Date: 01/03/2013

Capt Sachin Karmakar

In 1971 some young people like me took arms against a strong regular army without fearing the consequences. Some of them returned some didnít, many gave their lives for a secular country and better to-morrow of which 90% were non political elements.

The first ever Bangladesh government of 1972 didnít have a specific plan for the trail of war criminals. Even they didnít set up any special tribunal for speedy trail nor started the process. Bengali as nation never flourished as secular nor democratic in last forty two years, paranoia was always vibrant in our society. We never felt the necessity of punishing the collaborators of 1971 war for the sake of humanity and international obligation until SHAHID JANANI organized a nationwide civil movement. No political party took this trail agenda for national unification until SHAHID JANANI did. Politicians will cheat us again and again in the name of trail or so-called liberation war spirit until we take trail in our own hand and serve justice by ourselves. Now itís time to demand GANA ADALAT and summary execution in public.

In pre Second World War Europe, anti Jews paranoia was the main spirit of fascism and nationalism. Bangladesh followed the same patterned of nationalism like fascist Germany by using anti India paranoia spirit in the society. It worked for some time to get Arab aid and support our development process but the paranoia policy become liability after 9/11 Al-Qaida attack on US main land. Many countries were forced to change their outlook and were compelled to take strong action against terrorists, whom they used to treat as freedom fighters/liberation war fighters.

Twenty five years after independence SHAHID JANANI JAHANARA IMAM launched a nationwide campaign for the trial of war criminals. The movement was nonpolitical and non violent in nature, which drawn millions behind her Nobel cause. People in mass trusted her sincerity and selfless commitment to the cause because she lost her son in 1971 war. But cleaver politicians bagged that movement in their meanest interest and issue was buried before seeing the light.

No political party or their leader will understand the pain of a mother who lost her son in 1971 war or the suffering of rape victims. After the first setback of SHAHID JANANIíS movement second movement for the trail of war criminals began under the banner of sector commanderís forum in 2004, when nation was under cease of terror. The movement initially began nonpolitical but soon taken over by the clever politicians. These clever politicians know when and how to harvest the crop by cheating people. Political party and their leader use liberation war spirit for rising to the power only and abandon them when situation is in their favor.

After the pronouncement of butcher KADIR MULLAH Life term verdict for murder in 1971, the people in mass came out on the street like Egypt and SHAHABAGH area has turned into Taherir square. KADIR MULLAH is compared with General IQUEMAN of Germany only who has no right to live. Let us promise not to give up street at any cost until the mission is complete and all RAJAKER is executed.

Sachin Kermakar
Captain , veteran of 1971 & member of SHAHID PARIBAR
Feb 06, 2013.