Date: 07/12/2013


At about this time, in 1919, our grandfathers waged a determined struggle against the deadly Rowlatt Act. The life and death grapple led to hartals, non-cooperation movement, sathyagraha and finally to the infamous Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Ultimately the British had to shamefacedly withdraw the Rowlatt Act.

Today India is faced with an even graver danger. The pity is that this danger is being brought on us from within. The reprehensible Congress government is on its way out. But while departing they want to give one last parting kick to the country which they have ruined during the last 65 years. They have drafted the Begum Sonia Anti Hindu Black Bill (BSAHB Bill). With a deviousness peculiar to Congress they have deceptively named it the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill.

They aim to win minority support in the forthcoming election of 2014. And so the congress government is in a great hurry to move this bill and have it passed into an Act in the current winter session of the Parliament. Considerable pressure is being mounted on the government by Islamist organizations such as Jamath-e-Ulema.

Muslims and Christians have been defined as Minority Groups in the Begum Sonia Anti Hindu Black Bill. The whole bill is based on the presumption that all Hindus are criminals and rioters. This law can be invoked by Minority Groups against Hindus but Hindus cannot invoke it against Muslims and Christians.

A mere complaint by a minority will be sufficient to file a FIR and the Hindu against whom the complaint is made will be immediately arrested and assumed guilty unless proven otherwise. This is totally contrary to normal criminal procedure where an accused is innocent unless proven guilty.

All crimes under the Begum Sonia Anti Hindu Black Bill are cognizable and are non-bail able. This can trigger a wave of extortion by minority groups against Hindu, the majority of whom are the working and business class. Thus the Begum Sonia act will have colossal negative repercussions and will tear the fabric of the nation asunder.

Further, for the prosecution of offences there is no limitation of time. Thus under Begum Sonia Black Act a minority can open or reopen cases against Hindus even as far back 1950. Moreover, a minority witness giving false statement before an authority cannot be prosecuted for giving false evidence against a Hindu.

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Sri Narendra Modiji has criticized this act in the most severe terms and has asked all chief ministers to oppose it tooth and nail. He has also written to the prime minister stating that this bill is “ill-conceived, poorly drafted, and is a recipe for disaster”.

Modiji has also said that, “the timing of bringing out the bill is suspicious owing to political considerations and vote bank politics rather than genuine concerns”. Expressing strong concern that the Begum Sonia Black Bill would further divide people on religious and linguistic lines Modiji has said, “religious and linguistic identities would become more reinforced and even ordinary incidents of violence would be given communal colour.

We therefore stand united in out demand that the Begum Sonia Anti Hindu Black Bill aka Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill be dropped immediately.

Remember, we fought the dastardly Islamic devil Aurangazeb. We fought the Rowlatt Act of the British demons.

Let us gear up to fight the Begum Sonia Anti Hindu Black Bill.