Date: 05/03/2013




HUNDREDS of innocent people including women and children have been killed indiscriminately, and thousands injured, some seriously, and dozens of houses, apartments, shops and business premises have been damaged, destroyed or reduced to rubble by huge bombs, one containing 200 kg of explosive, exploding in thickly populated parts of cities in Pakistan.

There are scenes of grieving women crying for their husbands and children, weeping men crying for their wives and the children crying for their parents. Thousands of angry and agitating people refused to bury their dead in protest at government’s inability to catch the culprits, and sat in the open in freezing temperatures and rain. Right now mass agitations are taking place across Pakistan, shop shutters are down and thousands are out in public squares and on roads protesting against this carnage. Pakistan is in a state of shock, grief and terror. There is terror all over. Sunni Taliban are coming to wipe out the Shia people!

One can imagine the future of Pakistan.


Now a flashback to “Akhand Bharat” of March 1947 when the large scale massacres of defenceless unarmed and innocent Hindus & Sikhs began, starting with Multan on March 5, and Rawalpindi on March 11. Within days the other towns, cities and villages also witnessed gruesome scenes of murder, arson, loot, abduction and rape and large scale evacuation by the citizens who became aliens in their own homes and took to all possible ways and routes to escape the death and degradation at the hands of their MUSLIM fellow citizens.

It’s a unique opportunity for the Hindus and Sikhs to read the news from across the border and the cease fire line, watch Pakistani television, especially “ARYONE”, to see the scenes that were not broadcast in 1947. Then we neither had our own government nor free media. The British rulers up to August 15 were mostly silent and our autocratic treacherous prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and “Father of Nation” MK Gandhi, confused and cowardly, simply refused to talk about the plight of India and the Indians. Millions were on the run and penniless who had no time or money to buy and read the newspapers. Millions were too shocked and busy trying to eke out a living in order to survive.

The Australian prime minister warned the “indigestible” Muslim minority, “If you don’t like our way of life then move OUT!” She said this only because she “related” to her people, land and CHRISTIANITY and she took the future of her country seriously. She could have welcomed them like the Indian prime minister and used them as her “vote bank” to win elections and rule for ever. Similarly the Thai government is taking on the rebellious Muslims in the South in order to stop their advance northwards towards the capital. In Europe and America there is civil unrest and instant protests when people hear that the Muslims are going to build a mosque. We also need to inform ourselves of the motivation of the Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders who wishes to keep Europe “Muslim free”.

In Great Britain and elsewhere in Europe political parties with the specific demand for the Muslims to leave, are gaining support among people. Is there any such party in Partitioned India to ask the Muslims to QUIT? Is anyone demanding a “post mortem” on Partition?

The task before us is to see the core belief of the Muslims and its implications for the rest of us. With regard to the core belief, Islam is rigid and fanatic when they deny the divinity of all the “avataras” of Hindusthan, when they put their alien Islam above the native spirituality and divinity, when they provoke the Hindus by killing cows in the open, when they oppose tooth and nail the re-construction of Sri Rama Temple in Ayodhya and when they believe in converting the Hindus rather than respecting all religions as equal though having separate traditions, and when they aggressively grab land and then oust the original inhabitants from there.

The second point about the Muslims is their hatred of statues, especially those of deities in Temples. The most barbaric and shocking example was the destruction of the two ancient and revered statues of Buddha that had stood in Afghanistan for centuries. All the temples across North India were reduced to rubble and the statues of deities smashed.

The Muslims do not “relate” to their fellow citizens. Yesterday all Muslims were going for the blood of Hindus and Sikhs (Partition, 1947). Today in Pakistan the Sunnis are going for the blood of the Shia. Which nation or country in its right mind would trust the Muslims in it?

Among all the countries on earth India is in the most endangered category. The Hindus are the most endangered people on the earth today with less and less chance of surviving on their own land of origin. Hindus are relatively safe in Europe and America due to the protective shield of local CHRISTIAN societies but in our own country, PARTITIONED India, the two communities are like fire and water where we see the water EVAPORATING (i.e., the Hindus vanishing as in North Kashmir).

We don’t need big brains to notice the SHRINKING “DHARTI” of the Hindus. Our Bharatvarsha is now only a mere word in the archives or on paper. By reality check, and in all honesty, we ought to call Bharat "MIDDLE INDIA" with eastern and western territories gone.

From Middle India to WHERE NEXT? Some of our scholars ask a very simple and infantile question, “How to deal with the Muslims?” Or simply, “What to do?” Even a child knows what to do when a leopard jumps into her bedroom.

Here is a categorical statement: Islam will not be deterred by our wishful thinking, prayers or constitution. Islam will be as savage and brutal to the HINDUS in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai as they were in LAHORE, KARACHI, RAWALPINDI and DHAKA.

Let us, therefore, FORCE OUR IGNORANT, APPEASING and COMPLACENT LEADERS INTO THINKING ABOUT “HINDU RASHTRA”, or start gathering wood for a billion pyres.

March 5, 2013,