Date: 28/11/2013

Yes, the video is inflammatory, extremely provocative. This fanatic INDIAN Muslim ("PAKISTANI" since Aug 15, 1947) is yelling and urging the Muslims to slaughter all the Hindus and to re-enact HINDUKUSH (slaughter of Hindus)!

Those who don't know the true face of Mohammedan Jehadis who forced our top leaders upon their knees to surrender one third of Bharat unconditionally, OUGHT TO WAKE UP.

It is due to Nehru's High Treason that most Hindus do not know Islam and the Muslim.

Defeated India's MUSLIM Presidents, Vice Presidents, Education and Foreign ministers have all told us and the world that "Islam is a religion of peace," and "Partition is history now, not worth recalling."

All this resulted in the world's MOST IGNORANT & TIMID people known as the Hindus.

Now to the video:

Complain we should, and complain we will.
But should we not ask OURSELVES:
"Who complains?"

The answer is: THE WEAK. But instead of understanding why we are weak we have gone into Bhakti and Pooja mode intensively in order to look brave.

So why, O' why, is the Hindu so weak as to INVITE abuse and aggression?

We were we so weak that we invited the attack on our Motherland in 1947 and surrendered one third of Hindusthan, & never looked back!

We will protest this time and the next time, too, and we will protest again and again. The truth is that WE WILL BE PROTESTING TILL NO HINDU IS LEFT ALIVE ON EARTH.

In 712 AD the Hindus were defeated and became weak. We did nothing to become brave. We were weak centuries later when the savages captured MULTAN & LAHORE for the first time. We remained weak till the Turks came all the way just like the British East India Company, followed by the Italian MAFIA Sonia Maino the other day.

In between we were INVADED by Babur and Ahmed Shah Abdali, the Europeans and finally by Mohammed Ali Jinnah. The Hindu remained WEAK for centureis and thus became CONTEMPTIBLE, inviting ridicule, deserving to be WIPED OUT from the surface of earth. That's what this Jehadi is saying in video.

Our reaction can take either shape. 1. We lodge a serious protest with the broadcasters. 2. We become a strong nation to invite RESPECT.

By doing the FORMER we only have temporary respite. Since hatred for Kafirs is preached by KORAN, NO Muslim will defy the Will and Command of his Allah to step forward to embrace the Hindu or call him "brother".

By doing the LATTER we will become a strong nation, and a strong country. We could also shed the "Secularism of Jackals, sheep & goats" (that vanished at Partition but re-appeand after the surrender of 1947) in order to turn the "Partitioned Indian Secular State" into "Hindu Rashtra".

The whole world can SEE that this Secularism is of the WEAK, for the Weak and by the WEAK while those who matter and feel confident and strong are proud of their separatist, uncompromising and savage ISLAMIC republics. vowing to swallow up the rest of Hindusthan, too.

We would like to hear from our (Hindu) LEADERS as to which course they would commend to the nation at large.

In the betrayed, demoralised and brainwashed Hindu nation, forced down from Khyber & Quetta to Wagah and from Sylhet & Chittagong to Kolkata, used to receiving mutilated bodies of our brave Jawans killed at the border, the time has come to look REALITY in the face and ACT.

We cannot be asking the SAME question for the last one thousand years, "Who will bell the cat?".

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Please complain against ARY Digital TV for allowing Zaid Hamid to promote the killing of Hindus in Afghanistan on Dr Danish's programme Sawal Ye Hai. Thank you. Please watch this and then complain like I have.