Date: 24/01/2014

In 1947 WE got freedom from the British Christians. However we have retained an atheist Prime Minister , a Pro-Islamic leader, a womanizer as the our leader. In 2014 we will elect a Pro-Indian , a Hindu Nationalist Modi as our Prime Minister. AND believe it or not, Bharathiya people will be marching with self-esteem and proud in 2o14. In 1947 we have been serving our slave masters and surrendered our sacred cities to sword weilding Muslims.
I hope MODI will bring glory to the nation.

Subject: Re: A strange concidence. Two calendars.

Calendar of 1947 and 2014.

Absolutely remarkable, rather a stunning discovery!

1947 was the year of India's WORST ever surrender since it involved not only unprecedented (irretrievable) loss of precious life but also IRRETRIEVABLE loss of territory in perpetuity.

To call the "MURDER OF AKHAND BHARAT" "Independence" is due to brainwashing by JL Nehru, one of the traitors who not only watched but "went along" with the murder of millions of innocent citizens and the mutilation of Bharat. Had it been "Independence" the Father of Nation, MK Gandhi, would have been celebrated as a hero but NOT assassinated as a coward!

In previous centuries, during countless invasions (all due to our collective disunity & cowardice) India never suffered so many DEATHS and the (unconditional) surrender of so much TERRITORY in perpetuity.

The discredit for this goes to the handful of DESPICABLE "rats" on top including MK Gandhi, JL Nehru and MA Jinnah, all born in India whose legacy is the disgusting deformed and much REDUCED map outline of Bharat. Surely we can all compare the maps of 1947 and 2014!

Another difference is that previously those who killed the natives or/and captured our territory were called ENEMIES ("shatru", "malechch" or "dushmann"). It was the first time ever when the ENEMY was called a "brother". The chant of "Hindu Muslim BHAI" never ceased for even one day and is heard even today (24 January 2014).

Have we all gone mad? Have we all lost nerve or senses? By what yardstick do we regard the "traitors" patriots and "surrenders" victory?

Finally, after every invasion and occupation there was RESISTANCE and an undying and strong RESOLVE to "teach the enemy a lesson" and RECOVER our territory.

Today our top leaders are seen openly heading towards the enemy camp, riding the "Samjhauta" Express, thus swelling the enemy's EGO and confirming the rotten image of the natives like the rabbits travelling to the wolf's den with baskets full of fruit, gold and diamonds.

They are loyally following the tradition of previous centuries when in those baskets there used to be Hindu virgins being taken on "Samjhauta caravans" to the court of Mogul Emperors!

Now it is for the ONE BILLION of us who saw (and STILL see) fellow Hindus massacred and raped on daily basis to come out with some suggestions on what to do to "teach" the enemy a lesson and recover our territory.

Shivaji once said, "The defeated is the walking dead unless he resumes the battle till victory!"

Our Bharat, misled & betrayed by Nehru and his Congress Party died TWICE- once on August 15,1947 and AGAIN when Nehru stopped our advancing troops in Kashmir and begged of the UNO to impose "cease fire".

One could even say that Nehru "died" a third time when he conceded a distinctly separate IDENTITY (and status) to the only Muslim majority State vide Article 370 of his Constitution! (Listen to the President's speech on Republic Day after two days whether he mentions the Article!)

We all know that before the ONSLAUGHT OF 1947 our Bharat stretched from Khyber to Chittagong and from Gilgit to Kanyakumari. That is the Bharat to which our allegiance remains unshakeable and eternal. Anyone who stands in our way, or discourages us, is our ENEMY.

We all aspire for Bharat to be a world super power. Then why not look at the United States of America? They pass the test with flying colours if we ask ourselves, "How did they RETALIATE to the Islamic attack on September 11, 2001?"

If we keep this in mind 2014 can be the historic year of VICTORY and JOY.

23 Jan 14
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SUB: A strange coincidence

What A Coincidence
The Calendar of 1947 and 2014 are the same,

Even the phases of the moon are the same.
Are we looking at another independence?
Best Wishes and Happy New Year...