Date: 25/12/2013


The Daily Telegraph


Re: Christians ‘feel cowed into silence’.


Your headline in my “Daily Telegraph” yesterday (24th inst.) was both significant and alarming, especially for the non Muslim minorities like the Hindus, Jews, atheists and the Sikhs.

For our own sense of security we wish to see the United Kingdom as a strong Christian country.

As someone who can clearly recall the result of appeasing Islam, the mutilation of peaceful and secular India in 1947 by the then Labour PM, Clement Attlee, can see the former Prime Minister Tony Blair repeating the same strategic blunder, of suddenly letting in a very large number of Muslims into this country and seeing them rapidly gain numbers and political clout.

It was like laying the foundation of something equally evil that is pointing in the same direction and towards the same end result.

Many of us who fled West Punjab, Kashmir and East Bengal in 1947 and came to live in this country, hope that the United Kingdom will not fracture or disintegrate in the same way as India under the weight of Islamic extremism.

We discovered a basic truth in that year, “Safety, prosperity and well-being of a country depend upon its majority community dominating their land in a virile and manly manner.”

Any sign of weakness through appeasement will create an ideological vacuum that will rapidly “suck in” aggression.

Yours truly