Date: 28/12/2013

Now Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has become Chief Minister of Delhi and his FROG party ( Aam Admi Party ) (AAP) is in power. Within short span of time he will prove, that he has no experience and no ability, no capacity, no caliber, no wisdom, n9 potential and all have necessary inputs or support system to transform India’s image from corrupt country to a country where honesty and integrity where we will have greater place power in the world society.

He and his FROG party is going to be a thorough failure.

In trusting nationalist MODI, you are trusting a politically experienced BJP. Arvind Kejriwal and his Frog party are riding the dirty political water on the shoulders of SCORPION congress party. The Frog party was the creation of our enemies to oust MODI and BJP. AA party will soon learn the lesson from the poisonous SCORPION. Before he reaches his destination, he will be killed by the scorpion party.

Those who are underestimating, the leader-integrator (MODI) are mistaken and will repent in near future. Politicians who challenged him last year when BJP announced that MODI will be the candidate for PRIME MINISTER. Modi was elected three times as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and proved himself be a nationalist leader.

Mr. MODI may become Hero of our enemies. Modi is the most popular and most discussed person of our enemy countries. For praiseworthy and most desirable transformation of India, please stand behind MODI. He is the only nationalist leader who is not going to listen to our enemy agents. He has the nationalist vision and proven leadership qualities, strength and the mindset not only to listen to our hostile enemies, distractors, hostile media men but also that of politicians of other parties who used to underestimate the greatness of our Vedic Dharma.. I hope his critics will now at least understand that MODI has great potential to please common men in India.

MODI has proved himself to be an IRON man of India, and will prove himself after he become the PRIME MINISTER of India where GOD was born as a Man. He will prove himself to be an an Incarnation of Lord Krishna. Anyone who is biased and who dare to criticize MODI and his team will be not be heard by anyone and will be disliked by common men all over the world. he declared last day that in Rma Rajya: "SATHYAM EVA JAYATHE" (TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL).