Date: 08/12/2013


Dr. Babu Suseelan

Despite the constant barrage of evidence about the devastating and often deadly jihadi terrorism, coercive and deceptive religious conversion of Hindus, Maoist violence, corruption and looting of the Sonia gang and other criminal politicians, most of the majority intellectuals in India and their silence is a central concern. When national conflict is sopped up and internalized, when it became locked inside the mind of intellectuals, and the media pundits, it cannot be solved. The pathological consequences become progressively more fixed. Instead of activating a debate and projecting it for public interaction, India’s intellectuals and media pundits distort the facts, and provide the public with malignant justification of corruption and dynastic rule. The submerged political corruption and political conflict becomes entrenched, and leads progressively to distortion and dangerous intensification of conflicts. In other words, the longer the delay and longer the periods of exposing by the intellectuals, and the media, there is less chance there to reverse the alien rule, political corruption and the loot.

India is lucky to survive as a nation for thousands of brutal Islamic and Christian rule. They have achieved their strength, expanded their territory, looted our wealth, and forcefully converted our people. But the desert dogmatist forgot reality into account. The invaders and looters forgot the law of Karma. The desert invaders and western colonial masters forgot the real meaning of freedom and the spiritual nature of Hindus. The cruel invaders and Christian colonialists were lucky. Hindus have never resisted their invasion, looting, coercive religious conversion, temple take over with arms. We have employed passive resistance and got independence. Unlike Muslims and Christians, Hindus, have never invaded any other country or terrorized them. We were not interested in forcefully converting our looters and invaders. The unique feature of India’s situation is that Indian Hindus cannot permit themselves the luxury of denial, apathy, indifference and silence. Hindus and India cannot afford to be passive, inactive and indifferent in world affairs.

India is under siege. Chinese are marching on our borders. Pakistan Islamic army is threatening us with war. Northeast is burning. Kashmir is already gone. Kerala Muslims are demanding a separate Malabar state for Muslims. Western Christian nations are arming and directing converted Christians (Tamil Tigers) to take over the south. Missionaries are advising our converted people to take up arms (Maoists) to murder Hindu nationalists. India is administered by people who are born abroad. An Italian Catholic Sonia and her cronies of the anti-National Congress party are busy introducing a bill in our parliament. If the bill is passed and implemented Hindus are doomed. India cannot be complacent or move forward with peace and progress, unless the intellectuals, academicians, media pundits, military personals, bureaucrats, and politicians persuade the public the change of direction is warranted. And the new paths shown by Modi are in fact the right ones.

It is natural and genuine for the majority Hindus to ask the reasonable question. Where are India’s intellectuals, and Media Pundits? It is a distressing recent phenomenon in India is the abdication of intelligentsia from its traditional role of influencing the public at large.

Nations are known all over the world, not it produced thieves, warriors, brutal dictators but how many intellectuals and great writers countries have produced. India is known around the world not because India was ruled by Butcher Baber, or Hindu murderer Aurangzeb, but by Veda Vyasa, Valmeeki, Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, Kanada, Prabhupad, Swami Vivekananda and C.V. Raman. Greece is known around the globe not because all Greeks were forcefully converted into Christianity, but pre-Christian Greece produced some of the great thinkers of the world (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Aristophanes, and Hippocrates etc.)

Where are India’s intellectuals when the Italian Mafia gang decided to allow construction of a Mosque and the Islamic study center at the foothills of Thiriupathy Venketeswara Temple, one of the largest and richest Hindu Temple in the world? In recent years in India, the print media and television, (the chief conduit of the mass media) tended to put itself at the service of alien slave masters and corrupt politicians. Where are the academic Intellectuals of India? Do they have no opinion on several sensitive issues? Do our intellectuals want to see Hindus suffer? The gravity and closed channel thinking of the desert dogmas and alien rule never bother India’s academic elites? The severity of the present situation in India requires strong words and deeds from Indian intellectuals, Journalists, and the Masses.

Universities and colleges are teaching deconstruction or how to discard one’s own culture. India’s political arena requires an unremitting struggle to advocate our Hindu philosophy, is it very difficult for India’s intellectuals, academicians, and politicians, ,journalists and social scientist, human right activists to find a common language with ordinary Hindus.

India’s intellectuals are not free, outspoken or brave enough as they need to be. When Kachan Illiaha issue a statement against Hindus or issue a historically inaccurate statement against prominanent Hindus to please their alien slave masters, India’s intellectuals remain silent, hopping to join the enemy camp. The issue is not what a man afford to say, but what he must say. I may say that many Indian intellectuals failed in their duty to stand against problems and issues created by our anti-national Sonia criminals. India’s intellectuals and academicians must wage a war against their policies and programs that they firmly believe to be catastrophe

History is replete with examples of the influence of intellectuals in society. Thinkers and writers have shaped ideologies that have transformed the world. Philosophers put together the system of many regimes and countries. Thinkers like Rousseau, voltaire, Sartre, Descartes, Spinoza,( FRANCE)Toynbee, Russell, Barkley, zlribintz (Briton) Hume, Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, Kanada, Charvaka, Bose, C.V. Raman, Swami Vivekananda, Arabindo (India), Kant,(Germany) and Herzl,(Austrria) have enlightened the public and more open to proposals for changing the national policies than ever before.

The Intelligential in India has an important role to play. Indian intellectuals ought not go with the existing system to tear apart our country, or endorse alien dogmas which they know are encouraging our people for whimsical subversive ideas and activities. The changes required in India, which amount to a total alterations of the climate of opinion created by the pseudo-secular, atheist, nihilist, dynasty leader Nehru and his anti-national , anti-Hindu congress party. India’s intellectuals ought to mold the public opinion to Hindu Dharma, and change the indoctrinated mindset of the majority.

Indian intellectuals can suppress Islamic resistance and Christian opposition, and the struggle is for India’s Hindu identity and the argument is a moral one to India’s identity. A change of policy is imperative to ensure India’s survival. India, imitating alien ideologies unsuited for India’s existence should be discarded. Our soft-hearted and soft-headed approaches are condemned by extremists and that positions of high morality, are a luxury that India cannot afford. Better that India should be bold with dogmatists, extremists, Maoists, Jihadi Terrorists, Marxists and Conversion Mafia. India must be dominant in power, and strong in arms, and must have the power to kick our enemies deeply entrenched in India. It is better to emphasize that, if India is to survive, a change in policy is essential. Events in India should be exploited by intelligentsia to direct public attention to the need for a change in public attitude

Indian academicians and intellectuals, politicians and lay person must be discussing the dangers that closed dogmas (Islam and Christianity) pose to India, to the status of Hindus to the world, and to Hinduism. The dangers denial, apathy, indifference, and ‘all Religions are the same” tolerance, compromise should be candidly discussed and presented, with full exposure of the catastrophes produced by our false tolerance and compromise with alien extremist ideology.

The principal mission of India’s intellectuals, academicians, politicians, bureaucrats and military personals is to inculcate a strong Hinduttva attitude, particularly in matters that concerns Inndia. India’s future depends more on this than any other factors.