Date: 23/11/2013

Re: BBC E-mail: 'Secret files' on India hero Bose
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There is no doubt Netaji Subhas died in a Siberian prison and he was sent there in a conspiracy between Evil Nehru, mass murderer Stalin and ever so rogue Brits who were an ally of Russians at that time. Gandhi knew about it but in his inbred hatred towards Netaji Subhas he kept his mouth shut about it.

The Shocking thing one eye and one leg man Vajpayee did it exactly like evil Nehru when in power from 1999-2004. This Vajpayee character is no doubt another dubious character, most untrusted and practically responsible for congi in returning to power in 2004.

Please read the BBC article attached.

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amit saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you
should see it.

** 'Secret files' on India hero Bose **
India has 20 secret files relating to the 1945 disappearance of independence leader Subhash Chandra Bose, officials say.
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