Date: 14/01/2014


It is amazing as to how easily the Hindus are fooled by cliches such as "India is the largest democracy on earth," and "India is a secular country!" NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM TRUTH. Partitioned India (“Bleeding Broken Bharat”) with the enemy all over, as well as on top, is neither a democracy nor secular, nor even free or safe.

India has been turned into a “Coolie Colony”, or a banana republic, under the suffocating rule by NEHRU Dynasty in perpetuity, where the Hindu is continuously "bashed" and demoralised.

Generation after generation of "BOGUS" Gandhis have held absolute power over a billion ignorant and intimidated Hindus who have not seen a native (Hindu) in top chair since the days of Prithvi Raj Chohan (up to 1192 AD) when there was neither the eagle (zealous Christian missionary) nor the wolf (Islam) in sight for the Hindu “rabbit” in the vast Hindu land that stretched from the Himalayas to Kanya Kumari.

It's amazing as to how ordinary people swallow lies thrown at them, hook, line and sinker. The truth is that-

a) Had India been a democracy Nehru's daughter would not have succeeded him automatically, as if by Divine Right, and her son Rajiv "Gandhi" (in reality Rajiv KHAN) would not have succeeded her in an instant, after her ignominious death. The loafer ("Bofors Chor"), who insulted the native womanhood (like the Bollywood "Khans") by bringing a wife from Italy, was not even a member of parliament when he was installed as the Prime Minister!

b) Do we also hear that "India is secular"? What a WHITE LIE! Had India been secular,

i) Lahore and Delhi would have continued to be under the SAME secular Constitution. (They had been under the SAME flag & Secularism till August 15, 1947 when India surrendered Secularism in utmost haste & panic, unilaterally and unconditionally).

ii) Government of India would have given the same funding and recognition to Hindu temples and priests as to Muslim mosques, Maulvis and churches;

iii) Saudi Arabia would not have been allowed to send billions of dollars to build new mosques in Hindusthan when she does not allow any temple on its own soil. In order to counter the foreign threat temples and gurdwaras would have been built at double the rate since Hindus are indigenous while Koran, written in alien Arabic, is an unwelcome IMPOSITION from Arabia.
iv) Lavish grants, generous funding and facilities for ‘Muslim majority’ South Kashmir under Article 370 of Constitution would also have been extended to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and other ‘Hindu majority’ States, too, including East Punjab.
v) Sikhs would have been conceded Khalistan on the same day when Pakistan was conceded to the Indian Muslims, in order to correct the power balance in South Asia. Right now we have FORCE on the enemy side and VACUUM on our own.

vi) Pakistan's defence minister would have been a Hindu (India's is a Catholic!) while Bangladesh's foreign minister would have been a Sikh (India's is a Muslim!).

vii) India would not have accepted the Pope’s Nunceate (Embassy) in New Delhi. How ridiculous! The sovereign State of Vatican has only one item to export: Bibles.
India is "secular" through deception and betrayal. Her conviction in the native Hindu religion has been hammered down and shaken, leaving behind ideological vacuum.

She could be safe, and afford to be secular, only if she had two friendly secular neighbours like the United States and Canada, like Germany, France and Spain. But, tightly wedged between two hostile ISLAMIC "beasts" called Pakistan and Bangladesh, our Hindu India is like a goat between a tiger and a wolf.

Indian Secularism was barrister NEHRU's trap for the Hindus alone while the Muslims were not only EXEMPT but also rewarded with their own sovereign ISLAMIC republics where the Hindus and Sikhs were to be wiped out, converted to Islam or made to wear the "dog collar" while Mother India's eyes were gouged out and manhood drowned.

Therefore, please immediately rebut anyone who says, "India is a democracy and a secular country." For this assertion we have to wait and see two things happen:

a. Mr Modi as the next Prime Minister;

b. New Constitution for "HINDU RASHTRA" to be written up. The present Constitution is meant for Pandit Nehru’s defeated, truncated and disfigured Broken Bharat whose frontiers were given by "Sword of Islam". She is not the one that we knew whose frontier stood at KHYBER PASS, captured by the "Sword of Sikhs"!

Please pass on the LIGHT of Joy and the PROMISE of future to every Hindu on earth, removing the DARKNESS of Defeat & Despair spread by the SCUM left by the invaders, conquerors and colonialists and their allies, "Italy & Islam".

A thousand years of unbroken slavery, tyranny and persecution of countless generations of our ancestors must give way at last to the birth of "Hindu Rashtra", guided by Vedic teachings and principles and underpinned by native Hindu “SHAKTI”, that will be secular, strong and democratic.

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