Date: 28/11/2013

Date: Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 5:41 PM
Subject: Re: Luton Islamic majority

The following is specific to the UNITED (for how long?) KINGDOM while valid for all secular societies on earth where the Muslims have arrived.


Drummer Lee would have expected and asked for nothing less.

Muslims in a country are like the minute pores in the hull of a ship. Ultimately the pores grow bigger and the ship sinks with the loss of all life on board.

Their (Muslims') Ideological links & ideological goals should be understood.
We should find out as to why Muslims are always Ill at east while living among the infidels
Percentage of “Jehadis” in the mass of Muslims in a country is the same as the percentage of soldiers to civilians in a country.

Muslims have the inner drive to covert and change the political system in the country. Their demographic and political thrusts go hand in hand. This ought to worry us.
Muslims destroy peace and economy in their own countries and then rush to the civilised lands in order to do the same there.

Muslims are exempt from family planning. Thus increasing rapidly in numbers they soon run out of food and jobs in their own Islamic republics. Their surplus is being washed on to the Western shores where the hard working tax payers are made to feed, clothe and accommodate them.

Muslim immigration is “all male/no female”. They leave their families and females behind. Thus the Non Muslim local females come under severe pressure and threat. This results in “grooming” of young girls, seduction, abduction, beating and battering (GBH), mutilation (FGM), female traffic, prostitution, drugs and rape.

When the Muslims arrive in a locality the people’s first thoughts are for the safety of their daughters or women. Muslims, including teachers and doctors, are regarded "predators" of females.

The law on ONE wife must be strictly enforced. A Muslim having a wife here, and one in another country, should be deported to the "other” country to be loyal to the wife there. Do the Muslim women not have “human rights”?

No conversion of naïve and ignorant brides to Islam should be allowed.

A Muslim couple may not have more than two children

A Muslim may not be allowed to travel to a war zones, be it under the pretext of tourism or charity.
All charity funds like “Islamic Relief” should be handled and disbursed by the government.
A Muslim may not be employed in a sensitive area and on any secret project.

The word “Kafir” (infidel) should be deleted from the KORAN and never mentioned in a mosque or a public place. It is equivalent to the (now politically incorrect) word “Negro”.
Insist on Church of England taking stock of its flock. Each conversion to Islam means “death” of a Christian, and one LESS to defend the country.

All state schools should revive the Christian morning assemblies as they used to be.
Muslims may not get full citizenship of a country but defined as “Temporary Resident” or “Guest”. Muslims should have voting rights only in an Islamic republic, not in a secular democracy since they do not believe in Secularism.

Grant of British citizenship should be disallowed to Fascists and Muslims. Are their actions and goals not the same?

Hajj pilgrimage should be allowed to over 60’s only. Thus the young will not come back with "fires" of fundamentalism and Islamic zeal re-kindled.

Burka should be banned in the West if wearing a skirt in Arabia and Afghanistan is banned. Muslims are spoilt by "human rights" in the West while in their own societies even beheading and stoning to death are regarded the "human rights" of the executioner!

Disallow Muslim grooms from converting their non Muslim brides. Encourage Muslim girls to marry Non Muslims.

Abolish Sharia courts. Regard the “Muslim Parliament” in London as an Act of Treason.
Children born to mixed couples ought to be brought up in the religion of their Non Muslim parent.
Muslims should be warned not to issue threats of murder on anyone changing religion. Entering or leaving a religion should be left to the individual.

Conversion to Islam (“tableegh”) should be banned. (Consider the punishment to Christian nuns and missionaries in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for merely showing the Bible in public!).
Surveillance on the Muslim Imams entering prisons. NO non Muslim prisoner should be allowed to come in contact with Muslim prisoners in the presence of an Imam.

Ban speeches, literature and rallies encouraging conversion to Islam.
No Muslim to be enrolled in the armed forces.

All Muslims from the age of 16 till 60 should be under surveillance for signs of fundamentalism and Jehadi tendencies.
Bar the Muslims from civic and political elected offices (Councillors and MP‘s) in order to lessen their political clout and propensity to subversion and destruction. They will never contemplate or do anything to benefit Non Muslims or the Non Muslim societies.

All illegal Muslim immigrants or criminals should be deported at once.
Non Muslim brides should be asked to depart with her groom to the groom’s country of birth or previous domicile.
Hang any killer of a British soldier on British soil and give life jail sentence to those who kill the British soldiers abroad, e.g., Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Drummer Lee would have expected and asked for nothing less.

NB: On the afternoon of 22 May 2013, a British Army soldier, Drummer (Private) Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, was attacked and killed by two men near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, southeast London, in what has been described as an Islamic terrorist attack.



This is just a few years from now that Great Britain or U.K. would be Islamic union of U.K.?

Europe on the road of Eurabia as Muslims mention in their conversation.

Subject: Luton Islamic majority

RT: In your hometown, Luton, white Britons are actually an ethnic minority. Could that be soon the same for Europe as a whole?

TR: It will be the same, it's not it could be, it will be. Demographics, statistics, this is not scaremongering, this is facts. On average in Britain, the Muslim community has 5.6 children, the non-Muslims are having 1.3. Now that wouldn’t really be a problem if we didn’t have a problem with all these problems associated with it. Now in Luton white Britons are an ethnic minority, now that doesn’t actually bother me, in the home town I’ve grown up - in that it's a multi-cultural town, and i believe I’ve benefited from that. But there’s a culture… with the Islamic community when we see the growth of Islam within that culture we see the negative things that come with it, and it’s changing the whole area, the rules, the law, the food, and a lot of things are changing – they are so different and these are the issue that need to be expressed. A lot of people are fearful, you see, the matter that you are talking about, a lot of people are worried, and we would be worried if when we looked to Islamic leaders, such as when we saw a different Islamic leader, the Iranian president, saying Islam will conquer Europe through the woman's womb. These are not things that we are saying. You can go online and listen to even Shahid Malik in this country who was the second in charge of Gordon Brown. In a speech he said: “In 2001 we had one Muslim MP, in 2002 we had two, in 2005, we had six Muslim MPs, in 2010, we had 10,” and he says that within 20 years, every MP in this country will be Muslim. And in between saying each of these things, he says “Inshallah” which is “Allah is willing,” so what he's saying is that Allah is will to take over our parliament, our government, and then he says within 30 years, “the prime minister of our country will share our faith.” Now that's not what we’re saying, it's what they are saying.

Now should we be fearful of that? We don’t vote based on religion. Religion and politics need to be kept completely separated. But with the Islamic community that's not what's happening. So what we will see is people voting purely because he’s a Muslim, and that’s what Shahid Malik is telling us. We can look to any country in Europe and we can find Muslim leaders and community leaders saying these sort of things and if Muslim leaders spend 95 percent of time attacking people and criticizing Islam, while if they spent 95 percent of their time attacking the problems within their ideology and within their communities, they'd be no need for people like ourselves or organizations like I’ve formed, so I think there needs to be a revolution with Muslims within Europe, to see the road we're going down is not a pretty one, and if they want freedom, democracy, liberty, all these great things that they come to the western world for, then they need to stand up.
RT: Do you think a European country at any time in the future could actually elect a Muslim president?

TR: Yes, of course it will. It's not “if.” What we’ve seen in Belgium recently is we’ve seen the creation of a Shariah party, an extreme Islamist section similar to what we have in this country with Anjem Choudary, we've seen them form a political party and they’ve been voted in by Muslims, so in a way certain sections of the Islamic community will wish to use our democracy to end our democracy, because we’ve seen undercover documentaries in Tower Hamlets, which had been called the Islamic Borough of Tower Hamlets, where the Mayor, Luftur Rahman, was kicked out of the Labour Party for his extremist ties and links, his spiritual leader describes all non-Muslims as filthy cattle, so he’s an extremist with all these links to IFE, all these organizations that wish to get a caliphate state, and the introduction of Shariah law in Britain – he's the mayor in charge of a billion pound budget, because he's been elected to that position. Then as soon as he got into that position he started drawing the funding away from any moderate Muslim organizations, any real moderates which are in uproar and they are upset by what's going on there. But the money, taxpayers money has been directed towards Islamist groups, to madrasas, and that needs to be seen as a blueprint for towns and cities across this country and Europe, so when we look to what's going on… if you look to Hizb ut-Tahrir which is a political organization, they had a conference in 2007, they had 10,000 people at their conference, out of a population that’s just 3 percent of the country, now the Labour Party, they couldn't even get 10,000 people.

So when it comes to politics and the political sway within the Islamic community – yes, it's worrying. Hizb ut-Tahrir by the way is an extremist organization and is banned in many European countries, but are given the free rein in our country,

RT: Many critics, just like you, say that Europe is changing greatly because of immigration, and they believe that culture, lifestyle, general behavior is changing around the major cities in Europe. So, you don’t believe there could be peaceful makeover of Europe?

TR: There could be a peaceful makeover if we tackle it now. If we leave it - I know at present in this country 5 percent of the population are Muslim - if we wait until there's 20-25 percent, and then start to tackle these hardcore issues of outlawing Shariah laws, banning the burka, all these sort of issues that need addressing - we won't be able to. So, we need to get to grips with it now, we need to remove Islamist voices from communities, we need to stop empowering them by supporting them and working with them at government levels and local council levels, and we need to empower - there's many Muslim voices in this country that are opposed to all the things | am opposed to - we need to empower them, we need to call on Muslims to stand up, because if they wish to live in Britain and we wish to have a harmonious society and a cohesive society, we need to change the direction we're going down and obviously to bring about change is to get people’s feeling hurt and while where we are at the minute, it's not a time for tip-toeing around people's feet, it’s a time for standing on their feet and saying these are the hardcore issues that we have to solve if we wish to avoid massive civil disorder or big problems in the future, and that’s where I’m trying to get to now to solve these problems. Do I believe they can be solved? I hope so, you know what I mean.