Date: 28/11/2013


This is one great opportunity, especially if one is from Tamilnadu.

Date: Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 10:05 AM
Subject: Inviting Volunteers for TamilNadu4Modi

Dear Sir / Madam

Greetings from Team Tamilnadu4Modi!

After the last 10 years of Misrule by Congress Party, India is now once again at Crossroads. Its time to throw out the corrupt and inefficient UPA. You as an Indian have a chance to MODI-fy our future, your future and the future of the next generation. If you want to make a difference, be a Catalyst in this change process in the area near you, by volunteering to be a change agent.

We from Team Taminadu4Modi invite you to our team and become a Agent of Change.

It is in this connection Team Tamilnadu4Modi welcomes you to be a volunteer to be a election booth manager. By being a volunteer to manage a Booth you must be in a position to identify your Parliamentary Constituency, Assembly constituency & finally your booth which typically has 1000-1200 voters per booth.

We from Tamilnadu4Modi expect you to create a team of 10 dedicated volunteers for your booth, visit voters in your booth personally, influence the voters in your area, canvass for Modi, carry on the campaign in the run up to the General Elections and ensure that the voters exercise their franchise on the election date in your Booth area.

Your presence & participation will inspire many others to carry on this work for the motherland. Kindly register yourself as BOOTH Volunteer to do door to door campaign in your booth area through our website www.tamilnadu4modi.com

The website will guide you through this registration process. Also we welcome your friends and relatives to be part of this grand national endeavour. Our common goal and aspiration to see vibrant, growing and progressing India under the leadership of shri.Narendramodi.

Finally, please suggest/advise/initiate your friends from across the state to volunteer apart from your own booth area and pass on their contact details to info@tamilnadu4modi.com enabling us to create the largest ever socio-political campaign that is unprecedented in Indian history by apolitical volunteers like us since Emergency. Let us put a small effort in building a great India.

Thanks and with Best Regards

Team Tamilnadu4Modi