Date: 12/01/2014


Dr. Babu Suseelan

India is a complex society in which a dysfunctional adaptation of deviant, anti-social behaviors, and thinking errors of political elites, administrators, bureaucrats and certain anti-national political parties. The real India is complicated indeed. That which confronts us and which we have to deal with every day has many explanations and many solutions. While the vast increase in political knowledge and psychological behavior modification techniques enable us to better understand and sometimes have greater control on what is happening around us. Recent Psychological warfare against us by our enemies and dysfunctional adaptions of corrupt Indian politicians has enlarged the complexity of the Indian society and the problems we face.

Hindus have been subjected to torture, humiliation, subjugation, discrimination, and brutality, colonization by Muslims and Christians for thousands of years. We have so many more interpretations of the phenomena of submissive, deviant behavior and thinking errors that affect us or fully comprehend the issues and make decisions.

We now know that there are multiple causes for these prolonged problems of Hindus. These long standing problems need multiple solutions. Scholars, intelligent professionals, and political professionals Having commitment to the continuity of the nation, will know these similar problems and issues exhibited by Hindus will be abstracted and called names, that may lead to the development of theoretical and practical solutions.

For hundreds of year’s fanatic Muslims, and cunning European Christians have been indoctrinating and brainwashing Hindus. Hindus were alienated from their culture. As a result, many Hindus were subjected to coercive conversion to aggressive desert dogmas, and life under our tormentors forced Hindus to adopt dysfunctional thoughts, and anti-social, self-destructive thinking errors and behaviors. Hindus became rebellious and destructive enough to the only perfect dharma on earth.

Thinking Errors of thoughts of pseudo secular Hindus and corrupt Indian politicians that leads to irresponsible behavior. The continued pattern of thinking errors and hostile behavior has leads to destructive acts such as division of the nation without public opinion, criminal tolerance of jihadi terrorism, Maoist violence, violence and terrorism created by Tamil Tigers and coercive religious conversion, same sex marriage. We may call these acts and destructive behavior as “Thinking Patterns “and habitual deviant behavior. The stage is set in India for the final solution of Hinduism and Hindus. Such patterns of destructive thinking shapes deviant behaviors can result in the loss of freedom, culture, values and spiritual life style.

Recently, Tamil Nadu government has allowed the distribution of condoms in schools. The State authorities have consented to have teen age sex, homo-sexual acts, lesbianism, and sodomy, and same sex marriage.

The pseudo secular anti-National DMK party are held accountable for their criminal thinking and deviant acts,, these politicians blame their innocent, naïve Hindu victims. Atheist political leaders and politically sensitive Hindus and their refusal everywhere to take genuine responsibility for their role for the situations in India, atheist leaders are willing to justify their destructive policies’ and programs to complete annihilation of Hindus and our spirituality from its sacred land. They use deception, distortion, and cover up techniques.

A favored tactics of our corrupt politicians is deceptive triangulation.

Tolerance such deceptive, corrupt politicians and compromise with their destructive acts in not a tolerance as prescribe in our scripturs. It is a social pathology and not a positive virtue.]

It is high time for Hindus to be active and participate in democratic elections. Join with Modi, the Hindu nationalist leader with a mission and vision. He is a genuine nationalist leader, not a criminal politicians who lives in their feelings and act on their faulty assumptions and criminal thinking.