Date: 17/11/2013

18 November 2013.
Rt Hon’ble Mr David Cameron, M.P.
Prime Minister
No. 10 Downing Street


Dear Prime Minister,

We appreciate and commend your civil courage to take a stand on the issue of extermination of the hard working Tamil minority in Northern Sri Lanka who aspired to some autonomy in their so-called democracy. Of course, it is right to pursue the case against the Government and the Army of Sri Lanka for international trial and to see them punished.

The State brutality has also shocked and pained the Tamils living in the large coastal State of Tamil Nadu in India (pop. 72 million, area 50,216 sq mi) that has close blood bond with their fellow Tamils in Sri Lanka. At the outset I would mention that India’s role has been despicable. She first trained the Tamil fighters and then sent her army to crush them. Later when the Sri Lankan government was carrying out the “Endloesung” (Final Solution) of the Tamils India did nothing to alleviate the suffering and misery of the besieged Tamils. It did not behove the Government of India to watch the killings of unarmed women and children and then to do nothing.

The Tamils in Sri Lanka were encouraged to more there by the British rulers to work diligently on the tea plantations just like the “Asians” in (then) Malaya, Fiji and East Africa. They were safe and well protected so long as the British ruled India but became vulnerable and easy prey for the unscrupulous local rulers and thugs soon thereafter.

There is thus historic burden of obligation on the part of the United Kingdom, the former colonial power, to feel the anguish of the betrayed Tamils in Sri Lanka. Britain is to be highly commended for taking care of those Indians sent overseas, from Fiji & Hong Kong to East Africa, and guaranteeing their safety and protection. That protective umbrella lifted as soon as Britain left India and Sri Lanka.

India is literally the “mother” of these betrayed Tamils who were being shot to death indiscriminately, not far from her shores. It is shocking that the plight of those perishing Tamils, the cries of the prisoners being tortured to death in prison cells and the cries of the girls being raped by the soldiers in their thousands did not move the conscience of the Land of Buddha and Gandhi! In fact, she sent an expeditionary force to kill the Tamils and encourage the Government of Sri Lanka to finish the job!

The reason for Indian attitude towards the Tamils, at home and abroad, is the vested interest of her own ruling dynasty to perpetuate their rule on the sub continent. For India, therefore, it is most compelling to crush any voice of dissent and any democratic aspiration. Since the basis of the Indian government is Dynasty, not Democracy, the rulers are extremely sensitive and nervous to the slightest sign of weakening of their iron hold on the nation. All the Indians at home, not only the Tamils, are the victims of this ruthless power hungry Dynasty at Centre who are determined to keep the Indian colony working for them.
Tamils in Sri Lanka had to be wiped out so that the Tamils at home would not dare to cherish the idea of autonomy but submit to the rule of “Nehru Dynasty and the Congress Party!

The trial of Government of Sri Lanka and her armed forces for crimes against the hard working Tamil minority will see justice done. Furthermore, the Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka should get autonomy and India ought to guarantee it.

Best regards

Yours sincerely