Date: 02/03/2013


March 5, 2013 is the day when in 1947 the followers of Mohammed Ali Jinnah (“protagonists of Pakistan”) assassinated a prominent leader in Multan who was totally opposed to the ignominious surrender of India without challenge, Referendum or conditions.

The political situation had reached a flash point after the fall of the provincial ministry in the Punjab during British rule. On this day in 1947 the students of Emerson College and DAV High School in Multan took out a procession loudly denouncing Partition.

As they approached a Muslim locality the residents, mostly shop keepers and butchers, set upon them in the most savage manner, killing and wounding many and putting the rest to flight in terror. Tensions rose quickly across the city.

That night (5/6 March 1947) Muslim mobs roamed freely through the streets of the city, setting fire to Hindus’ homes and killing anyone seen outdoors. Those who were in the city on that day would recall the shouts of “Allah hu Akbar” and the anguished cries of the victims, notably women and children being burnt alive inside their homes. Those trying to escape were hacked to death instantly by the frenzied mobs.

The news of the massacre in Multan, the ancient city where the boy (Bhagat) Prahlad had bravely defied the arrogant and dictatorial ruler, his own father, who had ordered everyone to worship him instead of God.

The news of the massacre in Multan travelled fast and within six days the fires of hatred & frenzy reached Rawalpindi where roaming bands of lawless rogue Muslims systematically went through all the villages and towns and massacred every Hindu and Sikh they could find.

That was the start of the unprecedented large scale Hindu Holocaust across Pakistan that ended when hardly any Hindu and Sikh had survived in the “killing grounds” of West Punjab.

Most people fled their homes amidst terrible scenes of violence and sought refuge to the (what was left of India) east of the border.

The honourable Hindu nation owes it to those innocent victims of Islamic aggression as well as to the coming generations to declare the day as the “DAY OF REMEMBRACE” and commemorate it with dignity and devotion.

A few lessons can be learnt from the MASSACRES IN MULTAN & RAWALPINDI during March 1947-

Leaders must be credible and never boast if they cannot deliver. We saw how our top leader, MK Gandhi “ate the dust of defeat and disgrace” when he could not give a courageous call to his followers to defend “Akhand Bharat” tooth and nail, confront the treacherous Muslims and “teach the savages a lesson!”

After Partition Gandhi lost all credibility in the nation but was dishonestly used as a "cover" by Jawaharlal Nehru and his All-India Congress Party to fool the people while plundering the nation day and night.

More recently Shri LK Advani started his “Rath Yatra” in 1992 to liberate the ancient, historic and sacred Temple in Ayodhya with the slogan,

“Hum sabh ko samjhayenge,

Mandir wuhin banayenge.”

Sad to say that the most sacred and important Mandir of our ancient country is still in ruins. Ironically, the Indian Muslims have threatened to massacre the Hindus if construction work is started in Ayodhya. What an irony if one could ask, “Are the Muslims supposed to be even seen in Partitioned India after they were conceded their own separate & exclusive Islamic Republic?”

The other lesson is to acknowledge the fact that the present disgusting frontiers of India were given by those who were prepared to KILL their own fellow citizens in their millions.

Logically, the future frontiers of Bharat, too, will be drawn by those who can KILL.

However our kind hearts may "melt or bleed" over this, it is borne out by Laws of Nature, e.g., ”Those who do not recall their past are CONDEMNED to repeat it!” And, the Law of “Survival of the FITTEST.” The weak had to meekly “run for life”, building the longest “human stampede” in history when millions were escaping their fate at the hands of Muslims.

Hindus will never unite and survive on their own patch (territory) without this knowledge and awareness among each and every one of us, including school children and the university students.