Date: 13/01/2014

Fellow patriot,

Britain FirstThe Britain First campaign to put in place a professional and sensible resistance movement nationwide is surging forward with impressive speed.

The last week has seen activities and meetings that have led to the establishment of several new fightback divisions around the country.

The leadership is at present putting in place an organisation along British Army lines, to facilitate our rapid growth and to enable mobilisation and deployment of our activist teams with the necessary rapidity.

The hierarchy of Britain First Defence, as our street organisation will be known, mimics the British Army, as follows, from top down: Brigade (regions), Battalion (counties) and Companies (local areas).

Each brigade, battalion or company of activists will be led by an OC (officer commanding).

Firstly, we have seen our first units established in the North West of England.

Britain First activist Adam Clarke (pictured below right) will lead the newly formed 'Lancashire, A Company'.

Adam has been very active recently at Britain First fightback activities and is a welcome addition to our team.

Britain FirstAdam will work closely with Paul Rowlands, our overall coordinator for the north of England and the OC for our new 'Cheshire, A Company'.

Further south, after a successful meeting recently, around 40 experienced activists in Kent and the surrounding areas have declared for Britain First Defence.

Firstly, 'Kent, A Company' (west Kent), will be led by Mark English (pictured below right).

'Kent, A Company' were recently "blooded" on their first operation by turning up at the home address of hate preacher Abu Izzadeen where they faced down a local Muslim patrol.

'Kent, B Company' will be led by Chris Doherty, and the team is based in east Kent, from Sittingbourne to Ramsgate.

'Kent, C Company' and the team are based in the south of Kent, encompassing the areas around Ashford, Folkestone and Dover.

Britain First'Kent, C Company' will be led by Terry Edwards (pictured below right).

In London, a new team has been established, led by Aaron Arthur, and has been christened 'London, A Company'.

Many more such units are in the pipeline in the counties of Sussex, Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire, Derbyshire and elsewhere, and it is important to remember that behind each of these units sits a team of activists, sometimes 30 members strong.

I have been inundated with calls from disaffected street activists from around the country asking for meetings to discuss the way forward.

Things are taking off like a rocket!

Britain FirstPeople can see that all previous groups are stagnating and are not producing the goods any longer, and they are impressed with our direct, militant and highly-organised approach to combating radical Islam in the UK.

Let it be known, however, that we have no intention of repeating the mistakes made by previous groups.

Drunkards, those who insist on wearing masks, chavs and oiks, racists and/or liberals will not be tolerated in Britain First Defence.

We want serious, committed, sober, focussed, sensible, patriotic and dedicated activists, the very best that Britain has to offer, and the new units that have been established recently bear all these qualities and more.

If you want to join our fightback campaign or form a new unit in your county, please visit the following link, register and tell us your intentions:

Isn't it about time that you helped in the British fightback effort?


The fantastic feedback we are receiving after our successful attempt to drive hate preacher Anjem Choudary off the streets recently has been very encouraging but as we both know, we have much, much more to do!

British people are delighted that at last, there are patriots prepared to stand toe-to-toe with these hate mongers who would try to terrorize our society, and our numbers are proliferating rapidly!

All our new units need to be equipped, trained and organised to take on the enemies of our country.

Britain First
Even 10 can make a real difference to our campaign, and can also contribute to leaflets, security equipment and all the other practical things needed.

Some of our people are incredibly generous but it is not fair for them to shoulder all the costs - if we all chip in it is fairer and we can target these fanatics far more effectively.

If you are unable to join Britain First for whatever reason (that's your business) why not at least become a donor and play your part in our fight for all our children's futures?

Judging by the thousands of comments, the emails, the phone calls, and the floods of new support, Facebook 'Likes' and membership signups, the Britain First movement is fast becoming the dominate force in British patriotic politics!

Britain First
All of YOUR hard work over the last three years is now bearing fruit, so imagine how much more we could do if YOU supported the work?

We will do the donkey work and take the fight to their doors but to produce leaflets, posters and all the other campaign stuff, to organise training sessions for our fight-back activists, to secure the necessary equipment, we look to YOU for assistance!

Will you play your part? Will you provide the support our front-line activists so desperately need?

Our activists are already on the front-line, so the least the rest of us can do is to send a gift to help them and 'Operation Fightback', click below, every penny counts:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

Britain First