Date: 22/01/2014


("Yes, as much as Sri Krishna is safe in Mecca”, the warrior Hindu replied.)

Not one Indian Muslim proceeding to Mecca for Hajj has written to the king of Saudi Arabia, asking for the ban on the Hindus entering Mecca to be lifted, arguing that there is no ban on the Muslims entering Ayodhya, Mathura and Amritsar!

It is time to educate the separatist savages on manners. It is also time to demand a ban the Koran that insults the Hindus (Kafirs) on every page and is the root cause of mutilation of India in 1947! On the contrary the Hindus may soon see a ban on their entry into Delhi if we let the enemy prevail, as in Lahore. (Not far fetched fancy if we merely watch them reproduce at the present rate to reach 51%.)

There was a press conference where Mr Modi was answering questions. A female in “bhagwa”, who should have shown concern for the Hindus in West Bengal and South Kashmir, suddenly came out with her love of Mohammed.

She asked Mr Modi, “Will the Muslims be safe in India after you become the prime minster?”

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc0xW-_wfWc&feature=youtu.be >

To NRI’s living in the West her question seemed mischievous and downright incendiary. No one, not even "Chacha" Jawaharlal Nehru of our “Pizzeria Republic” (Mutilated India) under the shadow of Islam, had ever asked Jinnah, the Father of ISLAMIC Pakistan, “Brother, will the Hindus be safe in East Bengal, West Punjab and North Kashmir after you establish your Pakistan?”

But the whole world, including BBC, CNN, NDTV, the Italian Mafia, Salman Khurshid, Salman Khan, “Doordarshan”, Supreme Commander Mukherjee (affectionately called "Moorakhji"), and every Pakistani and Bangladeshi is mighty concerned whether the “Hindu killer” Mohammedans will be safe in Hindusthan! We must ask in turn, "What is their agenda for Delhi and Thirvananthapuram after exterminating the Hindus in Lahore and Noakhali?"

It seems, the mere prospect of a Hindu Republic some time in the remote future robs the sleep of the whole world. This is even before a Constitution for “Hindu Rashtra” has been announced!

What does it show? What does it tell the world?

It tells the whole world of an international conspiracy to wipe out the Hindus on earth. They are proceeding step by step towards this goal.

Creation of Pakistan, a dangerously fundamentalist republic that “swallowed up” the Hindus within weeks of its birth and is now killing even the followers of Mohammed within Pakistan by the dozen EVERY DAY, was the First Step towards this goal.

Inflicting “Hindu bashing / Sikh killing” pseudo-secular Constitution upon Delhi, while fully approving of the Islamic one in Dhaka, Lahore and Karachi, was Step 2.

Step 3 is what we are seeing in connection with N. Modi’s prospect of becoming the next Prime Minister of Bharat that has already lost two major limbs to Mohammed of Mecca but NO ONE MENTIONS THIS!

The whole world knows that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” but ONLY, yes, ONLY, in the case of Bharat the rest of the world is adamant to ensure that “action (genocide of Hindus and the creation of the “poisonous” sectarian Islamic Republic of Pakistan) must NOT have any reaction! Hindus must remain flat on earth like a deflated balloon or a flat tyre.”

The “bhagwa” clad, apparently a staunch Hindu female reporter asked Mr Modi at the press conference, “When you look at the future of India, do you imagine an India that is purely Hindu?” Then she asked, “Is there a place for the Muslims in India?”

Her previous incarnation never asked Mohammed Ali Jinn in March 1940, when Pakistan Resolution was proposed, “When you fore-see your Pakistan in the future, do you imagine a Pakistan that is purely Mohammedan?”

Here you are, THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG! See video clip:

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc0xW-_wfWc&feature=youtu.be >

Muslims being the “cat’s whiskers" in the world, and the conceding Hindus just the opposite, all the genetically inferior Hindus are more keen to see them around, safe & sound, increasing exponentially, rather than ensure the safety of their fellow Hindus.

A quarter of million Hindus were forced out of South Kashmir by the intolerant Muslim fanatics in 1989 but where do we see even a hundred Muslims anywhere in Bharat, languishing in refugee camps?

Does the question, “Will Muslims be safe in Bharat?” stem out of the colossal guilt complex of the Muslims for what they did to the Hindus on account of their extreme bestialities, murders, rape and forcible conversions over centuries, as if expecting violent Hindu recoil?

Or, is it to ram home the point that the Muslims cannot be “touched” or pushed while the native Hindus can be slaughtered, forcibly converted and forced out of their homes from Karachi to Gilgit and from Chittagong to Sylhet with impunity?

We can conclude that this question is posed by those who DON'T MIND "Hindu Killer" Islam in Pakistan, B.D. and even in Partitioned India but do not wish to see a single Hindu alive in HINDUSTHAN.

The question is posed by, or on behalf of, the same "swine" who absolutely do not wish to know of the massacres of Hindus in Noakhali and those slaughtered in West Punjab in 1947, the Hindu refugees from South Kashmir and the 58 innocent pilgrims burnt alive on the railway carriage at Godhra.

It is asked by those who DO NOT MIND the ISLAMIC constitutions all over the world but regard just ONE country with Hindu Identity as the biggest provocation and threat to peace on earth.

Tiny Hindu Nepal was not a "Muslim killer" country nor any threat to The Vatican. But her Hindu Constitution was wiped out along with her entire Royal family! That is still the punishment for being Hindu today!

If they want to be fair, the first thing will be to read KORAN and see what is prescribed for the Kafirs (Non Muslims) in it.

The second thing will be to ask in shock, "How can such a Book of Hate and Provocation be the constitution of the land where Mohammed was born and where he is still regarded as a man of peace and reconciliation?”

Yet every Hindu on earth is asked, "Will you hurt the Musalman, Beiman, Shaitan, Haiwaan"? But no one asks the Musalman, "Why have the Hindus vanished in West Punjab and East Bengal?"

They can all afford to be shameless, rude and crude, BEING VIOLENT & STRONG- because they control the media. What is the lesson for the Hindus?

Writing on the wall for the Hindus:

Concede, Recede and Vanish.

The threat is not new but 1400 years old when the violent teachings of Koran were “applied on earth”. Our response should be to squeeze them out of our liberal Bharat till they learn to live in peace UNDER ONE LAW within “Akhand” (not mutilated, truncated) Bharat.



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