Date: 04/01/2014

HINDUS: DEAD AS DODO IN PAKISTAN, ridiculed in East Bengal, forced out of South Kashmir and betrayed by the pseudo-secular anti Hindu Constitution, are an ENDANGERED specie in the remaining Hindusthan. Why is this so and what has gone wrong?

It was not an act of God but a man-made tragedy of unimaginable magnitude that the entire nation has failed to comprehend, or consciously taken on board. No Hindu ought to crush the voice of mortally wounded Bharat. We will ignore it at our collective PERIL.

Cremation grounds are ready and wood has been gathered. Only a spark is needed as in 1947.

Ultimate Strategy of Government of India EXPOSED:

The existing TERRITORIES under Muslim domination are to remain "ISLAMIC" eternally. Ease out, expel or outright eject, the non Muslims from more and more of (remaining) Hindusthan.

Hence Ladakh, even with 90% Buddhists will not be taken out of Kashmir. Hence Jammu with overwhelming Hindu majority, will not be taken out of Kashmir (J & K) to form a separate State.

But on the contrary, any Muslim majority pocket in Ladakh or Jammu will be ceded to Kashmir while Kashmir is meant to go to Pakistan ultimately. CRY, PROTEST, AGITATE OR FAST UNTO DEATH, ARTICLE 370 WILL NOT BE REMOVED!

Hindu refugees that fled to J&K in 1947 are still regarded aliens while NO Mohammedan is an alien in Bharat DESPITE BLOODY SAVAGE PARTITION!

Hindu leaders with "brains of jackals" shout, "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai" over the DEAD BODY of Akhand Bharat. To shout "Hindu Hindu Bhai Bhai!" (or "Hindu Sikh Bhai Bhai!") might amount to committing a capital CRIME.


Jawaharlal Nehru saw us contemptuously through the eyes of Imperial Britain and MK Gandhi saw us through the eyes of a mouse. Both FAILED us completely but rewarded the ENEMY richly with our sacred TERRITORY, in perpetuity!

HINDUS are the perennial VICTIMS of this Governmnt on ideological grounds. Hence there will be NO respite for them or the SIKHS. Hindus will not be allowed to come near AYODHYA. East Punjab will not be conceded ONE TENTH of autonomy enjoyed by Kashmir and ONE THOUSANDTH of sovereignty conceded to East Bengal.

Ultimate goal of the current anti Hindu rulers of Broken Bharat: "HINDUS TO BE SQUEEZED OUT of South Asia." For this their Muslim allies are ever ready, and more than willing and prepared, to lash out in all directions as they did in NOAKHALI (August 1946) without any provocation.

What is "Government" of India?
A bunch of corrupt hoodlums, unscrupulous thugs and rascals, a pro Islamic and anti Hindu dynastic set up in order to keep the HINDUS ignorant, intimidated, impoverished and secular.

They comprise remnants of Nehru Dynasty and the All-India Congress Party that should have been disbanded or hanged to death on the day of Mutilation of Bharat (euphamistically called "Partition"!).

This self propelling fat HYDRA is busy demoralising, demolishing & destroying the Hindus by direct meddling as well as constitutionally, and divesting us of our TERRITORIES by handing over LANDS to the Muslims and Christians.

That is why instead of rapidly "militarising" the Hindus to meet the challenges facing us on ground in order to ensure our survival with dignity in Hindusthan they are determined to demoralise, suppress and destroy even the Sikhs who are already "militarised" with the potential of becoming a formidable force for the defence of Hinduism and Hindusthan. Any more alienation of the Sikhs will prove disastrous for the whole nation that is moving towards its own "Final Solution" ("Endloesung"), its last battle.

Those who understand the "Grand Design" (extinction of Hindus in Hindusthan) can understand why there was the attack on Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar, why Ayodhya Temple cannot be rebuilt, whey the Hindus are not guaranteed safety in Srinagar and why East Bengal promptly went under the rule of Mohammed of Mecca (ISLAM) instead of joining secular Bharat after its capture in 1972.

In pursujit of that goal a sincere and honest patriot, Narendra Modi, is being portrayed by the Italian "Mafia" & Islam and the third rate "coolie media" as an ogre, a threat to world peace! At the same time Hindusthan is being looted and plundered day and night with impunity.

What would they have done to someone like BOFORS CHOR in China? In Bharat the "Tamil Killer Rascal" has a "samadhi" in the very capital of the country! Does it not make the country seem a SLAVE COLONY with a billion "walking dead" breathing in fear?

4 January, 2014

Musalmans will not accept that arrangement.
They will not relax.
Their aim is to finish India.
Hindu Kashmiris wants to divide Valley into two parts.
Hence we have to be united and keep pushing for what we want.
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In a message dated 1/3/2014 4:26:19 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Technically it has been reorganised naturally too.
With Hindus mainly concentrating in Jammu, Budhists
in Leh and Ladakh and Muslims confined to the valley.

This natural arrangement ought to be accepted. But
there is a conspiracy to disturb and subvert it through
not only by militancy and terrorism, but by the "£SECULARISTS"



Diversity-USA (National Democratic Think Tank) in a statement has extended its full support to all minority ethnic organizations demanding reorganization of India's J&K State.

The news of the 21st Anniversary of the Margdarsan Proclamation and the International Conference in which thousands of delegates from all over the world participated, was completely blacked out by the national media in India. What a disgrace!


(National Democratic Think Tank on Minority Issues)

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Roseburg, OR (USA)

December 27
Commemorating the 21st anniversary of the Margdarshan Proclamation here today Diversity-USA in a statement has extended its full support to all minority ethnic organizations demanding reorganization of India's J&K State. The Margdarshan Proclamation, adopted by the general assembly of the exiled Kashmiri Pandits on Dec. 28th 1992, stood for a new political dispensation of J&K which included the creation of a Homeland for the exiled Kashmiri Hindus and nationalists. The statement stressed that without such reorganization neither the internal crisis of the state nor the homelessness of the Pandits & Sikhs or issues related to the political equality of all major segments of the people can be resolved.

The central purpose of the Margdarshan Proclamation was to end the centuries old Islamist crusades against the Hindus of Kashmir. Diversity-USA said that both the Indian and J&K governments have acted irresponsibly and callously towards the minorities of the state. The Pandits, Dogras, Buddhists, Sikhs, Shiias, Gujjars and Bakarwals have been relegated to less than second class citizens after the control of the State was handed over to the Valley’s 20% Sunni minority under the over all charge of the Abdullah dynasty. This practice has proved grossly unjust, undemocratic, in-human, anti-national and out rightly communal, the statement added. This strategy has proved disastrous for both ethnic minorities and India.


Under the questionable political strategies and scheming by the Abdullah dynasty all types of Kashmiris have suffered. The dynasty has failed miserably in rising above the petty localism and communalism. It has further let down the nation by not shunning the divisiveness and disruptive walls of separatism borne out of the Islamic influence and the temporary Sec. 370 of the Constitution. The youngest of the dynastic kids now ruling the state has gone to the extent of questioning the basic meaning, scope and the integrity of the J&K accession to India. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see an alien hand behind this manipulative chameleonism.

Therefore, it is time that the political machine of the state is brought back to the pragmatic world and reformed and the Abdullah Dynasty is advised to take a hiatus thereby allowing regular citizens to manage the affairs of the state. As if the complete ethnic cleansing of Pandits and Sikhs in Kashmir was not enough, the kidnapping of Buddhist women by Sunnis in Ladakh province, warnings to Sikhs to convert to Islam or leave Kashmir and the bloody Kishtwar communal riots in Jammu Province that took place a couple of months ago is the latest and clear proof of the failed policies and in-capabilities of the Abdullah regime. The hate crimes and criminal acts committed by the Sunnis during the past 22 years has established without a shadow of doubt their inability and reluctance to live in harmony with other ethnic groups. Therefore, an amicable and peaceful geo-political reorganization has become inevitable.

The Margdarshan Proclamation was adopted by the extremely terrorized and exiled Kashmiris, as a response to the criminal and genocidal behavior of the intolerant Islamists. This hostile behavior of the inimical majority through seven centuries had produced seven exoduses and imposed upon the targeted ethnic minorities a life of avoidable homelessness, misery and poverty. In view of what these ethnic communities have gone through during the course of the past 63 years particularly after 1989, demanding a separate Homeland with the free flow of the Indian constitution and secularism was not only an easy decision but a highly pragmatic and justifiable course of action for saving these communities at the hands of the rabid Jihadists who have been aiming at their extinction over several decades. In the recent past the Jihadis have committed similar crimes in Pakistan, PoK, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Malaysia where the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians are systematically done away with.

The continued indifference and lack of action by the Indian authorities on the issue of restoring meaningful law and order and political equality by implementing the provisions, spirit and intent of the Margdarshan Proclamation has exposed the contradictory versions of democracy and human rights prevailing in India. Furthermore, not taking necessary measures towards ending the long standing powerlessness and disenfranchisement of the oustees from Kashmir, despite their appeals, pleas, petitions and non-violent struggle, leaves hardly any choice available to them but to look for methods beyond non-violence for the realization of their aspirations. Note should be taken of the fact that in desperation such a course of action has the potential of turning unpredictably grave.


The Indian policy makers must understand that the issue of “Homelands” for the ousted Hindus, Dogras of Jammu and Buddhists of Ladakh is no more an insignificant local issue which could quietly be swept under the rug. Thanks to the zeal, relentless efforts, struggle and sacrifices of Panun Kashmiris the fate and future of the oustees and J&K minorities has been discussed and debated by international leaders, US Presidents, US Legislatures, UNO, the Human Rights Commission, European Parliament, Political Parties and other global forums. Taking in to consideration the global and national responses Margdarshan has become inevitable. Accordingly, ND will be wise to take necessary measures towards resolving this issue so it does not become the cause for yet another blood bath in this turbulent state. The deprived ethnic communities of J&K have come to a point when they declare unequivocally that “enough is enough”. They are unwilling to put up with Islamic tyranny any more and demand to be governed directly under the national Constitution in their own domains. The historic Margdarshan Proclamation is an inviolable expression of aspirations of these ethnic minorities borne out of their centuries old persecution by the radical Islamists. Now it has become the prime mantra for the cause of the reorganization of J&K without which the ethnic minorities seem to have no chance of surviving. Diversity-USA extends its full support for the reorganization of India’s J&K State in order to save the ethnic minorities from Islamic tyranny.