Date: 22/11/2013

Only traitor Congress guda leaders are proud of, traitor Nehru.


Hindus, through CENTURIES of slavery, are not aware of the official STRATEGIC policy of the anti- Hindu bogus secular RULERS with "Italian Mafia" in the LEAD and the "terror of Islam" as REAR GUARD.

Itís official-

"Hindu ko bhagaengai
Sikh to jaan sai maarengai,
Muslim to galay lagaingai."

Their goal is to hand over the Rest of Hindusthan, too, to the followers of Mohammed of Mecca who was audacious ENOUGH to define US "Kafirs" or NON Believers!
According to today's Law such a writer will be IN JAIL and see his Book proscribed like Hitler's "MEIN KAMPF".

The Book in Bharat since Partition, is clearly seditious and provocative against the majority community, the proud & honourable HINDUS.

Due to this Book no Hindu religious article can be taken into Saudi Arabia and many other so-called "Islamic" republics that by definition defy the United Nations Charter of Equality of Mankind.
Which Islamic Republic will allow a Hindu university on its soil? Let us name one! Their audacity is the reflection of our own cowardice.

Hindu must become a good FIGHTER to defend his righteous cause. Even striving for AKHAND BHARAT is a righteous cause while acquiescence in bogus, illegal, sectarian and non democratic Partition of India is Treason and sin against Bharat. It enables the seditious & separatist Muslims to establish "madrassas", Koran schools and even universities on the sacred soil of Bharat.
It is worth noting that Jawaharlal NEHRU was quite happy to see the Flag of Islam go up in Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP, Wesrt Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal but in BHARAT he wanted to wipe out Hinduism by declaring everybody "secular" -
so that the RULERS turn their BACK on the native Hindu Dharma;

so that the Muslims could stay back after taking out five provinces of India!
Nehru was a "dirty" barrister who was foremost in breaking up India. He did utmost DAMAGE to Hindusthan and the native Hindu religion.

The nation has to "take on" TRAITOR Nehru first and look at his treacherous Constitution, too, that does NOT mention "Hindus" and "Akhand Bharat".