Date: 03/12/2013

Dear Veterans


Veteran Col SS Sohi of SSSM has circulated a letter informing that Gen VK Singh (GVKS, the Ex-Army Chief) addressed a big Rally of about 10,000 Ex-Servicemen, at Faridkot (Punjab), on 01 Dec 20013, in which SSSM stressed the need to unite all ESM Assn/ Outfits under his umbrella supreme leadership for getting justice & Social value. SSSM reiterated the need that unless ESM reach parliament, they will never get Justice, genuine demands & deserving place in the society. ESM must be part of decision-making bodies in every segment of society when India is facing threat of National Security, mass corruption, over population & misgovernance. SSSM believes that Only, Good & honest candidates can improve the India's deteriorating condition, its degrading society & civil administration. For more details SSSM has appealed to contact Organizer, Capt BS Bhatti.

It is heartening to find that GVKS has plunged in politics and is trying to mobilize his original base of military veterans by appealing them from Faridkot to unite under one umbrella organization for sending good people in Parliament through 2014 elections and I send him best wishes in his endeavor.

But I find that the comprehensive & effective strategy for such electoral battle is simply missing.

No doubt military veterans have many advantages (like all India presence including in rural areas, patriotism born goodwill amongst people etc) but there has to be some agenda which will enthuse people across India in such a short period between now and 2014 elections. Better service conditions and retirement benefits for military personnel will automatically come, without saying about it with considerable presence of SSSM candidates in Parliament hence this should not be talked about publicly during electoral battle of SSSM candidates.

Issues like National Security, eradication of mass corruption, over population & misgovernance are certainly agitating the minds of Indians hence need to be highlighted but at the same time it will catch the imagination of the people only when somewhat detail manifesto of programs & policies of SSSM is given which will take care of these and other important objectives. I hereby give my suggestions for such strategy, program and policies and manifesto of SSSM:-

(1)- All the ESM need not merge in SSSM and the members of ESMs can come under the banner of SSSM for political purpose of sending maximum candidates in Parliament through 2014 elections by fielding candidates in all the 543 constituencies.

(2)- Whether veterans like it or not but if there is one agenda which will catch the imagination of all the Indians and which will ensure huge victory to SSSM candidates in 2014 elections then it is ‘Martial-Agenda’ hence in its manifesto SSSM should say that :-

(i)- It will retrieve POK within time bound program of 3 years preferable by talking to Pakistan (and after this retrieve of POK Article 370 and AFSPA shall be repealed).

(ii)- Naxalite terrorism from about one third of territory of India shall be finished within 3 years by taking up massive job guarantee / vocational- education programs in affected areas.

(iii)- Millions of illegal immigrants in N-E shall be identified, tracked and deported to Bangladesh (if Bangladesh refuses to take them then commensurate territory and / or exclusive mineral rights shall be demanded from Bangladesh) and after this AFSPA shall be repealed from N-E

(3)- ‘Equitable Centre State Relations’ should be demanded through ‘Federalism’ which will require further following elaboration in election Manifesto of SSSM:-

(i)- Federalism has meaning only (A)- If natural resources (including minerals) exclusively belong to States and (B) If all the civil subjects are with States and only martial subjects like defense, external affairs, currency, national transport (including national railways with States having State railways), communications etc are with Union of India.

(ii)- SSSM should mention in its election Manifest 2014 that Indian Constitution (including its Union List, State List and Concurrent List) shall be amended to give effect to Federalism as mentioned above.

(4)- ‘Inclusive Growth’ is the most important issue, which will play a major role in bringing victory to SSSM. Therefore SSSM election Manifesto should mention that for ‘Inclusive Growth’ the union and all the States will close all other welfare programs and activities and will only run (i)- Profitable Employment Guarantee Program (where even residential and commercial building and colonies can be made which may be given on rent decided by ‘Union / State Rent Control Authorities’) and (ii)- Universal Public Distribution System for all, may be at meager 1 % profit only (practically at no-profit no-loss).

(5)- For eradication of corruption “Jan Lok Pal Bill” will be brought by SSSM.

(6)- For eradication of black money appropriate laws will be enacted and appropriate steps shall be taken at national and international forums,

(7)- SSSM should immediately launch its web site (where its constitution and manifesto etc should be displayed) and volunteer enrolment and fund collection drive through this web site should be taken-up by SSSM.

(8)- But most important is that SSSM should start taking public meetings by GVKS and other Veterans in all the district head quarters of India (~ 600). There should be 10 such teams headed by GVKS and other Veterans and each team should take one meeting on alternated day (Still there are at least four months hence at least 60 alternate days left before 2014 Parliamentary elections) which will cover all the ~ 600 districts of India.

It is hoped that the veterans shall start thinking of forming SSSM government at Centre and not merely sending some veterans in Parliament after 2014 Parliamentary elections.


Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain