Swami Baba Ramdev spoke truth

Date: 07/01/2014

Swami Baba Ramdev spoke truth when he called Nehru, India's biggest mass murderer in response to constant attacks by Congress against Narendra Modi for 2002 riots which he did not trigger and when they broke out he took prompt action with faster response than any Congress Chief minister or its allied CMs in J&K or UP. The partition aka mutilation of India had signature of Nehru on it along with another mass murderer Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Yet both are hailed as secular while Modi is berated as communal.

George Orwell said rightly in his book '1984' , when great crimes by highly placed have to be covered up, just change the terminology-so black becomes white. So the ministry that launches war was named ministry of love Secularism is one such term in India. If Secular every mass murder gets covered up and seculars are hailed as great leaders and progressives due to Goebbels like propaganda .

Time has come to put those architects of history's worst mass murder during mutilation of India on trial, how to satisfy their egos to become chiefs of respective pounds of flesh both Jinnah and Nehru made India bleed with five parts cut off, had people suffer slaughter,mass rapes, and humiliation all over. No, regardless of what Congress mouthpieces, chamchas having been saying and now what door mats of SoniaG say and call Ramdev mad , Baba Ramdev spoke truth. We have to applaud him for projecting truth for public. Ramdev is young man and at his age to have such understanding of our history and courage to speak truth openly despite threats from congress bureau of investigation, speaks well of him

During 'emergency' by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, with all institutions of democracy suspended, while Jaya Prakash Narain was being hauled to jail, JP said, 'vinasakale viparitha buddhi'. And rightly predicted that one day all the dismantled institutions of democracy will be put together.

Similarly during bloody mutilation of India preceding granting of independence, sages like Aurobindo predicted one day India too will be put together. SoniaG's henchmen would have called Aurobindo too mad for saying that.

First step to correct Indian history's Himalayan blunder is to see it as such, identify the culprits. Swami Ramdev took that first step.