice,but Rajiv Gandhi , the then Prime Minister was not held guilty for the biggest Genocide & state sponsored massacre in history of India .Narasimha Rao was the Home Minister at that time who was later rewarded by the Congress with the Prime Minister’s throne . Congress Govt continued till 1989 but were the culprits booked ?Yes, they got Z security & chained tightly to prominent portfolios and MP Berths.Congress was generous enough to the Sikhs by appointing Manmohan Singh as the FM to balm the wounds of burning Sikhs. 25 years later Manmohan Singh was elevated to the PM’s chair – why should anybody complain – Haven’t the Sikhs been soothed enough by the Sikh PM in this secular country?

The Gandhi family says they have made great sacrifices for the country. Imagine the royal Prince & Princes Rahulji & Priyanka ji with folded hands apologizing to the general public! bowing down to the meek ever forgiving Sikhs & people of Punjab! And thus atoning their sin!

Can we call it a NATIONAL SHAME ? A cold blooded , ruthless murder of over 3500 people! . Not only in Delhi but in other cities too,—all sponsored by Congress goons— and no investigations done? No punishments handed out ?

NO , we cant –after all, the ROYAL FAMILY apologized , what more do you want ? And our own Manmohan Singh has been brought to the helm of affairs – sooner or later he will give us justice for the ‘84 massacre of ordinary 3500 citizens of India – Trust him please- Manmohan Singh like his mentor Her Highness Madame Sonia Gandhi is an Honest & Honourable person.

9 . On taking over as Prime Minister , Manmohan Singh engineerd the escape of Quatrochi (of Bofors fame, which made headlines in all the Indian news papers) & his Bank account in UK, which was frozen earlier by an Indian court.The account was quietly defrozen & money released without court approval. The release was authorized by functionary of the Govt , in league with the top brass and the PM felt no obligation to explain it to the Tax Payers of the country.Why ? Was it not an important issue? What was he trying to hide?

Was any effort made to find the guilty & punish for dereliction of duty? Or it was not necessary since Quatrochi is known to be close to the Gandhis especially Sonia , & THE REPOSITORY OF THE BOFORS funds on behalf of Rajiv Gandhi.But the so called vast Indian democracy is pigmy where the Royal Monarch & Dynasty of the Nehru-Gandhis are concerned. Poor Manmohan Singh is just an obedient servant , so how can we blame him ? No No - Manmohan Singh is an honest person.

10 Karunanidhi announced the withdrawal of a Minister from the Central cabinet & put up his successor without the honourable PM having a clue, but don’t say harsh words to him, he was so accommodating – so what if it reflects his own incapabilities, and weakness ! Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi has branded him as the Sher-e-Punjab , so Manmohan Singh has to be a Strong & Honest man.

11 Health minister Ramdoss got after AIIMS Director Venugopal, made a nuisance of himself, made life miserable for all in AIIMS & all other institutions under him. He got a bill specifically passed by Parliament with PM & cabinet approval, limiting retirement age of AIIMS Director - only to remove Dr Venugopal. This must have been done for the first & only time that a bill with totally perverted ambitions had been passed by Parliament to satisfy the whims of one Minister.for his personal vendetta .

And this was after the Supreme court had struck down Dr Venugopal’s termination a number of times. But Ramdoss continued with his tirade with full support of PM. What a shame! But we are not complaining -- Manmohan Singh is a strong and Honest Man.

12 TRBaalu the SUPER Minister of Road Transport is a perfectionist in the Manmohan Singh Govt.He is never satisfied with his Secretaries or NHAI Chairman. He has been changing them so often ,- perhaps an infant’s diaper is also not changed that often . Why? Because none of them were willing to collaborate with him in the massive loot! Of course the strong PM was still a PM during all these times & approving the changes.Currently the post of DG Road Development(Special Secretary rank) has been lying vacant since November 2008. The position of Jt Secy Public Private Partnership was created by a Cabinet decision. Baalu does not want to fill up the post of DG as he is not getting a person who will agree to his loot in such a short time & take the risk of enquiry & punishment in future. So without Cabinet approval he redesignates JS Public Private Partnership as JS Highways, a person who is his confidant & will do his bidding.Of course the Strong PM will ratify like a typical bureaucrat, a job he has done all his life.

He has not learnt to say No to such muddy dealings since Sonia Gandhi took him under her tutelage. Bravo ! Manmohan Singh is an honest man.

13 Office of profit issue came up during this strong PM’s tenure. Sad that even the Speaker of the Lok Sabha & Sonia Gandhi were holding other offices. All the interested persons who were part of the Congress alliance, their offices were exempt from the provisions by a specific resolution/amendment passed by Parliament. This great Party & the strong PM could not get 30/40 people – other than their own coterie to man these posts? – Such acts of blatant deceit and hijacking the Parliament has ceased to surprise or amuse .Was it necessary to make a sham of Parliamentary democracy to save the small benefits, perks & authority of persons already holding high offices as Members of Parliament, minister & speaker of the Lok Sabha. Were they not aware of this provision or were they willing to participate in the breach until caught? All of them should have resigned from the other posts to restore some dignity to public life but who cares ? And don’t worry PM , carry on – after all your reputation is never at stake – Manmohan Singh is a popular honest man

14 MPLAD Funds despite the strong remarks of the Speaker of Lok Sabha favouring its withdrawal & reports of various committees continues to be the biggest organized loot of public funds, specifically approved by Parliament for the benefit of the members of parliament & now for members of the state legislatures also.This was grandly introduced during Manmohan Singh’s term as FM with loud applause. The tax payer’s money is usurped for their personal benefit and lavish upkeep , they don’t serve, they rule the country – remember ! So don’t crib - Manmohan Singh is an HONEST man.

15 A judge of the Supreme Court, earlier Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court was found guilty of misappropriation of funds by the committee of the Supreme Court & by the Parliamentary committee. Motion for impeachment was moved in Parliament but got defeated by Congress. How dare Supreme Court try to overrule the Congress party ? It has Blessings of the Nehru Gandhi dynasty . Sonia Gandhi & Manmohan Singh are above board and truely honest & honourable people.

16 A sitting judge of the Calcutta High Court was recommended for impeachment by the Chief Justice Of India on grounds of misappropriation. .Manmohan Singh was slow in taking action ,perhaps weighing the pros & cons of the benefits Congress could dig out of the case, rather than setting an example by speedy justice, to enhance the confidence of the public in Constitutional bodies. So what if he was slow ? Manmohan Singh is an honest man.

17 Kapil Sibal who earlier was Congress member of Rajya Sabha from Patna declared his residential address in Patna in an Affidavit. He would never have stayed in Patna temporarily/permanently ever, before these elections. But Kapil Sibal is a lawyer and knows the value and sanctity of affidavit. Besides, he has full support of our esteemed Prime Minister. These are trivial issues, ofcourse Manmohan Singh is an Honest man.

18. 1400 billon dollars lying in Swiss Bank—much more in other tax havens--of persons of Indian origin, masquerading for years as Honest & Saintly people. But no efforts at bringing it back into the Govt coffers & punishing the guilty for stashing illgotten wealth overseas—leave alone publishing the names of account holders living or dead and their beneficiaries, in newspapers.

Manmohan Singh has held important posts of Economic Advisor, Reserve Bank Governor, Finance Minister & Prime Minister of this country, and yet the money swindling goes unnoticed ? Perhaps he easily believes the lies of culprits , after all Manmohan Singh is an Honest man.

19 The passage of vote of confidence in Parliament on the nuclear deal & the sordid spectacle of MP’s being purchased for votes, a lower level of disgraceful act ,not witnessed earlier, was also enough evidence of the murky state of politics & integrity & morals of Public figures. Manmohan Singh had staked his reputation for this deal to go thru—but thru shady deals & guaranteed quid pro quo? An ordinary honest citizen of this country will shudder to enter into pacts where the means are patently immoral.Even Kalawati of Rahul Gandhi’s fame would not in her poverty enter into such deals for a better living. But don’t raise fingers -Sonia Gandhi, Rahul & Manmohan Singh are all Honest & Honourable people.

20. He fought the Lok Sabha elections once & lost. Has been a member of the Rajya Sabha also as PM—only exception amongst Prime Ministers, who have done full terms.

His health was good, says he is a popular person, but did not fight elections & come to the lower house as a representative of the people! However , rather unfortunate that he had health problems and so , unable to fight elections in 2009. But don’t ask questions -he is fit enough to lead a country of 1.2 billion people in these troubled times, when persons with the best of health will find it difficult to cope with the demands & pressures of the challenges facing the nation. So much for Manmohan Singh’s credibility & popularity. But Manmohan Singh is an honest man.

21 He presides over a Govt where there is rampant corruption, where ministers have criminal cases against them (Shibu Soren, Lalu Yadav & others), & assets of all have grown substantially including those of MP’s & candidates for the current Lok Sabha elections & all claim to be honest men— Manmohan Singh does not object to them being a part of the Government, in fact he looks quite comfortable in their company –they all support him wholeheartedly because Manmohan Singh is an Honest man.

22. Terrorists . militants, Ulfa, Naxalite , bomb blasts , but the country’s bigger threat according to Manmohan Singh and his Friend philosopher and guide Sonia Gandhi ,comes from the communal citizen of India who call themselves peace loving.

Forget the frequent attacks on Assam , so what if Manmohan Singh represents it as an MP !

Can the country forget the super fast, strong and efficient handling of 26/11 ? It took them only four days to tackle 5 terrorists and please do not question about the 15 that disappeared from the scene to strike at an opportune moment.

You did well Sir to hide along with Madame Gandhi behind secure walls, your life is precious to us , where will we find an honest man like Manmohan Singh ?

23. Appointing Navin Chawla as EC , who was castigated by the Shah Commission for his role during Emergency , casting aspersions on his undivided loyalty to the Congress and stating unequivocally that he is unfit to hold high office, but one must not complain that our dear PM disregarded norms, or that his attitude smacked of arrogance – Not at all. It was rather ignorant of The CEC to appeal and the general public to expect action. Had the CEC known how indebted Sonia Gandhi was to Navin Chawla & his mother, a gynaecologist , who helped her deliver our Princess Priyanka Gandhi, he would not have wasted his time & effort.

You were right Mr. Prime Minister in advising The President to reject the CEC’s recommendations. We appreciate your strong views Manmohan Singh ji– truly you are a loyal and honest man.

24. But Honest & Honourable Manmohan Singhji , you have been given certificates by Soniaji, Rahulji & Priyankaji(THE FAMILY), as being SHER-E-PUNJAB, STRONG PM, HONEST PM, & they appreciate you and praise you for all that you do or have done, or not done for them. Sonia Gandhi is very lucky to have got you as her rubber stamp. We the citizens of India have to accept these certificates and official stamp for they come from the only FAMILY that has made all the sacrifices for the country & the Family not expecting anything in return. Such Sacrifice & Service to the Nation will definitely not be found in any other person or family in India & perhaps anywhere else in the world. May you live long to serve your Masters .

Did I hear someone say - GOD SAVE INDIA!