Date: 11/12/2013

For the last ONE THOUSAND YEARS no one, yes, no one, has told the Hindus in Hindusthan that when you say, "Bharat Maata" ("MOTHER India") and "Dharti Maata", you should take it LITERALLY and then imagine sitting in front of your own mother, in flesh and bood, CHAINED to floor by the foreigners arriving from Middle East and the Far West, holding chain saws and butcher's knives, about to cut and chop her literally, just as they did to our ancestors called Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Taru and Guru Tegh Bahadur" centuries ago and, recently, in 1947.

And then you, the children of Bharat Maata, STAND UP, UNITE and HIT BACK HARD the "bast**ds, the SWINE", who dared (and dare) to harm her- one after her soul and the other after her land."

What a shame, what a pity, what a disgrace, that neither NEHRU spoke then, nor ADVANI speaks now, this language to his terrified Hindu fellow slaves who have been "circumcised" i.e., made "SECULAR GOATS", by Constitution that respectfully recognizes MOHAMMED of MECCA as the Lord Almighty in our East (Bengal) & West (Punjab) but cannot see a Hindu in Hindusthan, and live in a land where we do not see Multan and Rawalpindi nor Lahore and Dhaka but Mohammed & his Islam everywhere, being embraced by Advani and Shinde.