Date: 26/11/2013


I try my best now to restrain myself in making comments about senior Armed forces officers but It is really difficult for me to remain silent to hearing the news, that, most anti-India and fiercely anti-Hindu Barkha Dutt is the Chief Guest for Gen Ved Malik's book ​opening function to the public. Barkha is well connected with the Delhi's Lutyens and her life is practically devoted to doing anything and everything in her 24+7 attempts to destroy Namo, BJP, Hindu cultures and traditions.

Barkha Dutt's second husband is Dr. Haseeb Drabu, a notoriously known character whose name has come up allegedly in many serious scams and he is linked to anti-India PDP and anti-India Hurriyat Factions is a well known fact to all.

What a tragedy, that, an Ex-Army Chief under whose command India lost 579 brave lives and over 1600 serious injuries because he did not stand up to the politicians to say, that, fighting war was his business (THIS IS WHAT GREAT SAM MANEKSHAW SAID TO INDIRA GANDHI) so deployment and manning of troops was his business now having Barkha Dutt as Chief guest for the opening of his book.

I find this truly shocking.