Date: 24/01/2014


1. This awful, political, scoundrel called Islam, has brought countless tears to and shed the blood of countless Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ). Islam is on the sh**-list of lots of Kafirs. Will this monsters of barbarism, collapse under the weight of its own illegitimacy?

2. The violent brutality and atrocity of Islam on Kafirs, is mandated by Quran, Islam's gospel of hate against the Kafirs of the world. It is a spiritually-mandated doctrine of violence and hatred against the Non-Moslems ( labeled as Kafirs by Islam ). The Grease-Monkeys of Islam ( the Islamic-Clergy ) claim that this violence has nothing to do with Islam. We know that this claim is a lie, a blizzard of lie. Islam endorses Violent-Jihad. They claim that Jihad is a journey. It is a journey alright, but it is a journey into Jhanam ( Islam's Hell ) for the Kafirs, and we Kafirs are not going along this journey, for the ride.

3. Islam's good Moslems are murdering scumbags, and Islam produces them by the thousands. Johnny Mohammad told his followers that Allah has bestowed his favors on Moslems, and Kafirs are only to be consigned to Jhanam ( Islam's Hell ), and that Islam is to be made the highest power on earth. Make the Kafirs to their way to Hell, where they belong, and where their souls sink into oblivion.

4. Islam came to set the world on fire, and it is doing just that. Both Quran & Hadis contain instructions for Believers ( Moslems ), to bring Hell on Non-Believers ( Kafirs ). And Moslems are doing what their books and their religion, is asking them to do. These instructions are to rob, murder, and plunder the habitats of Kafirs, make Islam the supreme power on earth, and enjoy Houris in Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ).. Johnny Mohammad told his followers that a perpetual Jihad ( holy-war ) has to be conducted by Believers ( Moslems ) against Kafirs, and he urged Moslems to convert the Kafirs through persuasion, terrorism, and march of armed forces.

5. At this point in time, Moslem violence and terrorism are on the increase throughout the world. This violence and barbarism gets its impetus from the teachings of Quran & Hadis. Why trivialize the problem by calling the practitioners of this violence as fundamentalist Moslems? They are just following the teachings of their religion and its books.

6. Because of its self-righteousness and parochialism, Islam is landing the world into a terrible inter-religious warfare, between the Moslems and the Kafirs.