Date: 02/01/2014

If they eliminate Mr Modi there will be NO retaliation in MUTILATED Bharat.

Today the Hindus are regarded "MICE" by the Indian MUSLIMS who captured one third of Bharat overnight in 1947, and "JACKALS" by the brave SIKHS who saw the Hindus fleeing, HEAD OVER HEELS, from Karachi to North Kashmir and from Sylhet to Chittagong without even looking back in 1947. A year earlier there was NO reaction in the numerically vast Hindu nation when thousands of HINDUS were massacred and their females were raped in Noakhali.

If there was NO retaliation or reaction when the SWORD OF ISLAM "mutilated" Akhand Bharat and if there was NO retaliation against the MALICIOUS attack on Golden Temple in Amritsar by the political "Witch" Maimoona Begum (aka "Indira Gandhi") in June 1984, what chance or hope, is there that Mr Modi's assassination will cause any stir in the vast (by quantity but NO quality) Hindu nation?

We need to FORWARD this email to all the TOP Hindu leaders to put them to SHAME and encourage them to stand up, take notice and ACT.


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I am hearing that Khangress and Some Indian Mujahadin is interesting in eliminating MODIJI before April-May 2014 elections.

नमो संविधान के रहते कुछ नहीं कर सकते|

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History of Hindus is full of collaborators, betrayers and sell out crowd.Gleaned from from examples of Hindu collaborators (Jaichand) we can get a clear, correct and comprehensive of the present predicament of Hindus.

The knowledge we get from India during the general election (2014) is a great lesson for Modi, the Iron Man of India.Modi, I am sure is mostly mindful of the destructive behavior of Hindu political leaders and and Hindu traitors and their stance of bogus secular, corrupt, criminal political leaders. Why this strange, anti national deviant behavior? This treacherous criminal behavior are only for personal gain. Are they not aware of the malignant crisis they create?

The most serious and dangerous problems happening in India are the recurring growth of Jihad terrorism, deceptive and coercive religious conversion, Maoist menace, Tamil Tigers, Naga rebels, Kashmir liberation Islamic Army and Pakistan Printed Indian counterfeit currency distribution.

Hindu traitors and Hindu betrayers are openly supporting them. I May say that Kejariwal of Delhi, anti Modi Nitish Kumar of Bihar, criminal Alu Prasad Yadav(Bihar), Mayavathi and Mulayam Singh Yadav of UP, and Karunanidhi of Tamil Nadu, DMK, are some of the criminal politicians who regularly engaged in malicious service against Hindus at the behest of alien slave masters. MODI, nationalist Hindus and BJP team must be aware of these criminal elements and must be able to deal with these corrupt Hindu betrayers.

The bogus and the so called "secular, ant-national Congress Party headed by the uneducated Italian catholic Sonia Maino and the ant- Hindu media failed miserably to inform or educate the general public and protect the public and our nation. They have, further fragmented Indian society rather than uniting India.The ant-National Congress party is interested in promoting phony secularism, and interested in selling our country to Muslims and Christians.\

Hindus cannot ignore these malignant spiritual, social and political crisis.

OUr Economy is on a downward spiral. Corruption, crime, violence, inflation, molestation of women, Jihad terrorism, coercive religious conversion are rampant in India.. Kejariwal and his cohorts are ignoring these threats, India's ruling coalition and corrupt politicians who want to destroy the vedic cultre are likely to ignore these crisis.

The only solution of thousands of years of oppression , subjugation and discrimination is possible if the majority HINDUS join together and elect Modi as the next Prime Minister of India.

It is time for Hindus, young and old to be strong, assertive io safeguard our culture and country. Hindus have to pledge their support for Modi and weed out the enemy from within, and banish our betrayers and sell out crowd. By strengthening MODI, we are promoting our eternal Vedic values. Hindu activism is needed to ensure our survival, and our vedic spirituality will ensure world peace, harmony, human rights, and freedom for all.